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The comments below are personal comments reflecting the town about five years ago. Things have improved in many places and got worse in others. It's far too controversial to keep these comments topical, so I won't bother.

Aire Street - The Mac, Royal and Lowther Goole has two types of drinking establishments. The first kind are those which are too loud and full of school-kids drinking alchopops, people fighting and slappers in short skirts. These are to be avoided. The second kind are pubs and clubs where you go for a quiet drink and decent atmosphere. These are recommended and prevail in Goole.

The focal point on a Saturday night (usually for all the wrong reasons) is Aire Street. This is locally called Blood Alley due to the number of fights, although the trouble can usually be avoided.

There are many clubs in Goole, however these aren't clubs in the usual sense of the word. These are members clubs, usually working mens or unions, which serve cheap beer, have dodgy decor, and turns of variable quality. There is one nightclub, Flappers - this should be avoided at all costs.

The following guides can be used to plan your evening entertainment.

Unlike a lot of larger towns and cities, all the pubs in Goole are original and have their own unique charm. (Although the arrival of a Wetherspoon's Pub in the old Midland Bank may change all this). The following venues are a selection of the drinking establishments in the town centre.

Top Five Drinking Venues in the Town Centre
Pub Comments Recommended Drink
1 The Macintosh Arms, Aire Street Although this is an Aire Street pub, it's a safe one to go in. Moves up a place as it's open all day. Serves a nice pint with guest beers and the locals are always willing to chat to you. Has also won several CAMRA awards. Especially noted for the suspended ceiling which has gaps in it where you can see the original ornate ceiling. A pint of Speckled Hen
2 The Old George, Market Street One of the best pubs in the town and it's got a web site. The beer and company are always fine and it's a popular pub yet still manages to keep the idiots out. Especially noted for the quiz on a Sunday night and the silly sewing machine tables they have. Its only downside is that the landlord's from Hull. A pint of Worthingtons
3 The North Eastern, Boothferry Road Once the best pub in the town, but has lost its crown in recent years. Used to be famous selling local brews such as Thorne and Samson but these tend to be of variable quality. Traditionally the pub to start the drinks on a Saturday night. Anything in a bottle
4 The Royal Hotel, Aire Street More of a creche than a pub. Do not go in here if you are over 16, like draught beer or value your eardrums. Any alchopop
5 The Railway station entrance, Boothferry Road I can't see the attraction myself but dozens of teenagers each night can't be wrong, can they? A can of Carlsberg Special Brew (shared between 5)

There are traditionally only five or six pubs that are busy in the town centre on a weekend. If you time it right, every pub seems packed. However if you set off too early or too late, then it can seem like a ghost town. As well as the central pubs, there are other pubs, with as much character, slightly off the beaten track. Here are some of them.

Top Five Pubs outside the Town Centre
Pub Comments Recommended Drink
1 The Vikings, Western Road A large pub out of the town centre. Infamous for its monthly discos, football team, wedding receptions and (suprisingly) a picture of a Viking by its entrance. A pint of lager
2 The Woodlands, Westfield Avenue A nice pub split into two rooms. A pint of bitter
3 The Victoria Hotel, Hook Road Always a busy pub. This pub has the benefit of having the riverbank for its beer garden. A large whisky
4 The Peacock, North Street One of the few pubs in town to remain open all day. This pub has made an effort to try and change and attract new people by creating an Irish bar and having various karaoke nights. A pint of Guinness
5 The Middlehouse, South Street One of the few remaining pubs in the docks (at one time there were dozens). Has interesting photos of the docks on display and even used to host a late night disco, the Inferno, on a Saturday night. Make sure you don't drink too much or you'll fall into the docks. A diet coke

The North Eastern The Steam Packet - famous for dodgy bands The New Bridge in Old Goole

The following pubs are to be found in the outlying villages. There usually serve good food as well as drink.

Top Five out-of-town Pubs
Pub Comments Recommended Drink
1 The Blacksmiths Arms, Hook A very nice country pub on the banks of the river. Has an excellent range of food and a popular quiz on a Wednesday night (the winning box is always number 2). A glass of wine
2 The Breighton Arms, Breighton Large rural pub on the banks of the River Derwent about 10 miles from Goole. Especially noted for its games room. A half of cider.
3 The Ferryboat, Boothferry A bizarre shaped pub next to Boothferry Bridge. The first pub you see after a hot summer's day on the East Coast. A cold lager
4 The Half-Moon, Reedness Typical local's country pub and now the only pub between Swinefleet and Eastoft. Pint of the guest beer
5 Railway Buffet Bar, Doncaster Not the most glamorous of pubs, but provides a tranquil rest when catching a train back to Goole. Pint of John Smiths

The old Station Hotel The Mariner's Arms One of many pubs on the docks which are now gone

Normally you had to get a taxi to Hull, Doncaster or York to find nightclub entertainment. When the locals found out where you were from you were attacked. To get round this, people have tried to open nightclubs closer to home with varying degrees of success. In the old days the main topic of conversation in the Lowther at 10:30pm on a Saturday was 'Are you going to Kilpin or what?'. However both Kilpin and Flappers are now closed. This table shows the current choices.

