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From:Adam Sutch
Date:8 January 2006
Subject:I am Not on YOur Map and I B**dy Well Should Be!

Good Evening

Mother was a Goolette (Female Goolie?) - Patricia Richardson of Airmyn and the Jos Richardson family. Left for the War (Mr Hitler's One) and never really went back. Married, first two kids in Scarborough (of which I am the eldest) then we moved South. I am exiled outside Bristol until I retire and should thus be on your map.

Great site - fell across it whilst researching Family History. Hits my humour bone about right. Happy with your proud boast of innaccuracies on every page but don't see why this should extend to leaving me off your map, although very pleased that your map seems to ignore Wales almost completely.

Off message completely but I only found out about the "Goole in the War" exhibition after it finished - is the stuff still together, did someone sensible take a video of it all, was/is there any stuff on the local Home Guard (I believe Grandad Richardson used to run it). I am still not on your map!! Just checked again.

People must get really p***ed off that every time you punch in "Goole" into an internet search engine it comes out "Google?". Has anybody thought of suing them and forcing them to change their name to "Plosterkrunkendine" or similar? Goole was after all there first.