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Posted by Robert Ward at 22/04/2006 21:49
We bought our westie from Reedness - lovely village!!

I am not the Robert Ward who posted in June 2005!! Strange coincidence
Posted by SG at 06/09/2006 12:59
pub no longer has one-eyed cat or telly-addict landlord,and the beer has improved-good on ya,Richard!
Posted by Lorraine at 03/10/2006 12:25
I agree with previous comment ... Richard is doing a fab job .... I hear of a comment recently from another pub landlord who will remain nameless (since I don't know it!!!) who said it wouldn't last as the new landlord didn't know anything about hospitality .... well sorry nameless landlord... the hospitality at the Half Moon as 1st class and the atmosphere and food great ..... a massive improvement on a one eyed cat!!!
Posted by Judith at 15/10/2006 12:04
the half moon is a fantastic pub, with a great atmosphere, friendly staff and lovely food. Try the sunday lunch, highly recommended.
Posted by John Rutter at 03/11/2006 13:51
I am trying to track down an old friend of a friend. Robert Patton. He used to live in Rownhams on Main Street.

I have his address and telephone number but no one ever answers the phone. No one can be that busy :)

Can anyone help me out by answering the following:

Does Rob still leave at Rownhams ?
If not do the new residents have a forwarding address / phone number ?

I need to get hold of him to invite him to a wedding (not mine)

If you can help it would be appreciated.

Thanks and regards

Posted by JEAN STEAD (NEE CLARK) at 15/02/2007 17:49
My dad and his brothers and sisters were raised in Reedness. My grandfather built his own house, with the help of my grandmother who laboured for him. The house was sold and I think it became the post office. My dad (Ron) and his brothers played cricket for the village in the 1940s and 50s. My dad went to the village school and was educated by Mr. Butler, who taught the children all he knew!
Posted by Patrick Horton at 27/04/2007 16:10
Does the village flood each year?

Is insurance against flooding available for the houses and other buildings?
Posted by christine overal at 09/07/2007 12:49
my father came from Reedness. His father was a Walker and his mother a Hemingway. He and my mother started their married lives at Bank House. My Aunt Rose Walker (nee Leeman) and her husband Thomas Hemingway Walker kept a shop there. The most significant thing that I can remmeber about my visits there is that the lavatory was an earth closet. I hated it.
Posted by christine overal at 09/07/2007 12:50
I have a photograph of children ( probably infants) at reedness school in about 1912
Posted by Lisa at 07/11/2007 15:32
Christine ........Do you have any idea of the childrens names on the photo? Is there a copy on the web any where for us to look at?
Posted by Graham Ward at 15/11/2007 07:35
My dad, Brian Ward, was evacuated to Reedness during the war. He was from Hull. A Mr and Mrs Yule brought him up after his mum was killed by a bomb at the hospital where she worked.