Top Three Nightclubs
Pub Comments Recommended DJ Request
1 Hartley's, Mariner's Street Wins by default as it's the only proper nightclub in the town. Let's hope it has more success than previous attempts. Frank Sinatra (for the older clientele)
2 The Lowther, Aire Street Not really a nightclub, but it has a 2am licence on a weekend. This is worth going to visit if only for the bizarre sight of seeing people queuing to pay to get into the Lowther. Techno, Techno, Techno
3 Flappers Slips down a few places because it's now derelict and burnt out. Some may say this has improved the place. Disco Inferno

The old electricity building - now Hartley's The Lowther Hotel Slapper's Nightclub

Don't forget to wash down your beer with a kebab. As with most towns, there are many chip shops open only during the day and traditional pizza places during the evening. Goole has come a long way. The first pizza place started deep-frying in the late 1980's and by the late 1990's McDonalds opened by the motorway junction.

Top Five Fast Food Places
Restaurant Comments Recommended Food
1 McDonners, Carlisle Street The usual mix of kebabs, burgers and pizzas, but they're open later than the others are. Nan Kebab
2 Raja's Curry House It's a sad fact of life, but Goole no longer has a sit-down curry house. This is a good substitute, but you'll have to eat at home. Chicken Jalfreizi
3 McDonalds Consistent crap Whopper Meal with a Zinger Tower burger
4 Crest of the Wave, Pasture Road The original and the best. Spicy potato special
5 Wing-Wah, Boothferry Road Typical Chinese Fayre Sweet and Sour Chicken

Visitor Comments

Posted by Vicki Duckles Flanders at 24/06/2001 08:30
I am trying to determine when and where the Duckles Pub or Duckles Brewry was located. As I can't find mention of it, I'm guessing it has gone out of existence. I heard someone visiting from the US once had taken a picture of it - must have been in the last 50 years...
Posted by rebecca at 11/07/2005 21:49
i was just flicking through your site and come across what seemed a bit like slander. do you live in goole or are you just a passing critic. i read that you thought goole was a crap drinking place, full of young slappers in short skirts and round every corner there's mike tyson wanting a fight!!!!!! I tell you what.............. "you're totally right" Every time i walk round goole all i see is local drug users walking about like zombies looking what they can rob or looking for thier next victim to steal from or take advantage from. also goole is full of people who dont want to work.. well 80% of them dont. it really peeves me off thet i go out to work all day pay, my way, keep my child run my car and i cant understand what poeple get from louting about all day nothing to do but mope around. i get a pay day each month to look forward to, flourish on the sucess in what job i do, what do they have..... a tacky giro every tuesday, all gone in one day on drugs and for the rest of the week they just rob! rob! rob! Thanks for reading... Rebecca
Posted by Andy Rodgers at 15/07/2005 22:02
A lot of the info here is very dated, but it's still an impressive site.

Goole is a vastly under rated place, i'm sick of hearing locals putting it down. I know of many people who have moved here from elsewhere and they say how great it is.
Posted by cris at 28/07/2005 22:30
Goole is not such a bad place. You do get in to a few fights sometimes but everyone gets into fights sometime in their life. It's just in goole you will have most of them. I am not a resident of Goole but have been going round the town for a few years now and only had maybe 3 or 4 fights and two of them were from people out of town so they're not that bad.

PS - when you come to Goole, if you visit just one pub, go visit the Royal Hotel. They have very nice polite kind barmaids
Posted by dean at 17/10/2005 11:21
Posted by Andrew at 27/10/2005 20:45
I haven't been to Goole for ages, last time I left thinking that if God was gonna give the British Isles an enema Goole was very obviously where he'd put the pipe in. Having said that I live in Scunny, so who am I to talk. Hoping to visit soon and see if things have improved.
Posted by Kerry at 03/11/2005 08:57
I have been away from Goole now for nearly 6 years now..i remember fri nights were the highlight of my life back then when we used to regularly trawl Aire Street and then Flappers. To be honest now,after living in a big city,i can say back then it was ace but i couldn't imagine it now.
Posted by Rik at 07/11/2005 01:04
I have only been living in Goole for about 6 months, but I love it. It gets a lot of slagging off. However I would live here any day. The whole town has such a so close and friendly atmosphere. I especially enjoy the new Bar and Bistro 'The Goods Office '. It's a great night out, with amazing food and great atmosphere. The lighting and sound is out of this world. The pictures of Goole in its old times were fantasticly re-done, with all new colours. I also like the lighting and projections on the road and on other neighbouring buildings, also by me. It's great.... GO!!
Posted by jessica sharp at 16/11/2005 16:58
I think its out of order when people make really bad comments about goole, i was born and raised there, i moved away when I was 18 because i moved to university, which I am now in my 3rd year. I still go home during to holidays, and yeah when people ask me where you from and 90% of them say 'Wheres goole?!' They even take the mickey out of the name. Yes i will I admit that it hasn't got the greatest of names and you get fights and drunks on the street! (I have seen it all!) but hello!!!! Take a good look around you! It happens everywhere you go, I live in a small town in devon now, and I can't say it's perfect.
My friends and family still live there, if it was that bad, then why do people stick around?
I'll be home at xmas and I can't wait!!!
Posted by jess.s at 16/11/2005 17:00
by the way the lowther isn't open anymore, they have now I new venue called the jailhouse and it's a lot better xx
Posted by wizz at 12/01/2006 22:15
I'm not from Goole and I havent even visited Goole but it looks like a good gritty yorkshire town and full of character
Posted by tomo at 19/01/2006 18:35
i love the jail house its cool
Posted by Peter at 31/01/2006 22:54
I was the dj that every one loved if you remember me hi all
use to love doing fri & sat nights i do miss the old place ??
Posted by Phil at 04/02/2006 21:54
Can we please have the site updated, it must be years since it was last done, thanks.
Posted by GOOLIE at 28/02/2006 11:54
i am a a 15 year old kid from goole i dont no how people can call goole because its no worst then any other town in england and if you dint get any of the little fights you get on fri ,sats adn the od drugy and ASOB youth but i dont thik that will are the only town in yorkshire or even england to have them its a good little town and i have never seen such a strong commuity has they is in old goole :) well bye just had to write that !!
Posted by peter kay at 10/03/2006 11:51
i've read all these comments and some are fairly true, but you are out of date now, goole isnt such a bad place no-more, you get the odd people hanging by the train station and the lads out in the cars, i think i can say goole is now full of foreighners, everywhere you look there is someone from another country, we have been truly invaded and slanderd, but drugs are everywhere. just like any other place you get the bad and good areas, luckily for me i live down a quiet street. And not forgetting the famous ASBOS lol.. on a 100% scale this is what ide give

