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From:Cynthia Smith
Date:11 Jun 1999
Subject:Hello from Melbourne

Hello goole-on-the-web

I'm not from Goole but was prompted to look you up because I fell in love with someone who grew up in Goole and I'm completely tragic. (It was about 7 years ago, but what can you do.) OK, if I was a guy I could be a 'sad bastard'. Or can women be sad bastards as well?

Anyway, his name's Paul Lyalls and I suspect he's probably still in London. He told me that Goole was a small place but it looks great anyway. Don't get a complex about the heroin thing. I live in Collingwood in Melbourne and the same thing is happening here. At the moment there's a push to open some safe injecting houses so we can stop people OD-ing on the street.

I've not been to Goole although I've been to the UK several times. Maybe next time I'll visit.

Cynthia Smith