I am trying to trace a family tree, and if anyone knew my dad, can they get in touch please.
Posted by fc at 15/01/2008 14:20
Half Moon a grand pub. Food wonderful, locally sourced, Hugh and Jamie would be proud. Sunday carvery a real winner, locals friendly - Richard and Ann-Marie have worked wonderers
Posted by corby bunting at 25/02/2008 19:31
Does anyone know of a family who lived in Reedness. The head Herbert Hewson Harrison born in Gainsborough 1870. Married Lucy Ellen Lawman Glanford Brig 1905.A son Herbert Ronald Was born 1910 at Bank House. What I need to know is when H H Harrison died and possibly also his wife. I would appreciate any info on this family
Posted by debbie at 03/03/2008 14:58
reedness is a fab place to live, we moved from west yorks in 1990 to reedness n i grew up there it is lovley ill always remember it loads a memories n i agree half moon is spot on now
Posted by Tim Hainsworth at 16/07/2008 18:06
Posted by Patricia Jones nee Scutt at 19/09/2008 17:07
I have ancesters who lived in the Reedness area (Reedness Common) .Does anyone remember Solhearns farm or Solhearns cottage
Posted by JOHN TREVOR HENDERSON at 05/05/2009 20:05
Posted by Susan Singh at 13/08/2009 16:58
I have Bell ancestors from Reedness and Whitgift does anyone else out there have them
Would love to hear from you
Posted by Sam at 15/12/2009 07:48
Just looking at the postcards at the top of the Reedness page. It is many years since I was there but I am sure the crowd arn't in Reedness but in Whitgift ? The building in the centre of the photo is/was the Angel pub, the wide road junction viering off to the left is Church lane that eventually connects in a few miles with the Causeway, Swinefleet / Eastoft road. The bit of wall visible on the left is the start of the Whitgift Church wall and obviously on the right will be the river bank where the photo is being taken from. Could be well wrong with my memory but, can anyone put me right please.
Posted by natasha at 17/12/2009 01:24
hi sam,
I've lived in reedness for a time now.
& i can tell you that you are right. It is just out of reedness, the building you can see is the ferryhouse. And whitgift church is just out of view.
Posted by Sam at 17/12/2009 19:49
Hi Natasha
Thanks for that it's good to know my memory has a few cells working
Posted by Jan townend at 14/11/2010 14:00
My first teaching post was at Reedness school in 1969. I used to travel there on a scooter.I remember taking my class to see the goats at a local farm. I was called Mrs Roffey then.
Posted by michael keen at 02/01/2011 18:54
I was born in the house in 1943 opposite the farm known as Ivy house farm owened by the Cowling family.My family was the Clark family .My grandfather was the local builder and built the house himself.
I went to Reedness school.In those days the school had only four class rooms and was large enough to accomodate all the children in Reedness, Whitgift and the common.Just the last two years of my schooling were spent going to the Goole Modern School.
Reedness was a nice place to live I never went on holidays I was always told Reedness is where people like to come on holiday.
Posted by Michael Smith at 24/01/2011 16:17
Did you know that in 1861 the Half Moon Inn was occupied by Thomas Lazenby, a Rat Catcher by profession, together with his Wife Mary, Son John and Daughter Selina. I stumbled upon this nugget while researching the Lazenby ancestry for my Cousin in Canada.
Posted by Vicki Bristow at 13/02/2011 23:12
I have a Bristow connection to the Reedness/Whitgift area. Looking to compare notes with anyone else who might also.
Many thanks!
Posted by patricia sheriff at 05/05/2011 22:44
hello, Patricia Jones nee scutt, while researching my dad's ancestry i found that his great great grandfather married a woman with the surname Scutt, i'm still in the early stages of research so i will inform you of anything i find maybe we are related somewhere down the line.
Posted by Linda Kelly at 10/07/2011 16:41
my grandfather was born in reedness 1894 herbert barley cooper, his mother was maria cooper, her father edward bell cooper, i cannot find an address on the census forms, would be pleased if anyone can help
Posted by jill Williams at 16/08/2011 19:25
My ancestor Thomas Clark was master corn miller in Reedness according to the 1881 census. His 2 younger children Alfred and George were born there and there were at least 6 older children- Walter(my great-great grandfather), Thomas,Henry,Annie, Theodore, and Agnes who had moved there from Swinefleet.Thomas senior was born in Keyingham. I believe their mother was London-born .Walter also went on to become a miller. Does anyone know if there are any school or church records which might fill out my picture of their lives there ? I wonder if Michael Keen's family are the same tree ?Is the windmill pictured the only mill in the village as if so that must be where they lived.Any information would be very gratefully received especially as I plan to visit the area soon. Thankyou.
Posted by Josephine Cooper at 14/09/2011 20:00
Hello Linda Kelly. l may be able to help you with Maria Cooper and Herbert Barley. Marias parents were my husbands 2 x great uncle and aunt. Please get in touch on my email address:
Josephine Cooper.
Posted by Simon O'Corra at 20/11/2011 17:13
Hello Linda Kelly and Josephine Cooper

Herbert Barley husband of Maria Cooper is my great grandfather Tom Edwin Barley's brother. I have a photo of him before his early death. I assume that Herbert is Herbert Barley Cooper's father