drugs 10%
fights 10%
friendlyness 20%
night life 35%
jobs 25%

so as i can say i have lived in goole all my life, so you can only judge by what you have seen, and its just like any other town, city, or village, you get the good and the bad!!
Posted by Jason King, Karl Otter & The Groovy Fishtank. at 14/03/2006 14:12
Posted by geoff Depledge at 23/03/2006 21:45
I notice the Peacock is a featured pub and back in early 20th century my Granddad Frank Storr was the publican, my Mum (Enid) lived there and used to look out of her bedroom over the docks. I dont know the exact dates but it would have been in the early/mid 30's.
Posted by Cee G at 29/03/2006 11:38
I would like to say that most of you are right about the comments you make about the night life in Goole, but over recent years it has got a lot better, when i started going out it was a rough place, but now it is ok, i have a fairly good time most of the time when i go out now with the additon of some new places (Bar Oasis, Jailhouse, the goods office ect) and might i just say the the DJ's are better too, Heartleys is a good night for your cheese where you have DJ Shumba and DJ Daz (who might i say is fit (whoohoo) but married (dam)) and the jailhouse is best if you want your Dance music, although DJ mif does get side tracked sometimes and starts playing cheese but thats cool, all the staff in these places are pretty cool too, whereas in some of the others they can be a bit arsey these are a good groupe of people. Goole has really changed over the last few years and i think that we have to thank people the like of Arthur Wilder who owns Hartleys and Oasis and people like Chris who has the Jailhouse for introducing these places to goole and making it more up-to-date.

