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Posted by Raymond E.O.Ella at 30/04/2012 08:10
More history of Adlingfleet: click-on "Village Guide" on the right. Some history on Haldenby family in "Ousefleet" postings.
To view pictures, e.g., Haldenby monuments in All Saints Church, Adlingfleet, later go to "Flickr" and in their searchbox type Raymond E.O.Ella and click.

Ray & Marie Ella (Mr. & Mrs.).
Posted by Anne Parkinson at 15/05/2012 10:41
Hi I am trying to trace my family tree on my fathers side and I know that my 3x great grandfather was called William Hague and he was born in Luddington on 21st Dec 1809 and my 3x great grandmother was Hannah Longbones born in Adlingfleet about 1810 they married at Adlingfleet parish church on 14th June 1832 but there is no record of Hannah Longbones in the census and her death is recorded as "before 1881" I would love to know who her parents were if anyone can help
Posted by Raymond E.O.Ella at 21/05/2012 09:53
Hello Anne,
If you go to "" and type the surname Longbones in their searchbox, also "Yorkshire" for a place then click, this comes-up with some for Whitgift and Adlingfleet, e.g., an Hannah baptism c.1798 for Adlingfleet, she a daughter of William & Sarah Longbones. You could also do a search for "Lincolnshire" because Adlingfleet is not far from that county border, e.g., Luddington, etc.
Note: "" is free but whatever you come-up with you should check an original entry in a register, etc., also look for variant scribe-forms for the surname Longbones and indeed any surname.

Kind regards,
Posted by Patricia Jones at 15/07/2012 13:58
Hi Ann
Hannah Longbones was baptised at All Saints Adlingfleet 15 June 1798 daughter of William and Sarah.Her siblings were Thomas 15 Dec 1799,Jane 8 Feb 1796 and George 27 Jun 1802.Hannah Hague was buried in Eastoft 20 Aug 1861 age 51 which fits with your birthdate of 1810 .William and Hannah Hague are both listed in the 1861 census as age 51 in Eastoft.
Posted by Patricia Jones at 15/07/2012 18:31
Hi again Ann
According to the 1851 census Hannah was born in Ousefleet which probably makes her the daughter of William and Mary baptised 11 Sep 1814 with brother John born 1816
Posted by Paul Luddington at 31/07/2012 16:27
A while ago someone gave me some pictures of a very old monument in the Adlington church, with a lot of family crests on. One of which is Luddington, I was woundering if anyone would be able to tell me any more on the Luddington`s in the villiage? the name I have is Feriby? Luddington, Ella, Wentworth. I am hoping to vist the village in October this year.
Thank you for your time.

Paul Luddington
Posted by Raymond E.O.Ella at 11/08/2012 12:31
Hello Paul,
Blazon for Luddington/Ludington/Lodington coat-of-arms:
"Paly of six argent (silver) and Azure (blue) on a chief Gules (red) a lion passant quard., Or (gold)". Crest to seat on top of shied/coat-of-arms is: "A palmer's staff erect Sable (black)".

It is quartered on 2 Haldenby shields in All Saints church, Adlingfleet.

Raymond & Marie Ella, (Mr. & Mrs.).
Posted by Raymond E.O.Ella at 11/08/2012 12:43
Many people say they have a family crest and indeed they may have, but a crest is the item that seats on top of a shield, e.g., a bird, a crown or whatever was granted or only attributed. So,
what they should say is they have a family coat-of-arms, be there a crest with it or not.
Sometimes white is substituted for silver (Argent) but white is not an early heraldic tincture and also yellow is not yet substituted for gold (Or.).
We should say tinctures and not colours, because in heraldry there are also the two metals and pelts (furs), one of them being Ermine.

