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From:Carol Telfer
Date:24 June 2005
Subject:Oh! The Humber Bridge Song!

Dear Goole on the Web,

The Humber Bridge song! I can't tell you how much it meant to me to hear it again!

I remember Dr. Clarke's son singing it on stage at the Grammar School, and although I've only heard it that one time, it has stuck in my memory, and I've often found myself singing the chorus to myself! I have told my kids about it, but they thought I was a little crazy, as they believe the Humber bridge has been there for ever! thank you for putting it on the site!

An interesting fact for you, did you know that George Harrison was once fined for speeding by Goole magistrates? it must have been some time in the 70's, I remember being disappointed that he didn't make a personal appearance, he just pleaded guilty by letter...

And in true embarrassing 'little sister' style, it is worth mentioning that my brother, Mick Walker, once appeared on Mastermind, with the specialist subject of the Yukon territories!...sorry Mick, but I couldn't resist!...

From Carol Telfer