Posted by Peter Evans at 28/11/2011 13:36
My g.g.grandmother came from Reedness and was the eldest daughter of John Cornelius Sheppard, the Wheelwright and Hannah Ellis. I would like to contact any other decendants
Posted by Josephine Cooper at 28/11/2011 20:15
Hello Simon O'Corra,
l should be most grateful to receive the photograph of Herbert Barley that you mentioned in your posting. Perhaps we could share other information on Maria Cooper and Herbert Barley too ?
My email is:
Many thanks.
Josephine Cooper.
Posted by Linda Kelly at 10/02/2012 14:51
have just seen the messages left about Herbert Barley Cooper and Maria, so sorry i didnt look before, i will happily share any info i have, i will email J Cooper
Posted by Linda Kelly at 20/02/2012 09:38
Hi Peter i have a Hannah Ellis in my family tree, my grandad was born there, if you email me i will add you as a guest to the tree on Ancestrey then you can follow the line, sorry for the delay
Posted by brian william lefley at 06/05/2012 20:21
My fathers uncle- full name John George Hermon Lefley!!!- married Alice Ann Shipley in 1904. He was a "Market Gardner" and the extended family lived at Amcotts, Pasture Lane and in Scunthorpe. He died in Goole 1953. Does anybody have any clues?? Many thanks!! B.W.L.
Posted by brian lefley at 11/10/2012 23:12
Does anybody know where "CAROL HOUSE" Reedness was(or is)?
Posted by Lorraine at 29/11/2012 15:55
Hi Brian Lefley
I have found a reference in a new book on Reedness.
It mentions a Mr Jack Lefley and daughter Ivy occupying a property on land in Reedness which is now occupied by Parkin's Patch, near the school. There used to be a mill there so I think it was probably referring to Mill House.
Posted by Brian Lefley at 12/12/2012 16:09
Thanks for the info Lorraine! Do you have the name of the book? I went to a Family history day at Goole library recently and met some members of the Marshland Local History Group. One of them knew John (Jack) Lefley as a young girl. He lived at the house near the Windmill at the Carroll. The society has an excellent little book called "the Marshland Trail" with interesting local photos.
Posted by brian lefley at 20/01/2013 14:12
Posted by Lorraine at 19/06/2013 11:48
Hi Brian,
Sorry I didn't answer on your question of which book ... but I am glad you found it.
Posted by jackie prest at 16/10/2013 16:56
my mums great grandfather was george william thornton middlebrook of reedness hall. my grandad and his sisters had a priveledged upbringing with a governess, their father is recorded as a gentleman and landowner. he had married a may jane mapples a farmers daughter from the area. i am looking into the family tree and its very interesting. in the lawn of reedness hall is buried a barrrel of brandy placed there when my grandad was born and to be opened on his 21st birthday but by then the house had been lost to gambling
Posted by John Jessop at 30/11/2013 18:45
Can anyone throw any light on the reason the road takes a loop around the back of Reedness School? The playground surface forms a straight line which logically would have been the line of the road before the school was built.
Posted by christine belton at 12/12/2013 14:23
myfamilyoriginate from reedness my grandad and grandma where mr and mrs joseph dixon they lived at woodgarth house my granddad was the joiner there i remember he used to do funerals and made the coffins my dad was stanley he had a brother called ronald and three sisters mavis doreen and glenys r i have happy memories of reedness
Posted by Vicky Mann at 24/03/2015 00:05
To Jackie Prest - my Mum's Mum was from the Middlebrook family of Reedness - George William Thornton Middlebrook is my great, great, great grandfather. According to my Nan his son John Robert Martin Middlebrook was a 'bit of a rogue' who wore gold hoop earrings and rode a penny farthing. Who knows how true that is!
Posted by alan lefley at 27/03/2015 10:05
hi my grandad lived opposite school and was the caretaker at the school . the house was a farmhouse with a hand pump in the front garden ( got a photo of it with grandma ) we used to go and play there. he died on a foggy night the same night that a ship ran aground
Posted by Karlie at 13/07/2015 16:43
My parents live at Parkin Patch in Reedness and it is built on the land where the Old Mill Used to stand. They still have an original Mill Stone in the Garden which is now used as a lovely feature and table.
Posted by brian william lefley at 18/03/2016 11:53
Could I please ask Alan Lefley to contact me.His grandfather was my grandfather's brother
.They lived in Scunthorpe-then Amcotts. I am researching the family history.
Posted by D Sewell nee Sheppard at 21/05/2016 17:38
To Peter Evans
Just read your message from 2011,hope you still look on this site. My ggg grandad was John Cornelius Sheppard,the wheelwright who married Hannah Ellis.
Posted by D SEWELL nee SHEPPARD at 11/09/2017 21:07
To Linda Kelly
I also have Hannah Ellis in my family tree.Hope you still look on this site.
Posted by Patricia Spink at 18/11/2017 19:42
Does anyone know of a coal merchant from Reedness called Herbert or Joseph Penistone?He originally had a business in Mairiner St,Goole but was moved when they built the POW camp there in WW2.
Posted by Trevor Clark at 12/12/2017 17:43
John Robert Martin Middlebrook
He was my Grandfather and I have a lot of history about him, including his school details.
My mum was one of his seven daughters and also two brothers.I have the family register together with photographs.
Posted by Fiona Found at 30/01/2018 18:43
My Grandmother on my mothers side was related to the Middlebrook Family of Reedness. Elsie Ann Middlebrook was my great grandmother. I believe she was the eldest of 8 children. I'm wanting to find out more about this side of the family.
Posted by clive drury at 19/02/2020 20:35
My great great grandfather Anthony Drury was born at Reedness Hall but not much is known about his father Benjamin Drury born about 1745 or how they became residents of the Hall.I know he married Ursula Duckles and many Drurys were buried at Whitgift church yard Can any one oblige me with further details please.?

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