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Posted by J Robertson at 21/10/2006 06:01
I have learned that my grandmothers brother in law the Reverend William James was the vicar at Swinefleet church Goole in the year 1903. He was married to her sister Victoria Gertrude (Coates)
I am interested in geneology, and tracing my grandmothers English roots. Any information would be appreciated.
Nanaimo BC.Canada
Posted by Dave Heyworth at 16/06/2007 19:33
We are dave, Karen, Marcus, Luke, Joel, Connor and Kian - We have recently moved into Swinefleet and live at the White House (Rose Cottage) on Church Lane. Since moving in we have heard a number of the local people call our house the 'Murder House'. Naturally we are curious (scared). Can anyone help?

Yours nervously awaiting,
Dave, Karen and the boys...
Posted by Nigel Boatman at 28/06/2007 21:24
I understood from my uncle, Mr Ernest Pepper of Low Street, Swinefleet, that the name derived from it being a base for the maurading king, Swayne.
He also mentioned that many historical records had been collected in the late 1800's by a 'black' curate but sadly these were all destroyed in a fire at the Rectory in Old Goole.
Posted by Peter Battley at 15/08/2007 20:23
For Dave Heyworth. Referance : The Murder House on Church Lane. My wife (Sadie) was born in Swinefleet. She recalls crossing over the street as a child so as not to walk past the front door of your house in the early 50's. The house got its name from the murder of a sister by her brother because she nagged him so much.He hit her with a hammer. He was sent to prison, where he died of old age. My wife thinks this occured in the late 40's.
Hope this answer query.
Peter Battley
Posted by ouuhwaite at 24/09/2007 23:54
hello i,ve justdiscovered my great great grandfather was born in swinefleet 1817 hjs name was john outhwaite who married mary jackson? they also had a son edwin who became fireman in the alum works if anyone has further info i,d be happy to hear from you thanks
Posted by Richard Potts at 22/03/2008 17:33
Re: William Dealtry

My great great grandmother called Elizabeth - maiden name Dealtry. I would have thought that she was born sometime between 1830 and 1860 (only approximate).
According to the Swinefleet chuch records, a butcher called William Dealtry was one of the men responsible for bringing Methodism to the town. Does anybody know or can anybody put me in the right direction as I would like to know if Elizabeth Dealtry was any relation to the William Dealtry.

I have also found details on the 1871 Workhouse register details of a agricultural labourer called William Daltry. This is how Dealtry was pronounced and I wonder if this is also a relation and that Daltry was a mis-spelling of the name Dealtry.

I would be really grateful if you could e-mail me with any details on

Many thanks

Richard Potts
Posted by Ceri Matthews at 17/08/2008 01:33
My Grandfather, THOMAS JAMES, had an elder brother, WILLIAM JAMES who was said to be the vicar at Swinefleet. He qualified at St.Bees College, Cumbria in 1881 and gained a 2nd.class in the Preliminary Examination of Candidates for Holy Orders. I have a short letter addressed to my grandfather from the vicarage.
Thomas and William also had another brother, SHEM JAMES, who travelled to Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, BC, but unfortunately he died in Wellington BC. He was one of Nanaimo's Pioneers.
Posted by Ceri Matthews at 17/08/2008 18:57
Re: Rev.WILLIAM JAMES, Swinefleet, 1903.
How do I contact J. Robertson, Nanaimo BC, Canada ?
Posted query on 21/10/2006.

