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Useflete 1100-8. '(Place at) the channel of the River Ouse'. Old English fleot
'A Dictionary of English Place-Names', Oxford University Press

Welcome to Ousefleet! The national grid pylons The river beacon lighthouse

Ousefleet is very much like Reedness, only smaller and quieter. Dominating the skyline are two huge pylons which carry the National Grid across the river. It also has a large lighthouse marking the hazard of Whitgift Ness mud and sandbanks.

A new bench was built here to mark the millennium - not as impressive as the Dome, but a hell of a lot cheaper.

The Village Chapel The Millennium Bench Entrance to the RSPB Nature Reserve

There is an important RSPB nature reserve, Blacktoft Sands, just outside the village. The reed, grasses and mud where the Ouse meets the Trent, is a haven for birds such as goldeneye, smew, hen harriers, whooper swans and short-eared owls.

Visitor Comments

Posted by Mrs Karen Henderson at 23/01/2006 15:45
Yippee!!! On Friday we move to Ousefleet - leaving too many years of town and city living behind us for rural bliss and (hopefully) friendly neighbours. We can't wait!
Posted by Patrick Horton at 27/04/2007 16:22
Is flood insurance available for houses and other buildings?

I have entered a competition to win the Old Rectory at Reedness, if I win.....!
Posted by Brenda at 07/07/2007 02:23
Welcome to ousefleet karen, i used to live in adlingfleet..moved there as you did from city...didnt work for us....but hopefully will for you.........enjoy it!!!!! :)
Posted by Rosemary Phillipson at 12/08/2008 19:26
I lived in Ousefleet until I was 18 years old, I still go back there to see family,There are lovely walks along the river bank and down the lane. Pace of life is so much slower. New people have moved into the village now, I used to know everyone there.
Posted by George Harvey at 24/11/2009 20:06
Ah yes! I too grew up there, well Whitgift actually, used to have great fun in the tree den down the lane, was saddened by a resident to the village telling me that there was nothing to do for her children, they don't know they are born,
Great spot always has been always will be.
Posted by Polo at 04/12/2009 09:11
Re George Harvey Would that be the George Harvey who drove for Kitchings at Crowle ? Father of Geoff ?
Posted by Raymond E.O.Ella at 27/01/2010 12:46
For more info on Ousefleet, i.e., the Usflete (other early scribe-forms) family, etc., go to "Reedness & Ousefleet" postings on this Goole on the Web.

Kind regards,
Raymond & Marie Ella, (Mr.& Mrs.).
Posted by Karen Henderson at 09/06/2010 15:20
Dear George, Brenda etc

Since moving here (see first comment) - I just love it! Tony & I have joined the Village Hall Management Committee & the Ousefleet Show Committee. We run several events during the year to involve the children of the community and hope to do more once we have been able to raise the money (grants etc) to restore the Hall (once the local school) to its former Victorian glory.
Posted by Paul Buchanan at 29/06/2010 12:50
My family is from their, my Gran - Mary Gray (nee Pindar) was brought up on the farm where my uncle (her nephew) still lives, love the place, always wanted to make (or win enough) to buy the old family farm house, spent many a weekend down there as a kid playing on hay stacks and looking for horse shoes!
Posted by Karen Henderson at 07/07/2010 13:55
Hi Paul

Yep! My potting shed is decorated with old horseshoes. We keep finding them...

If anyone is interested, the committee has just voted on the new name for the 'community centre' at Ousefleet. It will be called The Old School Village Hall going forward.

The Annual Show is on Saturday 14th August at 1.00pm
Posted by Sam at 08/07/2010 11:09
Re Paul & Karen
I recall Ousefleet very well having worked the land around there for a good number of years. I wish I had a quid for the many times Tom Ward the forman at Co op was going to kick my backside for playing tricks on him or just answering him back when I was sent to his place to do some work. Good days. I also went right through Goole modern school sat next to his daughter Jeryl a lovely girl. When I left the land so to speak I started selling farm machinery so came into contact with most farming families in and around Ousefleet and remember Joe and David Pindar well plus Harry Easton. The last tractor I sold down there was to Harry Phillipson !! I also traded with Wesh Canty, Bob & Roy Leetham and remember Titch Ward used to keep my old car road worthy. I have had some really good times in the "low toons" and It is nice to see some new blood moving into the villages and taking an active interest in keeping the place on the map.Keep up the good work.
Posted by S at 15/07/2010 14:20
Hello everyone, as an Pharologist and Keen Radio Amateur I have chosen Whitgift for the 2010 Lighthouses worldwide weekend. This is a weekend where Lighthouses all over the world use Amateur Radio to communicate with each other and maintain the interest in Pharology.
Does anyone know of the locals or farmers who have adjoining fields to this lighthouse where I could operate for the weekend of 21st/22nd August from my caravan. In previous years I have operated from Killingholme where there are 3 Lighthouses in my small motorhome but due to Security factors Conaco have now restricted access and made this site a no-go area. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Posted by Sam at 18/07/2010 19:07
Hi Mate, the guy you want is John and June Canty, Lighthouse Lodge Whitgift Nr Goole. A good guy give him a bell.
Have fun
Posted by Karen Henderson at 16/08/2010 14:40
Hope you enjoy yourself next weekend at the lighthouse! For anyone who's interested - the Village Show was blessed with unexpectedly lovely weather and was a huge success. Thanks to all who came.

