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From:Russell Teale
Date:16 Dec 2000
Subject:Well done!!!

Well done on producing a very well and wittily presented site. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through it and wholeheartedly agree with a lot of the issues raised. I live in Goole at the moment but go to school out of town and people always give Goole a hard time. It isn't really as bad as people make out!

You may wish to include that the Subways have now been defaced (moustaches & glasses drawn on people as predicted!! and someone has written 'Trotter's independent Traders' on the side of a yellow van!'

You may also want to mention the fact that we have in excess of 8 charity shops, 3 supermarkets, 6 banks and 2 shops of any significant use.

Another claim to fame for Parkside School is that a Lancaster Bomber was found while they were building it!!!!