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From:David and Sarah Bowe
Date:15 Apr 1999
Subject:Former Goole Residents

G'day Goole

Originally from Leeds, I was living in Sydney, Australia and met a girl from Goole. Within 6 weeks I had flown back to Yorkshire. It was January 1997 and I was wandering around the Pioneer with this glowing suntan. The girl on the checkout asked why I had such a nice tan. When I explained that I had just moved to Goole from Sydney she stared at me disbelievingly and cracked out laughing. Having travelled around Australia twice, climbed Ayres Rock, seen an opera at the Opera House and Scuba Dived on the Great Barrier Reef I can honestly say that the most beautiful site I had ever seen was in Goole. However, we have now got married and moved back to Sydney so your loss is my gain.

Anyway, some of the things that will always remind me about Goole are the friendly people, the food at the Blacksmiths, the fog, the bad bends at the end of 'Wezzie' Banks and my wife's parents farm at Swinefleet.

Kellyville, Sydney, Australia