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From:Aidan Semmens
Date:25 May 1999
Subject:Gruel Chimes etc

Hi goole-on-the-web (but who ARE you?) -

OK, so I'm one of the saddoes who looked up Goole on the web... and guess what I found?

I also have the word Goole in my CV, so perhaps you might be interested. Like a lot of hacks littered around the country (probably around the globe) I began my career in journalism on the rightly venerated Goole Times. I'm now, after various other roles including an eight-year sentence as sports editor of the Sunderland Echo, internet editor and single-handed web developer of the Evening Star in Ipswich (Britain's Evening Newspaper of the Year, no less).

One of my contemporaries at t'Goole Times (1978-81) was Tim Moynihan, now senior reporter and sports-news specialist for the Press Association. Another was Sarah Haw, who I believe is still editor of the mag Your Horse (or is it Horse & Pony?), based in Peterborough. A near-contemporary, Brian Groom, is I believe editor of Scotland on Sunday.

Incidentally, the person who remarked on your site that the present Goole Times seems to have no continuity with the old Chimes might like to note that the person who coined the phrase Gruel Chimes is today the editor of that publication, as was his father before him for many years. Goole wouldn't be Goole without the Butler family.

Best wishes,

Aidan Semmens

PS I 'm thrilled to discover from your site that Goole Town FC is extant once more. I spent three happy-ish years reporting their progress in the old Northern Premier League, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Charlie Green, Mally Thompson, Tony Taylor & co.