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Rude Place Names

OK, so it can be embarassing coming from a place called Goole. However there are worse places to live. The UK towns below are all named after the male member.

Rude Places in the UK
WetwangEast Riding of Yorkshire
PenistoneSouth Yorkshire
Cane EndOxfordshire
Brown WillyCornwall
Hill of the WangieMoray
RodelWestern Isles
Upper DickerEast Sussex
HammerWest Sussex
Devil's Beef TubDumfries & Galloway
Worms HeadSea
Isle of ArranThe whole county looks like a willy

Visitor Comments

Posted by Sue Duncan at 02/04/2007 18:08
there is a place near me in staffordshire called Butt Lane

well it made me smile :-)
Posted by Robert Ward at 03/04/2007 12:48
I'm not sure I should contribute any more to a site that has a page like this - oh all right then - there's a part of Huddersfield called Fartown, and a street in Shepley, Huddersfield, called Dyke Bottom.
Posted by mike at 08/01/2010 17:38
cockfosters in london
Posted by Robert Ward (again) at 08/01/2010 21:48
Longforgan near Dundee
Posted by Posted by Wilf at 11/01/2010 13:44
There's Peover and quite a few variations e.g. Upper and Lower, in Chesire.
Posted by edd at 16/03/2010 19:08
how about fingringhoe??
Posted by Pete walker at 17/03/2010 23:53
Nr Andover Hants there is a Balls Cottage
Posted by steve wright at 25/03/2010 16:36
how about including Tosside - near Bolton by bowland and pennycomequick - near Plymouth
Posted by Shed13 at 12/10/2010 12:21
What about Twatt in the Orkneys?
Posted by Tom Woolgar at 20/12/2010 16:51
What about Pratts Bottom in Kent?
Posted by Bill at 11/01/2011 22:01
Arran isnt a county, its an island, its part of Ayrshire. Also, it doesnt look like anything, your thinking of Tarbet which is north of Arran.
Posted by David M Crane at 12/06/2011 14:58
In Leicester city centre, there is a "Butt Close Lane". If you put LE12 9BN into a SatNav, it gives you "Butthole Lane". Priceless
Posted by A.Willmott at 22/04/2012 19:56
Add to the list " Minge Lane " Upton - on - Severn Worcestershire
Posted by Will at 07/04/2016 13:37
Cockermouth, allegedly twinned with Fellatio in Italy.

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