Cheers Guys
Posted by Geoff at 21/04/2006 18:22
I took my mum back to the Peacock for the first time in probably 70 years. Her Dad Frank Storr was the landlord.
Mum remembered her childhood there
Many thanks to the present landlord for buying a round on the house it was much appreciated.
Posted by phil t at 16/05/2006 14:37
well 2 here so many plp diss goole saying its a s**thole, i think u all need 2 travel more it dont matter where u go in the uk 2day its all s**t we just know we live with s**t at least it our s**t
Posted by Jenna at 26/05/2006 10:23
I have lived in goole all my life and i have never been in a fight or taken drugs. I think every one who lives in Goole and slags Goole off are tight b**tards because there isn't nothing wrong with the place. Ok there might be fights and drugies in Goole but there are all them in other towns. Look at Hull - that is worse than Goole. If anyone slags the Royal off u r slagging my boyfriend off he is the dj and he does play good music. Ok there is a lot of underaged drinkers around but some people look older than what they r. I dont like people who slagg there own town off its wrong!!!! why r u still living here if u dont like it!!!!!!!!!
Posted by David ex of Goole now in Leeds at 08/06/2006 10:34
I left Goole in 1991 and although I would never move back full time I enjoy my frequent visits back to my home town. Goole, like anywhere has always had its problems. I still remember Friday nights out and how busy the Aire Street Strip could get. I miss some of the old pubs such as TC's, Tavern Hotel, Station, is The Mucky Buck still there? I remember when the Peacock become an Irish bar for while. Don't have many nights out in Goole now but I think I'll have to call up some old friends and have a night of memories.
Posted by Eric Redfearn at 24/07/2006 21:53
The one pub i recall visiting regular in Goole was the Old George Market Square? On a lovely day you could sit outside and watch the local talent? go by. Nice pint too, shame about the yard though.
Posted by nigel gill at 11/08/2006 23:28
from goole love goole and proud
Posted by The One at 07/09/2006 22:04
Steam Packet 22nd of September be there or else!!!!!! amazing gig on the books 22nd
Posted by maggie stewart at 07/09/2006 22:45
hi to the people that no me. ive not lived in goole now 4 6 yrs and i miss the place . i used to always love drinkin in the pubs u carnt meet nicer people . its not a s**t hole .
Posted by Karen Smith at 26/09/2006 15:10
kindness of a stranger. Hello, I am an Aussie. I was driving up to Whitby,around the end of September. I was really spinning out by the time I got to Goole, early evening, I had no idea where I was, let alone where to stay. I drove over a bridge and found myself in a long deserted street, I drove down the street a long way, saw a pub, cant remember what it was called, but it was a very down market pub. I was desperate to find somewhere to stay, I went into the pub to ask directions. A young woman gave me directions to somewhere, I was so tired and spun out, I just couldnt really take in what she was saying. She sensed I was desperate and in an act of total kindness, she gave me her flat to stay in for the night. That really blew me out. Her name is Donna Woods {Donski}. She was so friendly and trusting and generous. I will never forget her act of kindness to a total stranger. I am back home now, if anyone reads this who knows Donna, please tell her I have posted this story.
Posted by John Collett at 15/10/2006 22:04
On the 3rd postcard down on the right hand side, top of page is my Grandfather with his bicycle, shopping bag on handlebar, taken about 1950-52. he's Harry Cork former seagoing engineer on Bennets boats and eventually engineer on the steam engines in the "Buzzer House" providing the hydraulic power for the bridges in Bridge street, his fireman was Percy Morris.
Posted by Nicola Turner at 11/11/2006 19:22
Too bad that people have such a negative attitude regarding Goole!!! I used to live there until I reached my adult years, things have not changed much 15 years later!! There are still bad people there, just seems like Gooligans seem to get away with a lot more than the rest of the U.K. I hear all the time from my Goole family about their personal burglary experiences! Seems petty crime is kind of huge there!!! Still I do Love Goole and most of its inhabitants!!!! Home is always Home!!!!!
Posted by Frank at 08/12/2006 18:20
I would like to see a place like the alex where local and out of town bands can come and do some live gigs.
Allthough there are places like the north and the vic club that are starting to get bands in for entertainment.
Good for the landlord and landlady of the pub and club respectively.
Come on lets have live music back in the town goole needs live music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by someone who lived here at 14/12/2006 09:30
i moved from goole in like 2003 or summit and the lowthyer were already closed i think this site reall y needs to b up dated and made more appealling, not being nasty or owt like just sayin!
Posted by deano at 25/12/2006 19:20
get to the marshlands in old goole
Posted by pete at 21/01/2007 17:59
My wife and I left Goole 2002 and regularly go back to visit both our familes. It was always s**t for work but good for a crack. Top family the Ryans in o g and the best ever pub we'll always remember, the Wheatsheaf in Bridge Street. It changed everyone's livelyhood when that was flattened. Old Goole for talent
Posted by Hamish at 29/01/2007 01:05
Is the Vymuden(?spelling) still going strong?
Posted by terry rippon at 12/02/2007 03:22
Hi Maggie Stewart me darlin' ow you doin?
You really make my day, although its been awhile since we last met my luv!. I have memories of long ago,when we knew each other and talked about my journey into the world as we know it today. I bet you look as lovely as ever.
Posted by Hamish at 09/03/2007 00:19
Anyone out there who remembers"Melodies" pub ?And can they tell me what the actual name of the place was, Melodie was the name of the publican at the time
Posted by Tabs and Hodge. at 26/03/2007 14:30
We spend the majority of our Friday nights in Goole and do believe, although the next day we have to recall our cheesy chat up lines, that it's pretty much THE PLACE TO BE.
There's no doubt about the fact that you will find an unusual amount of creeps in Goole for such a small town.
These could be avoided, if only aware of the correct places to visit.
Girls..Don't walk through town without a good stong lad.
Guys...Don't walk through town without some form of heavy object.

Goole can actually be a really good night sometimes, and most of the pubs are pretty cushty.
I enjoy being branded a slapper in a short skirt.
I wouldn't dare.

and if you see me and the Tab meister out.. Have a photo with us ! (Y)