If anyone can provide ANY details on the Rev. WILLIAM JAMES, where was the vicarage? How long did he serve the community etc, I would be glad to hear from them - Thank you - Ceri.
Posted by B. Campbell at 09/09/2008 19:57
To Peter Battley, I too was a resident, as a child until the age of twenty. I can confirm his information re "the murder house" is quite correct. The murder occurred in the early fifties. The house adopted this name from then onwards.
Posted by elizabeth simpson nee cowling at 15/09/2008 14:42
am tracing the cowling family tree and have discovered my father, grandfather, great grandfather and great great grandfather all lived in swinefleet the earliest 2 being farmers John and William my fathers name was Percy grateful for any info
Posted by Polo at 21/04/2009 19:35
Re Elizabeth Simpson
Hi, loads of Cowling families around Swinefleet, mainly farming related.
Try John Cowling, Common Farm, Swinefleet Common who will be pleased to help if he can. Bye hope it helps.
Posted by malcolm edward mcgowan at 28/06/2009 18:54
my father George edward mcgowan was born in swinefleet in 1907 and lived at SISC Square, swinefleet. is there anyone who can help me in my trace for my father's family tree. His family was said to have come from ireland in the 1800s. thanks for any help.
Posted by Polo at 29/06/2009 15:03
Re Sisc Square Swinefleet
Could you mean Fisk Square ?
Posted by Patricia Jones nee Scutt at 05/08/2009 19:48
My g.g.g.grandfather William Scutt was born in Swinefleet in Solhearns cottage 1788 and later lived at Solhearns farm until his death in 1863. Does anyone know where these places were because I do not think they exist now unless the farm has changed its name.
Posted by John Morley at 15/08/2009 12:44
In my late fathers possessions I have discovered an envelope bearing the seal of the INCORPORATED CHURCH BUILDING SOCIETY addressed to The Reverend JWS de Cobam or De Coham
Swinefleet Vicarage Goole. Bears penny purple stamp and stamped on the rear 5.30am JY23 98, so it relates to July 1898
(old fashioned S which looks like a modern 7 crossed through)

Is this name known to anyone?
Posted by Patricia Jones at 18/09/2009 14:17
I have just found a note in the transcription of parish records available from the Doncaster and District family history society that states in 1897 John William Fletcher DeCobain was the vicar.His children are listed as : Gwynneth,Eric Edward St.Lawrence, and Dorothy Isabel Spofforth.His wifes name was Dora Georgiana.The eldest child was Eric and he was born in 1887 when is father was already Clergyman and vicar.
Posted by Shuffleton Streets at 21/09/2009 11:33
Can anyone provide background on Thomas Hill, a builder pre 1900?
One of his apprentices built housing in Goole early 20th century.
Posted by Patricia Jones at 23/09/2009 19:29
Do you think that would be Thomas Hill son of William and Elizabeth baptised 26 May 1855 at St Margarets,Swinefleet.He had several siblings and his father was a labourer
Posted by Patricia Jones at 25/09/2009 19:49
William James .,clerk in holy orders ,married to Victoria Gertrude.children :William Lloyd born 27 Oct 1903 baptised 30 Dec. Ifor Darcy born 24 Nov 1905 baptised 22 Feb 1906.
William and Victoria are not mentioned in the 1901 census, Hope this is useful Ceri
Posted by Bob Packwood at 11/10/2009 17:52
Pleased to hear from anyone knowing anything of my ancestors with surnames of: Duckles, Hope, Furniss, Brigham from around this area.
Posted by Patricia Jones at 25/10/2009 19:28
Bob ,I have some parish records for Swinefleet and Whitgift in which several Duckles are mentioned but no Hopes .If you could contact me I will give you what records I have.
Posted by Barrie P Spink at 24/11/2009 23:06
To Shuffleton Streets,
Hi There
I posted some information on the Railway part of the site as you had been enquiring about Oakhill Junction and my friend was the signal man at that box till it closed.
As a matter of interest my father spent many years in a "old peoples home" in Swinefleet but the name escapes me for the moment.
Kind regards
Barrie P Spink
Posted by Wilf Brown at 25/11/2009 10:00
For Bob Packwood. I was brought up in Swinefleet being born 1932. I remember there was a Billy Hope lived in the village I would think he would be born in the early 1900s. He was well known as a collecter of wild mushrooms cycling all round the area. I can't remember exactly where he lived or worked. Regards to all. Wilf.
Posted by DEBRA CORBETT at 25/01/2010 09:27
We have recently purchased 'The Park' Reedness Road, Swinefleet. Does anybody know any of the early history of the property, we believe it was built approx 1760.