Kind regards,
Raymond & Marie Ella, (Mr. & Mrs.).
Posted by Raymond E.O.Ella at 11/08/2012 13:55
And there's more Paul:
It is thought that the family of Lodington (of Faldingworth & Fulnetby in Lincolnshire from c.1550s, perhaps earlier) had an earlier Luddington village origin and their name a variant. I can support this because the blazon for the Luddington coat-of-arms is the same for Lodington.
Note these:
Luddington [family] of Bracebridge, from c.1670s or earlier. - Luddington of Grantham c.1600s. Luddington/Ludington/Ludynton of Leadenham c.1620s. Luddington of Waddington c.1700s. Luddington/Ludington of Lincoln c.1680s. All of Lincolnshire.
Ludington of Shrawley in Worchestershire c.......? (they had same coat-of-arms has Lincolnshire branches). Ludington of London c.1560s, same coat-of-arms has Lincolnshire branches.

It is said that the earliest Luddington family of Luddington was actually not in a Herald's visitation pedigree for Lincolnshire but in one for Yorkshire,!. Perhaps an Herald was not sure where the county boundary was?.

Kind regards,
Raymond & Marie Ella, (Mr. & Mrs.).
Posted by Raymond E.O.Ella at 11/08/2012 15:19
Yes more:
The Lodington family with the same Luddington coat-of-arms of Weddingworth (other early scribe-forms) in Lincolnshire did not have the same crest.
There was also Lodington in the London area but they had another coat-of-arms, whereas those of Lincolnshire had the same blazon of Luddington/Ludington.
Most early heraldry was very basic and crests came later, also other extras, e.g., "supporters", like a lion and a unicorn holding/supporting a shield on the left and right of it.

Ray & Marie Ella, (Mr. & Mrs.).
Posted by Paul Luddington at 25/08/2012 22:52
Thank you Ray & Marie for you response, some great info for me. I am at present trying to put together a one name study, including the Lodington`s were I can. I have been doing a lot of work on the Lincolnshire Ludds & Lodds, and am trying to put them into lines ect. You seem to have a lot of knowledge of them? Thank you for shearing it with me, if there is anything that you might think I might find interesting I would love to hear from you at
Thanks again

Posted by Raymond E.O.Ella at 31/08/2012 16:55
Message for M.Morley re-your posting:
If you type Thomas Morley Adlingfleet in a searchbox and click, there is a Lincoln Record Society publication that can be read on-line about the Gainsborough Monthy Meetings of the Society of Friends c.1669-1719 and a Thomas Morley at Adlingfleet is mentioned, also in the book are other persons mentioned with the surname.

Kind regards,
Ray & Marie.
Posted by Elaine Varley at 27/10/2012 16:21
Hi I'm doing my family tree and have traced it back to George Thorpe born in adlingfleet around 1811 does anyone know anything about this family thank you
Posted by andrew at 01/11/2012 20:24
I am trying to trace my ancesters
my 7x greatgrand father was Edward Tune born
1665 loved in alingfleet and married Elizabeth copley
would like any info regarding before this date .
Or any info mightbe useful
Posted by Raymond E.O.Ella at 16/11/2012 09:07
Elaine: a George Thorpe born Adlingfleet about c.1809-12 married a Rebecca Ayre 27th Dec., 1832 at Whitgift.

Ray & Marie.
Posted by Ray E.O.Ella at 16/11/2012 09:29
Andrew: Edward Tune buried Adlingfleet 31st March, 1721. Elizabeth Tune buried Adlingfleet 17th Oct., 1753, although you may have these?.

