Goole on the Web
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From:Sarah Waude
Date:29 Mar 1999
Subject:Feedback - 29/03/1999

Dear Goole-on the-Web

I am from Goole but currently studying in Oxford, in my second year of a Geography degree. I don't get home very often and find myself feeling a little bit homesick sometimes. Your web-site was a nice surprise and brought a smile to my face. Whenever I meet people in Oxford they instantly pick up on my non-local accent and ask me where I'm from. Only a handful have ever heard of Goole, nobody seems to know where it is, those who have been there seem less than impressed by it!

Your web-site captured the character of Goole in a humorous way. I particularly liked the pub reviews, the news and the comments from past residents. It would be nice to see somebody I know on GooleCam, next time I'm home I'll try and get on it myself!

I came upon your website by chance, I was searching for the Goole Times but I'm glad I chanced upon it, I'll definitely return to see the news updates and to watch the GooleCam. You didn't say who composed the web-site, do you wish to remain anonymous?

Sarah Waude.