thank you
Posted by Ceri Matthews at 05/04/2010 23:20
Thank you Patricia (Jones) for your information re REV. WILLIAM JAMES and his family. I believe he was vicar at SWINEFLEET in 1903+-. I wonder if SWINEFLEET was his last 'calling'? Could he be buried there? Can anyone confirm this?
I am pleased to say that I met the ROBINSON's in Victoria BC, where coinsidentaly SHEM JAMES, WILLIAM's brother is buried in nearby NANAIMO BC. (see above)
I am greatful to them for saying a prayer at his graveside.
Sorry Patricia for not replying sooner - Ceri Matthews
Posted by Melanie Chase (Nee Fisk) at 15/04/2010 13:48
In reference to Polo's comment 2009.
Yes it was Fisk Square, it was owned by our family who lived in Swinefleet. As far back as my Father can remember My Great Great Grandad David Daniel Fisk owned Fisk Square and he was a dentist who lived in the square as well. Previous to that there must have been other Fisk's but my Father can not recall their names.
My Great Grandad John George Fisk, aslo lived in Swinefleet and set up Fisk & Sons painting and decorating firm established in 1840. This was passed down to my Grandad Herbert William Fisk but later liquidated in the sixties.
If anyone can help me with the Fisk's before David Daniel Fisk, I would be very greatful.
Thank you!
Posted by Patricia Jones at 27/04/2010 19:56
For Ceri Matthews
I have found this memorial inscription for plot 298 St Margarets cemetery. In loving memory of the Rev William James vicar of Swinefleet died Dec 7th 1906 aged 54 years.Bound in the bundle of life with the Lord my God 1 Sma xxv 29.And of Victoria Gertrude his wife who died Feby 22nd 1940 aged 74
Posted by Patricia Jones at 28/04/2010 11:32
For Melanie Chase
David Daniel Fisk is listed in parish records as a painter and had several children Hannah Mary 4Apr 1867,Elizabeth 22 Sep 1869 Ada 21Mar1875, Dennis 18 Feb 1877, John George 14 Aug 1881.David Daniel was born in Hull ,and his father David was born in Lexfield Suffolk.His mother was born in Knottingley and the other children Thomas 1832 Yarmouth,Mary 1836 Yarmouth,George 1845 South Cave, Rebecca 1846 Swinefleet.
Where full dates are given they are baptismal dates.
Posted by Patricia Taylor at 09/07/2010 14:34
Dear Ceri (Mathews)

If you are interested the church at swinefleet are having a patronal weekend on the 17/18 July 2010.

The church is open from 12-4pm on the 17th with a concert at 7pm.

If you care to come along and make yourself known to me (churchwarden) i may be able to supply you with more information regarding Reverend James.

Wishing you well and hope to meet you soon
Posted by David Hardcastle at 12/07/2010 20:31
Would be interested if anyone has any recollections of my grandfather (Michael O'Donnell/O'Donald) and family who moved from County Mayo in Ireland around 1863/64 and lived in Swinfleet until the mid 1880's. They lived in Moors Cottages and he died in 1878 from sunstroke, I believe. Would also like to know if Moors Cottages are still standing.
Posted by Patricia Jones at 26/07/2010 11:41
I came to Swinefleet a couple of years ago hoping to photograph the grave stones of my ancestors.I know they are their and I know the plot numbers but the churchyard was so overgrown I was unable to find them.
Posted by Ceri Matthews at 02/08/2010 00:55
To Patrica Jones and Patricia Taylor.
It is only today, 2nd.August, 2010, that I have picked up the postings from you both. I wish to thank you both.
It is sad that the Rev James died at 54 years, so it seems he had not been vicar at Swinefleet for too many years. Up to the age of about 20 years he had been a coal miner in South Wales, then graduating at St.Bees college in 1881. I do not know when he arrived at Swinefleet.
I would have loved to have visited the Church at Swinefleet but I have missed the date of the 'patronal weekend'. It is also a long way from Swansea (Mynydd Buchan), the early home of the JAMES family.
I have found a small 'snapshot' of the Rev.William JAMES, sitting with full suit and waistcoat - as they dressed then - on the seashore sands of Swansea Bay, with his wife, Victoria Getrude JAMES and a young boy in a cap.
THANK YOU both again. CERI
Posted by technobrit at 27/08/2010 13:46
For David Hardcastle
It looks like they lived at Common Piece - I found the widow at 1881 Census. My ancestors the Finns also from Co. Mayo also lived at Common Piece, so perhaps they knew one another...
Phjoto of cottage at Common piece avl by a web search on "Geograph"
Brgds tb
Posted by Helen at 21/11/2010 04:07
Looking for anyone who can tell me anything about the Walsh family of Swinefleet. Winifred Walsh was my mother, born in Swinefleet 1929. I know very little about her family so any info would be very welcome.
Posted by Patricia Jones at 09/01/2011 14:29
The only Walsh birth registered in the Goole area in 1929 is Mary whose mother was a Coates.I cannot find any Walshes in parish records but there are several Coates if this is the same family .I do not have noncomformist records so they could be there.Do you know if your grandmother was a Coates.
Posted by Andrew Shearsmith at 27/02/2011 11:38
Following up to Melanie Chase and Patricia Jones regarding the Fisks...