Posted by laura wynne at 26/03/2007 20:48
Goole is a right laugh for a night out.
Tabs and Hodge will surley agree...
Miranda Cannon is a legend for introducing me to this site.
i love it.
Posted by goolieolligan at 30/03/2007 16:32
eyup go to royal hotel in goole its the present place to be very cheap beer and alchohol and the barmaids are great im 22 but there one there shes smashin shes called shell. theres a little girl behind bar who looks bout 12 lol. but anyways great music and a smashin nite out
Posted by pete at 23/04/2007 01:27
Hamish melodys pub
Tony Melody the actor occassionaly pops up on tv (getting on a bit now)His parents had this pub during the war
Posted by at 23/04/2007 16:33
Thanks for that Pete, the name sure stuck, but what was the true name of the pub, it was still know as Melodies in the late sixties, when Hughie Waters(?) had it
Posted by pete at 23/04/2007 20:16
Hamish the real name was the Railway Hotel (Hartley brewery).Until Ivy took it over.Wheatsheaf was next door Hammond brewery.Tony melody as previously mentioned last made an appearance in LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE. bottom house or Mariners Arms re-opened after a face lift.Middle House Dock Tavern still open.Vermuden still open at the foot of the bridge.over the bridge is the New bridge hotel closed but housing immigrants.
Posted by Hamish at 24/04/2007 03:38
Laura would Miranda's Husbands name be George by any chance? If so I sailed with him on the SS Blyth
Posted by Emma at 24/04/2007 11:06
I've lived in goole for 21 years and during my teenage years it seemed like the most boring place on the earth.
Personally i find the nightlife to be rubbish because its the same old places and faces, but the town itself is and will always be home to me because its where i grew up!
Ive been at uni for 3 years and always enjoy going back to see friends and family because its familiar to me and when asked where i live, i love the confused look people give when told the town is called Goole!
I resent living there a bit because of the idiots who take drugs and go out and start fights whether drunk or not, but I suppose that is typical of anywhere though and compared to other places it isn't so bad!
Posted by Hamish at 24/04/2007 16:41
Thanks again for that Pete, there was also a" Railway Hotel" about mid block on the main street know among us seamen as "Charlies place" but long gone now. I was over there in 2004 and spent a few nostagic hours in Goole, had acouple in the Vermuden looking for a couple of old shipmates,George Cannon, and Billy Guy,Billy did a very good impression of Frankie Lane, in Melodies in his younger days. Cheers H
Posted by pete at 24/04/2007 20:06
Hamish charlies place was the railway tavern. Billy Guy still around gets in the crescent club. george still around but never was much of a pub man It hink he's henpecked lol. I sailed with both of them in fact your path must have crossed mine at some time in the past. Billy still has his collection of frankie laine records
Posted by Hamish at 25/04/2007 01:50
Hey Pete ask Billy how he got his "bent finger"I was one of the guys that "rescued" him in Poole (Remember the "Jolly Sailors") And yes you are right ,Geo was a bit HP, but if you run across him tell him to give me an E mail if you don't mind , we were good shipmates at one time ,along with a buddy by the name of Peter Olley, now sadly long gone, I sailed on the "Blyth " the "Aire" and the "Don" alll mind benders but good times cheers H
Posted by pete at 25/04/2007 15:05
Hamish will pass on message dunno about billy emailing doubt if he knows what a comp is lol.However will ask him about finger Jolly sailor remember it well billy and I was on Pulborough he fancied himself as a dart player (rhubarb) myself I lost my finger on the Lancasterbrook them modern Hatches(tin lids) after all that graft with dominoe boards especially when they were wet thro.Workhorses I remember William Cash-Harfry-Yokefleet- Queenboats etc. Sailors now days have it easy. take care P
Posted by Hamish at 26/04/2007 00:52
Hey pete you are sure shaking the memory tree and all kinds of things are falling out! It was George Cannon I asked you to get to E mail me (his wife will have a steam driven tripe setter, but I don't think he will be able to operate it lol) If you were on the Pulborough you would have been running to Shoreham, mostly the gas station, I was on the" Petworth" (old coal burner)the "Seaford "and the "Beeding" all running NE coast, Shoreham, about the same time. I remember the Skipper of the Pulborough having an affair with the landlady of the "Seahouses" pub in Shoreham,and her husband, Wally having quite a go on the Quay by the Lock gates. The "Seahouses was a realy good darts pub, sadly long gone now along with the "Windmill" but the one at the top of the stairs(after you crossed the canal in the boat)is still going strong, I was back over there in 2004 and took a drive down to the south coast, but we can't make time stand still.