Posted by S at 19/08/2010 19:21
Thanks for the Information, I was lucky enough to remember the Farmer I met 7 years ago called Tom Ella. Tom has graciously allowed me use of the field adjoining the Lighthouse. weather looks bleak but like a Lighthouse I'll shine through it and enjoy the weekend.
Posted by S at 19/08/2010 22:46
Sorry to be a nuisance but does anyone know the date Whitgift Lighthouse was built ??? I have researched the fact that it is maintained by Goole Ports Authority.
Posted by Debra Lee (cook) at 13/09/2010 14:18
George Harvey..well there is a name from the past it must be 25 years since i saw you last. Ousefleet school was the best.I lived in Adlingfleet then when i was 12 in 78 i moved to Reedness. I have been living in lincolnshire for the last 20 some years but i still think back on these places with great childhood memories.
Posted by Jon at 04/01/2011 15:31
Ousefleet just mentioned on QI!
Posted by Colette Hutley at 18/03/2011 21:56
I lived in Whitgift but walked every day to Ousefleet School and still return to see my parents who live in Whitgift. It was a lovely place to grow up in the 60's & 70's when you could play out in the evening, walk and explore everywhere without fear and there was a cheery wave and smile from everybody. Long walks along the riverbank and to the 'black' woods and Ousefleet Show fancy dress and fabulous teas in the big marquee. Happy memories.
Posted by George Harvey at 03/10/2011 08:55
Hi Debra, (and anyone else that remembers me)

Pollo "that was my father that worked at Alf Kitchins"

I haven't heard mention of "black woods" for years, As for the villages well on the odd occasion that I drive through Reedness, Whitgift and Ousefleet on my way to Adlingfleet it shocks me how much they have all changed! houses appear to have been squeezed in everywhere, It's nice to hear names like John Canty etc are still keeping up appearances although saddened by the loss of Frank Ella "such an all round good egg" I will make it back one day to Ousefleet Show (my old school) but for now I hope you are all well out there and I'll continue to prepare for the next Grand Prix "back to back" out here in Japan, then Korea! I moved out in to a much bigger world but there is no place like home, that's Oxfordshire for me these days,

Look after the old place

Posted by Polo at 21/10/2011 12:24
Re George Harvey.
Well nice to hear that George was your father, superb guy and remember him from my Alf Kitchen days. I worked with Geoff Harvey for a while at the CWS farms. Remember Geoff one day being cheeky to Tom Ward the farm foreman who decided as usual he was going to sort us young lads out so he chased Geoff around Ousefleet farm yard shouting and bawling and saying what he was going to do when he caught him. Absolutely no chance, Geoff quick as a flash ran up the sugar beet heap and then climbed up the dutch barn stantion well out of Toms reach and sat there laughing at him. Great days.
Posted by paul canty at 29/02/2012 11:22
just found this site and amazed at some of the names that
cropping up
glad u ok george keep seeing your mum on the bus sometimes
Posted by Sam at 07/03/2012 11:37
Re Paul Canty.
Your the next generation of Cantys no doubt. I'll take a guess and say your dad was Cliff but I could be well wide of the mark.
For my sins I worked at the Coop with a few of the Canty family. Cliff, Bill, and Bob and then there were others in the district ie Brian (Hoss ) John ( Wesh ). I also knew Graham who I think escaped to teach at an Ag at Askham Bryan Coll.
Great family Paul and one that a number of us had some good times and loads of laughs with.
Posted by paul canty at 10/03/2012 10:42
yep sam you are correct cliff was my dad im still in same house next but one to where the farm was lots of happy memories
of days gone by

Posted by Andrea Waterland at 26/03/2012 22:18
My grandmother was Hannah Canty (1887-1962) born in Whitgift to William Canty & Hannah Gelder, would be grateful of any information regarding the Canty family
Posted by Raymond E.O.Ella at 30/04/2012 16:47
Click-on Ecclesiastical Guide top right for more history, e.g., the early Usflete family, etc.