My great great granddad Alfred Edward Wells Shearsmith married Hannah Mary Fisk, so she's by g.g.Grandmother. I'd be intersted to share some Fisk family history with you. The bit about being a painter fits nicely with Alfred who was a builder - perhaps explains how he and Hannah got together. I also have a photo of Hannah from 1955 and one of Alfred from 1944...
Posted by Kate Marsch formerly Martin at 07/07/2011 21:21
My Grt grandfather Thomas Walker Martin was born in Swinefleet
about 1780 as was his brother Charles born abt 1796. Their father was Thomas Martin, as it states that on TWM marriage certificate. They were both farmers so I expect their father would be too. If anyone can help me find out more about the family I would be very grateful. Thank you.
Posted by Jill Williams at 16/08/2011 18:40
I believe my ancestor Thomas Clark born c.1834 (Keyingham) was the miller at Swinefleet at some point between 1867-1876 as several of his children were born there according to the 1881 census.(Thomas,Henry, Annie,Theodore,and Agnes) They then moved to Reedness c. 1877 where further children Alfred and George were born.If anyone can provide me with any info about the family or the mill I would be very interested to hear. I don't know if the were C of E or Methodists so even that would be a start if anyone can help.
Posted by Alan Williams at 23/09/2011 17:13
Trying to trace a William Robinson, born about 1798 at Swinefleet.

He is listed in the 1841 Census as being a shoemaker.

He married an Ann Heald born about 1800 also at Swinefleet.

No other details know, if anyone has any further information, could they please contact me?
Posted by Patricia Jones at 13/11/2011 18:48
to Alan Williams
William Robinson was baptised 13 Jan 1798 son of William and Mary Foster who married 27 Nov 1792.He had a brother John baptised 27 Nov 1793. I havn't yet found the marriage to Ann Heald nor a baptism for her so she may not have been born in Swinefleet but a nearby village.
Posted by Patricia Jones at 14/11/2011 17:27
To Alan Williams
I have found a monumental inscription for plot 145 St Margarets ,Swinefleet:In affectionate remembrance of Ann Robinson ,the beloved wife of William Robinson ,who died at Swinefleet June 2nd 1865 age 66 years .Also the above named William Robinson who died November 22nd 1878 aged 80 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.
Posted by graham alcock at 15/11/2011 19:58
My father John Alcock was one of the original members of the SAS. He was awarded the french medal the Croix de Guerre after returning from an operation behind the german front lines near Metz in 1944. He blew up a train, he had to fight his way out of a house in the forest when trapped, killing several germans in hand to hand combat. He married Maud Cowling during the war from Swinefleet and in the 1960s came back to swinefleet to live. I live in his house and have done so since 1980. My father origainally came from Goole.
Posted by Patricia Jones at 21/11/2011 18:34
to Kate Marsch
Thomas Martin married Mary Walker at St Mary Magdalene church Whitgift 24 Dec 1782.Swinefleet church didn't open until 1813 and even later for marriages.Their children were;
Thomas 16 Feb 1783
John 20 Mar 1785 and probably
Elizabeth 1 Apr 1787
Ann 1 May 1789 but there are also listed as children of Thomas and Elizabeth:
Hannah 17 Mar 1791
Jane 9 May 1793
Charles 23 Aug 1795. There must have been a remarriage somewhere but I cannot find a death for Mary and the early baptisms are given as children of Thomas without a wifes name
being given.
Posted by Katie at 30/11/2011 00:16
Can anyboday help me name this person?

Thomas Holliday b 1824 married an Elizabeth ?unknown surname? c1824 of Swinefleet.
They had Sarah c1853, Thomas c1857, Martha 1860, Emma c1864 and George 1870 all born in Swinefleet.