Ray & Marie.
Posted by andrew at 14/12/2012 21:44
Thanks Ray
yes that info i have ,trying to get there ancestors also.
Posted by David Harrison at 08/04/2013 19:16
Relatives of mine, Henry Amery and Hannah lived in Addlingfleet in the 1861 Census. The address is given as 4 all saints square.
I know the church is known as All Saints. Was it connected to this and where was the square ? thanks
Posted by michelle at 29/08/2013 13:09
hi, i believe ancestors of mine lived in adlington and wondered if anyone had any information regarding them. They are William Halkon and mary ann coult, who i believe was born there.
Posted by Ray & Marie Ella (Mr. & Mrs.): at 23/09/2013 14:54
There was a Mary Ann Coult baptised 22nd Feb., 1846 at Adlingfleet church, parents Will[iam] and Mary.
The surname Coult figures quite a lot in the area and one early example is: Jon. Coult, bapt. 4th July, 1695, at Whitgift, father Tho[mas] Coult.
Posted by Ray & Marie Ella (Mr. & Mrs.). at 23/09/2013 15:04
Regarding our previous posting:
The year of baptism for Jon son of Tho[mas] Coult would be 1697. There are also Coult entries for Swinefleet church registers.
Posted by Janet Mowinski at 18/07/2014 16:27
I am trying to trace the history behind the ownership of Rose Cottage. My Grandma Charlotte Annie Wintle, daughter of Hannah Mary Coggon, owned it and leased it to Edward Scott in Feb 1938.
I was wondering what happened to it. Was it sold?
Hope you can help with this as I think the Coggon's owned a lot of land around here.
Many thanks

Posted by William Oates Goldthorp at 18/08/2014 11:53
I am puzzled by the survival of my great great grandfather William Everatt born Eastoft 1780 died Crowle 1855.
His father father William Gardham Everatt b. Eastoft 1758 died 1838.
Mother Elizabeth Wressel (There are different spellings)born Adlingfleet 1760 died Eastoft 1780. WGE is recorded at marriage as a labourer, wage 6 to 7 shillings per week.
Two sons a. William Born and dies 1779. b William survivor.
Mathew Flinders, Surgeon and Man Midwife, of Donnington's diary records paying 5s. & 6 pence per week for a wet nurse, in 1782.
Where would WGE get the money.
His father Richard Everatt of Eastoft b. 1692 married first 1737 Ann Empson who died Eastoft 1742. Secondly Catherine Gardham b. Adlingfleet. 1713 in 1744.
Since then for three or four generations the Everatts used Gardham as an extra Christian name.
I believe Hempson Hall was originally Adlingfleet Grange.
Is there any evidence that the Ann Empson who died in 1742 is related to the Hempson's of Hempson Hall?
The use of Gradham as a male Christain name suggests an influencial and wealthy family. Is there any record of this?
Moses Till Oates died Boltgate farm, Eastoft 1940, farmer, pea and potato merchant owned 350 acres and farmed over 1,000 acres. The source of my Oates, thank God I did not get the Moses.
Posted by Ruth Greewood at 23/08/2014 16:48
Many what we call first or Christian names are Hebrew-Jewish taken from the bible, e.g., my own first name Ruth, some others being Mary, Rebecca, Joseph, Ben (Benjamin), David, Samuel, etc., two of the most popular being John and Elizabeth.
Posted by Ruth Greewood at 23/08/2014 17:39
Moses could have been an Egyptian name, although the biblical one was Hebrew-Jewish, his people in slavish-captivity having built some but not all pyramids and other buildings; although with Egyptian architectural skills on doing so and their design. "Why have a dog and bark yourself".
Experts on Egyptian hieroglyphics now know that Moses existed,!.
Posted by steve ward at 05/11/2016 12:35
I have a ancestor who died in december 1825 in adlingfleet. He was 31 but he is buried in Althorpe near Scunthorpe. We know that Thomas Revell would have been a sailor , probably on the inland waterways as it runs in the family after his death..but how can I find what happened to him in Adlingfleet in Nov/Dec 1825 ?
Posted by Ann adams at 27/12/2016 21:59
Hi, my husband used to live in the village and was wondering if anyone had any old photos of adlingfleet grange before it was pulled down, he used to live here briefly when his dad was the manager of the coop estate back in the fifties, his dad's name was Roland Adams and any information would be really helpful
Posted by Malcolm McArthur at 12/03/2018 12:23
Adlingfleet, my family lived in Adlingfleet, there name was Thorpe.
Has anybody any info. on the family, please !

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