Ray & Marie Ella, (Mr. & Mrs.).
Posted by wendy at 14/08/2012 21:45
Andrea waterland. I am researching my family as part of a 90th birthdsy present for my moher Marian knipe whose family are from ousefleet. I have found an amethe waterland in our tree and I wondered if you are any relation ?
Posted by Stephen Astbury at 27/03/2013 21:30
I've just stumbled across this site and recognise a lot of the family names. My dad Alan Astbury, was the office clerk for the CWS at Adlingfleet Grange. I was a pupil at Ousefleet school starting in the mid 60s, initially in Mrs. Gunson's class then in the juniors with Mr.Windle followed by Mr. Clough then Mr. Jones. We lived at Grange Road Adlingfleet. Now living in Cornwall. Passed through a few years ago and stopped at the school. The playground was silent, a quite sad and moving experience. Many happy hours spent there many years ago.....
Posted by paul canty at 24/07/2013 17:59
just revisited site after a year or more yep steve remember you think u had two brothers think was philip and paul but not sure cornwall long way from here hope you're ok all change round villages now
Posted by George Harvey at 01/11/2013 16:37
I thought Mrs Gunson was great, I remember going flying over a milk crate in that very playground!!, sad really I have never even made it back to attend Ousefleet show.... it seemed to me to be the biggest thing in the world when I was young,, Must say the owners of Mount Vernon in Whitgift have made a good job of our old home, My brother Richard would still offer to take it off there hands "he's a good lad" love to all from down here in Oxfordshire.
Posted by Karen Gamewell at 04/07/2014 21:03
Hi,my dad was Tom Ward (the foreman at Co-op Farm, Ousefleet). I remember a lot of names mentioned but I don't know who "Sam" is is who said he played tricks on my dad! And "Sam" also sat next to my sister Jeryl at school. I do remember Stephen Astbury though,my dad ended up living in house next your dads when he retired. I can also remember myself,Kevan Phillipson,Neil Moore, and Colin Walker playing football at back of Paul Cantys house. Happy days!!!
Posted by Steve Astbury at 08/07/2014 21:07
Karen Ward ! Yes I remember you and all the other names you mention. Remember that big coke burning stove in the junior classroom ? I called at our old house in Grange Road a few years ago. It was virtually derelict. I hope somebody has taken it on. Happy days eh ?
Posted by Sam at 16/07/2014 10:31
Re Karen ( Ward ) Hi Karen, I remember you very well, always smiling, Yea good times at the Coop in them days, your dad would have killed me had he got his hands on me for playing tricks on him, but for all that he learned me a lot about the land and just wanted things done correctly without any back chat... my downfall I'm afraid. I had the great pleasure of sitting next to Jeryl at the Modern school for a few terms and we always got on well. I think she married another Coop lad called Willie Tighe from Luddington.? Went past the old place a while ago and was quite saddened by it's demise. I worked from Pasture Farm for Erne Kirk then for Norman who gave me, and many others the name Sam. I was sometimes deployed to your dads care when the farm was busy, I drove a beet harvester and one of the viners so your dad was saddled with me come what may at certain times of the year, and it nearly always turned into an epic event for us both!! just pleased Tom couldn't run as fast as me or I probably wouldn't be writing this now, ha ha. Obviously my real name isn't Sam, put Paul past Jeryl. I lived at Swinefleet. I left the coop in 76 to sell farm machinery but look back on those days at the Coop with great affection. Nice to have spoken to you, regards to Jeryl, keep smiling.
Posted by Taz at 12/09/2014 20:51
Hi Sam, long time no speak.
Just been down to what's left of Ousefleet Hall - hardly anything left now just a couple of walls. Good for the staff that the estate's been sold as a whole - if I'd had a bit more cash I'd have gone for it myself! Would like a photo of Ousefleet Hall when it was complete - don't know if anybody has one. Did you ever see one on your rounds in the local area? Hope you're keeping well. Karen I remember all those nights upstairs at the Lincs Arms in Luddington where the missus used to drag me to! Tiger Feet and all that other seventies stuff. They were a good crowd that used to get in there.
Posted by Pauline Stainton at 13/09/2014 08:15
Taz, You should have gone to the Goole History Group's ten-day event in the Junction last week & you could have bought a print, framed or unframed, of Ousefleet Hall. Contact Susan Butler on her Howdenshire History web-site if you still want a picture.
Posted by Sam at 16/09/2014 14:31