Posted by katie at 30/11/2011 00:20
FAO: Graham Alcock

I have many Alcocks (back to 1760) in my family tree of the Goole area. If you are interested in could pass on some information
Posted by Patricia Jones at 05/12/2011 17:39
To Katie
Thomas Holliday married 1847 Elizabeth West ,daughter of Robert and Sarah baptised 25 Jan 1824
Posted by Derrick Clamp at 01/02/2012 11:46
For Graham Alcock: My cousin Maude and sister Avril were daughters of Eva my aunt (my Mother - Dora Ann Cowling's sister) I believe you are the grandson of Maude and great grandson of Eva.
Posted by lisa myers at 13/02/2012 10:23
We moved into Swinefleet last July, into the Old Chapel House Low street.
We have traced back some of the family members that lived in the house(s) they are:
Mr,s..... Armitage,Theaker,Dudding,Bowling,Oldridge,Hutchinson?,Truitt,Allerton,Simms. If anyone has any infomation or pictures of these families who have lived in the house (s) i would be so gratefull to have this.
Many thanks
Posted by Lisa Myers at 29/05/2013 13:49
As many know the history of Swinefleet and the people whom live and have lived here, interest me. During my studies I have come across many interesting news articles about the village, and people of past times, and of whom still live here. If anyone would like more information or to see the articles please get in touch.
Or if you have any yourselves, I would love to see them.
Many thanks,Lisa
Posted by Gillian Pearcy at 13/07/2013 21:38
Hi, My husbands family PEARCY used to live in Swinefleet in the 1850's. I think they were only labourers etc. It is very difficult to get records due to numerous spellings. Has anyone come across this name in any parish records or the cemetery? I am especially interested in a possible baptism of a Thomas Pearcy in c1854. Father James Pearcy, mother Barbara Pearcy nee White. I would be greatful of any information that could be provided. Gill
Posted by louise Thornton at 21/02/2014 23:06
Hi Lisa
I have recently found i am a descendant of the Theaker family who lived at Lowgate Swinefleet. Currently the only information i have is census data only, if you have any more info it would be great to hear from you.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 22/02/2014 21:34
Hi Lisa and Louise I am intrigued about yourinterest in the Theaker family of Swinefleet.
I knew a Alice Theaker in the early 40's she lived in one of the last houses on the right on the Crowle Rd.
She was engaged to my brother and had known him from the time he joined he Royal Navy in 1936. The engagement ended in 1943
I spoke to Alice in 2005 on the phone. She told me she remembered his first ship Which was the HMS Royal Oak She also told me that she had twice married and then lived in a flat close to the Queensway. Scunthorpe. I made a promise to visit her the following year.This I was unable to do as she passed away a few weeks before I arrived.I you are related to Alice I would like a photo if possible I have a number of old photos of Swinefleet people Tunes, Goulden, Cornish,Dadd. I you are interested I will send
Posted by Dawn Holmes at 30/12/2014 15:57
I came to Swinefleet earlier this year to look for the grave of my 3rd great grandparents, I did find them and it was a lovely moment. I wonder if anyone with an interest in the area could help me as I am looking for the baptisms of their children. Frank & Mary West (nee Stainton).
In particular I would love to find the baptism of my 2nd great grandmother Charlotte Mary West born c1868.
Ever hopeful!
Dawn x
Posted by Hilary at 19/02/2015 04:48
Anyone know anything about the Wombell family. Thomas born swinefleet 1825/26, a joiner/wheelwright and his father Rev William Wombell 1792 - 1876 in 1851 census lived at Lowgate and Low St in 1871
Posted by Linda Oates at 18/03/2015 09:59
Does anyone know anything about Elsie Cowan. Possibly lived in the "murder house". Had she been married. Did she have any children. Was she in a wheelchair. thanks in advance
Posted by Transportman at 18/03/2015 18:00
Hi Linda,
Yes thanks.
Posted by Transportman at 18/03/2015 18:09
Hi Linda,
I've always wanted to do that. Do you mean Elsie Cowling? Big woman, lived at "murder house" Church lane, never married, no children, wheelchair in later life, died in the mid seventies.
Posted by Brian Owen at 07/01/2016 10:35
Hi - there are some fascinating comments here. I am currently researching my wife's ancestry. Her great grandparents are William and Emma Dealtry; her great great grandparents are Robert Dealtry (Jnr) and Mary A. Dealtry; her great great great grandparents are Robert Dealtry (Snr) and Mary Dealtry. Robert (Snr) was born in 1796 in Rawcliffe and was a butcher. He had a son Robert (Jnr) who was also a butcher and who, by 1861, was a successful butcher on High St., Swinefleet (his wife Mary A.was born in Swinefleet). The business was till there in 1871 when his son William was also working as a butcher. By 1881 William had married Emma and had moved to Sampson St., Eastoft. By 1891 William had become a farmer and was living in Luddington Road, Eastoft. By 1901 William now has a farm and was living in Washinghall Lane, Eastoft. If anyone can help with information re the Dealtry family as butchers or their connection with the Methodist church I would be most interested and grateful.
Posted by fiona graham at 18/05/2016 12:23
i am intested in our homes past. number 6 high street swinefleet.
we heard that it was once a threshing mill? there is a barn that is unusable at present attached to the house that backs nr to lowstreet. the house has a walkers builders plaque on he front with the date 1875. I am intestested to know its history, as the house layout is so odd!!!!
Posted by Robert Coleman (Lambert) at 07/12/2016 15:07
Hi,im looking for information with regards to my own grandfather and his family that lived in swinefleet,im not sure if his family came from another town or village,

