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From:Pam Milner
Date:14 Apr 1999
Subject:Goolies abroad

I am writing on behalf of my husband who is a Goolie by birth but a North Queenslander by choice. Our daughter discovered your website but the vagaries of the Internet are beyond my husband who is only just coming to terms with the fax machine, hence my intervention.

Bernard left Goole 49 years ago for Australia and has not so far returned. After living firstly near Newcastle and later in Sydney he has now been living the laid back life of the tropics for almost 15 years. We will be visiting the UK in May & June and naturally Goole will be on the itinerary. He is keen to revisit but concerned that much of what he remembers will have changed or no longer exist. Thus your website has been studied in depth, thank you.

Should you wish to place a red dot in his honour on your world map we live just outside of Townsville, Queensland's best kept secret.

Pam Milner (on behalf of Bernard)