I was also on the "Polden" running Goole NE coast to Poole, anyway keep the memories coming cheers Hamish
Posted by pedro at 27/04/2007 23:47
Hamish I was on the Beeding when she was relatively new built at Goole 1950 broken up 1979 a short life when one considers the lanky boats. I was on the Irwell in 1953 she was built 1906 broken up a year later. Also the Alt built 1911 broken up 1954
the mind boggles cripes these were built before the Titanic lol.
Posted by Hamish at 28/04/2007 15:57
Greetings Pedro
I was on the "Beeding" in 53 and again in 55, I guess you are aware of her history? She came to a sorry end in the Med after hitting an "underwater' object.She was lengthened in 1965 and sold to John Kelly,who renamed her "Ballymore", in 1975 she was sold to a cyprus shipping co and renamed "Baltica"who in turn sold her to another Cyprus Co, and while on a trip from Spezia to Barcelona is when she ran into trouble, to cut a long story short she ended up in Marseilles in September 1977 where she was broken up.Talking about old ships, my first trip to sea was on the "Blisworth", built in 1902 as the "Kathleen"I joined her right out of sea school ,at the dock across the road from "Melodies" she was on the scap iron run to Keel, we did about four trips then took of tramping around the coast, all in all a great little ship even if we did live "Forrad". She became the "Holdernidd" (Kettlewells) and I left her not too long after her sale. Most "Goolies" did a stint in the "lanky boats" I was on three (as in my earlier post).What was the name of the" Lanky"boat high and dry behind the light where the two rivers join? Was that not the "Irwell"? The Skippers name was Richardson and he was Mate of the "Don" when I was on her, his demotion for being a bad lad! Take care H
Posted by pedro at 28/04/2007 23:15
Hamish I guess the lanky boat you mean was the Aire sunk after a collision at Saltmarshe Bight 1958 wth the loss of one life a galley boy from Hull trapped in his cabin. Broken up in situ.
Beeding was on her in 1951 missed her in Blyth after a night on the bevy in the commercial Inn.(voyage not completed). Talking to another old salt today informed me George Cannon left Goole living near Hull will try to get more info as to his whereabouts.
Posted by Hamish at 30/04/2007 16:06
Greetings Pedro, No I am aware of the demise of the"Aire" she was hit while inbound by the german ship"Helene B.Schupp"as you say at saltmarsh. The one I meant was put "On the Hard" down around Faxfleet where the river Trent joins the Ouse he put her 'behind" the light on the south side,she sat there for a very long ,time high and dry (looked like she should have wheels)in fact (if memory serves me right) they put a watchman on her to stop vandals,it was funny to sail past her and see smoke from the galley funnel. I thought it was the "Irwell' but I could be wrong. Do you know if Geo Cannon spent all his life at sea or did he get a shore job, he was Captain Colliers golden haired boy when we were together on the"Aire" he seemed to get away any of us guys could
Posted by Hamish at 30/04/2007 20:20
Greetings again Pedro, maybe we should use the "Ships" thread so admin' don't get after us?
Posted by pedro at 01/05/2007 17:10
over and out
Posted by Wendie at 04/07/2007 13:51
I am visiting Goole,for the very first time,this weekend. After reading various comments about this port town i am quite alarmed. Is it that bad,really? can someone please tell me the nicer things that Goole as to offer? where is the best place to acquire a drink and sunday lunch? does a place exist. Also,i have a brummy accent,will i get beaten up?
Posted by amanda at 14/07/2007 18:35
I had a night out in Goole with my fiance, I was warned I might get treated with caution cos I'm from Hull.As it turned out,I got a few odd looks but thats about it.I haven't really been in all the pubs,I quite like Oasis and wetherspoons.Not sure about Jailhouse,might need to pay it another visit.
Was Kilpin really notorious in its day?
Posted by jade n tasha at 13/08/2007 23:19
we live in goole n ye it ant the best place but its not as bad as you think. the pubs ant the best but the ok, you can have a good nite if your with the right peolpe. if theres fighting its with the locals what have a problem with each other, people dont usually start for nothing, (well you come across the odd nob head but its like that every where). the pubs have got much lively, theres are a mixture of pub wich provide different music and people. so dont diss goole till you have been!!!!!!!! coming from the goolies who live hear!!!
Posted by g at 14/08/2007 19:34
goole is like any other place at the moment
Posted by Hamish at 20/08/2007 01:39
Anyone old enough out there who remembers "Melodies" pub?And in my time Hughey and his very pretty wife, does anyone know what became of them,great people!!
Posted by Pedro at 29/08/2007 21:45
Hi Hamish Hughie and Mary sadly both passed on.Hughie retired around the 1970s built a dormer Bungalow on Rawcliffe Rd I used to drink with him in the Viking hotel and reminice about the good old days.I left the area around 1989 on my return in 1999 was informed mary survived him by a few years.Happy days sometimes.
Posted by Hamish at 01/09/2007 01:55
Thanks for that Pedro, Hughy spent most of his time in the bar area as barman while Mary(thanks for reminding me of her name)looked after the singing room?With another waitress, nice girl, older than us sprouts tho, very small feet(nothing grows in the shade) both were great friends of mine, but in retrospect, we were only around twenty years old while Hugh must have been in his late thirties at the time we were there, the waitress must have been about thirty five or so.Billy Guy would be in full voice with his "take off' of Frankie Lane, and he was quite good ,dependent of course on how many pints one had had, great old days!!
Posted by john at 03/09/2007 20:24
i am a old goolie n ave lived ere all my live'nothing wrong with the place.cheers
Posted by johh at 03/09/2007 20:28
its right wot they say old goole 4
Posted by john at 03/09/2007 20:30
Posted by GEZ at 03/09/2007 20:34
HI THERE yes the verm is still there n going strong i live there n my mum n dad run it
Posted by John Phillips at 03/09/2007 20:42
any old skool mates from old goole marshlands middle skool 76-80
Posted by spider at 18/09/2007 16:28
hey, not been round goole in years and was supprised just how much has changed... especially the royal hotel, couldn't beleive the transformation... its well cool now, stayed in there all night had cheap drinks, good music and unlike its old ways NO fighting all night.
Posted by geoffrey barker at 14/10/2007 19:22
its about time the whole site was updated it seems like a lot of the comments have been on along time
Posted by pat at 24/10/2007 19:16
old goole is a better place then goole at min its alot cleaner n alot of goolies come down old goole 4 the pubs.
Posted by charlotte at 02/11/2007 11:47
goole should have more entertainment facilities for the younger generation. other than that, i don't go down aire street, which is very scary on friday & saturday nights, because i want to live my life and not drink custard beer.
Posted by Tom Clark at 13/11/2007 12:50
got a few laughs from trawling the site. My Dad kept the Sydney in the 1920s (now gone) I was born in the Park Drain Hotel Westwoodside. Don't knock Goole - it's not pretty but its a place to savour!
Posted by tom at 18/12/2007 19:54
hey goole got really good nite . . . . go down to royal a lot cleaner and tidier and djs quiet good as well . . . . . theres this old fart that did it other weekend he wont too good but hopefully the ginger lad is back
Posted by dave cooper at 25/12/2007 15:59
Hi John Philips
hope you had a very nice chrismas and a lucky new year
x old goolie coop
Posted by KEITH WOOLAS at 30/12/2007 09:15
THE ?????....ALBERT ST
Posted by KEITH WOOLAS at 30/12/2007 14:51
Posted by x at 31/12/2007 00:00
Theres only one place worth going out in goole now and thats the goods office quality
Posted by deano lummer at 30/01/2008 20:41
marshlands old goole love it
Posted by skinner at 31/01/2008 21:10
SHIP corner Ouse St surely you mean the Crown
Victoria hook rd
Posted by geoff depledge at 01/02/2008 15:23
Can someone please tell me where the Dock Tavern Was (is)
Posted by pedro at 01/02/2008 16:17
Dock Tavern South St old Goole known locally as the middle house The bottom house was the Mariners arms renamed first and last.Both pubs have had recent facelifts.
Posted by geoff depledge at 01/02/2008 19:21
Thanks Pedro, I thought this might be the pub that my Uncle Albert Storr was Landlord of in the 50's. It was certainly in Old Goole area but I thought it was on Bridge St.
Posted by pedro at 01/02/2008 22:18
If he (Albert Storr) had a son Norman then he had the Crown Hotel in Ouse Street.See above message
Posted by pedro at 01/02/2008 22:31
Geoff if its the same Storr I seem to think his wife was nee McDermid or McDermott.I used the pub in the 50s would you believe it was the first pub I ever saw in Goole serving pub grub
behind the bar they had a deep fryer serving hotdogs-burgers and such
Posted by geoff depledge at 01/02/2008 22:36
Pedro once again thanks, yes he did have a son Norman who sadly died aged just 41. Albert's wife Ada was nee Ford. They had another son Trevor whom I have lost touch with.
Posted by geoff depledge at 02/02/2008 11:38
Further to my earlier question re the Dock Tavern I have now found out that my Uncle Frank was the landlord around 1945/6. He became terminally ill with MS during which time my Granddad Frank Storr ran the pub.Uncle Frank died in 1946, I never knew him as I was only 1 when he died.
Frank previously had a shop (he was an electrician) which sold electrical equipment, I understand the shop may have been on Bridge Street.
Posted by Patricia Spink at 13/02/2008 20:30
The Wheatsheaf pub was run by my great aunt & uncle Elizabeth & Richard Langton in the 1940's. Inquests were held in one part of the pub. My great aunt & uncle also ran a chippie on Burlington Cresent.
Posted by from W at 14/02/2008 23:34
Geoff There was a electrical type shop in Bridge St at the dutch river end opposite side to the gass works. Can't remember the name but do remember he repaired radios around the 1950s.
Posted by geoff depledge at 15/02/2008 13:58
Hi W
It was 18 Bridge Street it was my Uncle Frank Storr's shop, and he did repair radios. I do not know what he called his shop but I suspect it was "Frank Storr Jnr Electrical Engineer & Contractor" as per his invoice details. He had in those early days a telephone no. 275.
But it was a bit earlier than you say as Frank died in 1946 and had ceased business to run the Dock Tavern sometime before that following an injury sustained while installing lighting on Goole Docks.
It is possible that someone took over his shop in which case you date of the 50's could be true.
Posted by posted by Wilf at 15/02/2008 23:59
Hi Geoff, I was an apprentice fitter and turner at the shipyard from 1948 to 1953 and I remember one of the draughtsmen, Alan Franks, from the yard used to help with the radio repairs on a very part time basis so that was after your uncle left. I can't remember which side of the Vermuden the shop was located.
Posted by Dale at 21/02/2008 09:09
Does anyone know of a place called The Swallows or something similar in Goole? I had an item of mail bizarrely misdirected there and am curious to find out what it is. Sounds like it might be a hotel, B&B or residential home or something.
Posted by Hamish at 16/03/2008 15:55
Anyone know how the "Macintosh" hotel got its name?
Posted by pedro at 09/04/2008 22:40
Hamish often wondered the scottish influence myself including Buchanan Hotel. Dunno if we've got any architecture by John Rennie Mac or if we admire the writings of John Buchanan :)
Posted by Hamish at 12/04/2008 02:22
Greetings Pedro!
Yes we Dam Scots are very proficient at populating other peoples countries, and my interest in the Macintosh is purely selfish ,as that is my name, to be quite honest I have never been in the place and don't even know where it is, my old stamping ground( while in Goole) was limited to Melodies, the vymuden and Charlies, but when I spotted it on the list of pubs I thought "might be some history there" take care and keep looking for "the Cannon"
Posted by Hamish at 12/04/2008 16:18
Just as an aside Pedro for your useless information book,Macintosh is the oldest name known to man, The apple Eve gave to Adam was a Macintosh apple
Posted by pedro at 14/04/2008 21:34
Ok Hamish will take your word for adams apple being Scotish.But do tell was the garden of eden North or south of the clyde.The pub in Question known locally as the Mac is in Aire Street with quite a history to it including being haunted (probobly by a guy in a raincoat mac:) Also heard it was the Magistrates court in bygone days.
Sorry to inform you your old shipmate Billy Guy not well they rushed him in hospital last week will find out more and keep you informed. No sign of george as yet take care P
Posted by Hamish at 16/04/2008 01:25
Greetings Pedro!
Don't like the news about my old buddy Billy, he must be about my age, and like me, never looked after his old bod, but please keep me informed. The garden of Eden is well north of Glasgow, up on the North East coast, with a world class golf course, and the last place in Britain a witch was burned at the stake, take care H
Posted by Tony Goodley at 17/06/2008 16:07
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Posted by Patricia Spink at 28/06/2008 12:16
Does anyone know of or have a photograph of the Railway Tavern Public house which was situated at 62 Boothferry Road(now Dorothy Perkins)My relation Jack Watson ran it for many years & the pub was known by this name around the town.
All the old photographs I have found do not go up that far to clearly see it.
Thank you
Posted by Hamish at 01/07/2008 02:20
Had many a good pint in the "Railway" in the 1950's. However the Landlord was "Charlie' at that time,maybe Pedro could fill in the years before "Charlie"?
Posted by Patricia Spink at 01/07/2008 15:12
Thank you for the information. Charlie Hailstones did run the Railway Tavern pub in the 1950's, he took over from L Marshall(1940's) My relations J.Watson had the pub from 1908 to the 1940's.
Patricia Spink
Posted by debs at 03/07/2008 14:22
just wanted people to keep visiting the verm,debbie and dean are great,my partner sean use to live in old goole and when we come up they make us all feel welcome
Posted by pedro at 05/07/2008 22:49
Railway tavern yes the older people of Goole even in the 50s referred to it as Jackie Watsons. It was great little pub I'm sure would still be open today but for fire regulations the large concert room opened into a small garden which required an exit into Stanhope St to conform with safety but I'm led to believe the garage owners at the rear refused this and consequently it had to close. Charlie was foreman joiner at Goole Shipyard and had the Goole working mans club Crecent in Victoria St prior to taking the Tavern. His wife Mary still around in her 90th year.
Posted by Hamish at 13/07/2008 02:04
I am perplexed that not more is mentioned about "Melodies". It was the first pub (in Goole) I was ever in, on joining my first ship in 1949, and every time I was in the place thereafter, it seemed to be a going concern, always full, lots of singing etc, and good beer. (lots of girls) At that time (1949) it was no longer owned by Melodie, but Hughey Waters (Walters) was not owner either, (can't recall who they were, owners that is).