his name is / was : Jack Coleman,he left swinefleet as far as i know in the late 60s

he was married to my grandmother,Quen Robinson (nee lambert ) who is also from swinefleet

it is a taboo subject with my gran,but im interested to know what he was like,ive only heard a few stories a few years ago,which i can hardly remember now,

like to know what he did for a living etc,basically what he was like etc,

Posted by Wilf Brown at 16/12/2016 17:09
Posted by Wilf Brown at 02/06/2016 09:27
Hi Fiona. I was brought up in a cottage on Goole Road and walked past your back gate on the way to school until about 1942. I can only recall seeing the Barn door open on one occasion. No.6 was occupied by George Cowling and family. George was an electrian. He had a battery charger and charged wet batteries which were used in radios. I seem to think he charged about six old pence for the service. I was friendly with Norman who lived at No.4 and they shared the back yard with No6. I can remember most of the names in the area. You can get my web address from the webmaster. Cheers.
Posted by Geoff Cowling at 06/01/2017 13:48
I am Geoff Cowling, My dad was George Cowling, and Mother Aa Cowling, Brother Brian. We lived at No 6 High Street as you say and my dad charged the batteries. I still live in Reedness
Posted by Dennis Wombell at 06/02/2017 16:27
Rev.William Wombell was my 5 times Grandfather
Posted by Wilf Brown at 22/02/2017 17:08
Hi Geoff, I believe your neighbor was Mr Middlebrook was he a relation? The only person I'm Occasionally in contact with is Roy Gunson, who has produced a number of DVDs from old films and photographs of the village. Regards Wilf.
Posted by Rebecca Thompson at 07/03/2017 15:01

We moved to Swinefleet a couple of years ago and on our moving day I very briefly met a man who had lived in our house (he'd actually been born there) I just wondered whether anyone had any ideas where I could see the original plans for the house - we think it was originally 2 houses that have been converted into one- possibly farm cottages. Our house is on Low Street

Posted by Fiona at 31/08/2017 14:15
Hello just noticed the reply to my question 're no.6 high street. Thank you wilf and Geoff. Any other information would be delightful.
Posted by Alan Thorburn at 26/09/2020 14:15
Possibly for Bob Packwood ... or anyone else related to Amy Brigham ... I have four children's books presented by the Primitive Methodist Sunday School in Swinefleet to Amy Brigham between 1909 and 1913 for recitation ... if anyone related to Amy would like them I'll happily send them along ... many thanks, Alan
Posted by Jon Tuke at 25/11/2020 22:57

I am currently researching my family tree and understand that I had a number of relatives living in the Goole, Swinefleet, Hook, Whitgift area in the 1800s.

I would be interested if anyone who has researched the area has knowledge of any Tuke’s who may be listed.

I know that David Tuke was a wheelwright by trade and lived in Swinefleet in the 1820/40s.

Many thanks

Jon Tuke

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