Hi Taz, nice to hear from you, hope you and yours are well. I knew the estate was for sale but haven't heard who bought it, no doubt someone with plenty of brass...not DHP was it? No matter who buys it I don't think they will have the memories like we have in 40 years time as it will only be a business to them. Ousefleet Hall always was a fascinating place and one could only imagine what it was like back in the day. Seem to remember the place used to scare the hell out of Bimbo if we were down there after dark haha. Listening to all the tales of horses with chains trailing galloping up the drive and someone getting on Bennys bus without opening the door, good times. It is goood that someone has put you in the right direction to get a print of the place anyway. Last time I worked down there I was pushing soil back over the rotting mountain of spuds we had dumped for the PMBoard in a hole dug by Porky and his dozer in the walled garden area. Seem to remember some unusual big trees in there too with strange bark. Upstairs in the Lincs arms was pretty special in them days too.
If the new estate owners can't make it pay give me a shout and we will go halves on the place !!
Take care Sam
Posted by Taz at 25/09/2014 22:18
Posted by Sam at 26/09/2014 12:31
Hi Taz, some great stories about the old place. Good that someone has bought it as a going concern and that the staff are still employed, Wellcome are well heeled and will carry it on hopefully for many years to come. This prompted my memory about the many lads have worked there ( in my era ) and I got to 55 !! plus there must be a few more after I departed. There were two who I couldn't complete the names of, one was a guy who worked in the Grange office in Ian Anglins day called Gerry who lived at Adlingfleet and the other was the farm foreman at Park before Ivan Grasby ? It looks a motley crew put on a list but I recon every one was a character with a tale to tell and most good for a laugh. Sadly a few have passed away and most dispersed into other industrys. Got to get on and write a book !! Rick Watsons will make someone a nice place as he always looked after both the land and the buildings, but as he isn't getting any younger he maybe thinks it is time to cash in and put his feet up, good luck to the lad. I remember him and Ralf walking to the hedge between them and Pasture thinking we had a fire going only to find it was me chisel ploughing with Macks Ford 4000 the exhaust was red hot and belching more black smoke than Ralfs pipe !! Happy days
Cheers Sam
Posted by Taz at 05/10/2014 21:32
Hi Sam. Gerry Oades was the name of the office manager. He moved away and the last time I heard of him, which was a long time ago, was that he was struggling with his health. Harry Woolas was the farm foreman at Park and was also Ivan's father in law. Chisel ploughing with a 4000 - tell 'em now they'd never believe you! When I started there in 1970 the biggest tractor on the place was a 5000 and most of the wheeled tractor work was done by them but Roy Leetham was contracted in to do some with his County in the busiest period during pea harvest. When I get time I'll have a count up too!
Posted by Andy & Karen Leaning at 26/11/2014 10:41
Interesting reading your comments! We are tracing our family tree and have a record for Percy Aaron (married Dorothy Leaning) who we understand to be the stepson of Arthur Middlebrook, who according to the 1911 census owned or managed (we're trying to find out!) Ousefleet Hall with his wife Suzannah. We believe Dorothy's father Leonard Leaning was the gamekeeper with his wife Emma (nee Kimberley).
If anyone has any information they could help us with, it would be great to hear from you!
Posted by Pauline Stainton at 29/11/2014 17:22
Re: Ousefleet Hall. The hall was owned by the Lister Empson family. When Mr R C Empson died in January 1897, the estate was leased because his only son, Mr James Lister, lived elsewhere. In August 1916, the estate was purchased by the Co-operative Wholesale Society.
Posted by Peter Taylor at 29/09/2016 07:04
Well what a blast from the past this site is proving.
Well my name is Peter Taylor, my dad was Lenny (Thomas) Taylor, My grandads were Goaty Taylor & Joseph Lawrence.
I was wondering if any of my old school friends from Ousefleet school were on here and if they had any old school photos?
Posted by George Harvey at 26/01/2017 19:21
Well there you are! How are you Pete my old mucker? The villages have certainly changed....we must catch up sometime for a pint....
Posted by Staff Krebs at 22/01/2018 17:22
George Harvey, Not seen you for decades.. 1 of my best mates at school then just lost touch when we all left. Also Not seen Paul Atkinson or Chris Lindley in Years. Be good to Catch you at some Point GH
Posted by George Harvey at 16/02/2018 12:59
What a blast from the past, Hello Staff, The power of the Internet, Also a big hi to, Peter, Mark, Rob, Claire, Carol, Jackie, Fiona, Yvonne, Tony, Tracy, Katherine and anyone else I may have forgotten (by name) Oh and Peter I do have a school photo from Ousefleet with many of these people in it....about 1974 (I think)
Posted by Simon Wellard at 30/07/2020 19:47
George harvey.. Looking for a contact number or address for you for my mum

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