I was in Goole in 2004, and took a nostalgic trip up Bridge Street and had a pint in the Vermuyden. The landlady there told me that the old Melodies had been boarded up for a while for what reason she did not know, but also informed me that her pub had just reopened, after being closed for a while, (economics I guess). I suppose it has all been laid low by now, and the way shipping is going I don't think it will be the last, too bad end of an era!!
Posted by matty at 14/07/2008 21:54
best pub iv been in 4 ages fst n last on docks in old goole use to be mariners arms great fun loads going on great garden landlord tells some awful jokes cnt av it all!
Posted by neil storr at 31/07/2008 21:39
geoff depledge
ref albert storr/ada they where my grandparents, as a lad in my early years i used to go to the crown inn with my father trevor, cannot remember my grand dad, died when i was very young. my uncle norm died in 1976.
Posted by geoff deledge at 01/08/2008 18:17
Neil its great to hear from you please e-mail me with your address we can exchange loads of info. My mum Enid (Albert's sister) is still alive she will be 90 this year. My e-mail address is
Posted by jimbo at 15/08/2008 22:24
Hearing a lot about the historic building Lowther Hotel prev Banks Hotel any info on who actually built it
Posted by john howard at 30/08/2008 02:29
night out in goole thirty yrs ago start old goole club then marshland then new bridge then vermuyden half pist now across to cape good hope see chris bless him now deceased good landlord then to dock tavern and bottom house just thrown up feel bit better down to royal to macintosh throw up again down to george then to north eastern reaally pissed now across to station hotel sorry too pissed start scrappin if u can lift ur arms locked up or crawl home to old goole memories it was a cracking place in the 70s
Posted by john howard at 30/08/2008 02:34
enid alberts sister wat is second name did u live moorland road
Posted by Chris at 14/09/2008 20:24
Hello, can anyone help....

