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From:Valerie Penco
Date:16 February 2005
Subject:My ancestry

Hello from Australia.

Although I am not a native of Goole, my dad was, and after marrying my mother (from Hull) they set up home in Goole.

I have myself lived there for short periods,and truly love the place. My dad's name was Arthur Robinson, and indeed there are still many of the Robinson clan still there.

I don't know your age (the person who started this website) but you maybe know my dad.

He was apparently a swimming champion for a while there. Born in 1905/7 I suppose he must have been in his teens when champ. Obviously I found no trace of him at all in this website ... though he also worked on the docks there, as a riveter I think, around 1930ish.

Anyway,thanks again for a lovely trip down memory lane,which I will be repeating often.

Yours etc.

Valerie Penco.(nee Robinson)