I notice that a couple of posters have refered to The Black Lion in Snaith. ( In particular a post by 'Geoff')

I am looking for any old pictures of the pub, or its past landlords & ladies to display in the pub itself, as it has just changed hands and is undergoing a refit soon.

I can be contacted via email

Posted by geoff deledge at 14/09/2008 21:41
For John Howard
Enid(Albert's sister) was a Storr before marrying my father Sid Depledge. She lived in Marshfield Road
Posted by Mark Hulse at 24/09/2008 12:31
Does anyone have info regarding the demolition of the new bridge hotel on swinefleet road old goole,it was my home for many years and was knocked down in september 08,i have many fond memories of growing up in goole and visit whenever iam in uk
Posted by john howard at 28/09/2008 08:37
cheers geoff ref enid she was my aunt she also lived in moorland rd late 60s early 70s im looking for any photos of my dad albert howard nickname yarbo also of my mam may howard if anyone can help please
Posted by john howard at 28/09/2008 08:46
mark hulse dont have any info on new bridge pub but sorry to hear its been demolished i used to use it regular late 70s and eighties was a great pub too always in bar on a weekend and lounge then to verm and cape and middle then to weatsheaf and meoldies an town wat nights they were from yarbo howard
Posted by JAYNE at 28/09/2008 22:57
Can anyone help im looking for old photos or any history of the bottomhouse in old goole now called the f'st n last
also any memories or pics of CBK constuction that used to be down bridge street
Posted by Hamish at 30/09/2008 23:54
Bingo! John at least I have found someone besides Pedro and Billy Guy who remember Melodies
Posted by allan battes at 21/11/2008 17:47
I remember goole as a good place back in the sixties, The dock tavern,was one of my favourite pubs,was on goole poole for a time, sailed on a few stephenson clarks ships
Posted by Bob Calder at 26/11/2008 19:52
Dock Tavern aka Middle House, haunt of the "Dock Fairies" in the 1960's!!!
Posted by anne maria h at 27/11/2008 16:39
the ferryboat,boothferry bridge howden.I have worked at the ferryboat over the last 5 years.The food on offer is all cooked from fresh and is on a parr with any 4 star restaurant in all yorkshire.The menus are varied and pies a speciality.Fish is delivered twice weekly and you can get any meal cooked you like if you give notice.Parties,weddings and funerals are all catered for and the accolades we receive are testimony to the effort put in.Artists regularily sing there and discos are often held.I thought I would put something in about the ferryboat because your description under pubs in the goole area was not very accurate,or at least not very complimentary.put that in your pipe and smoke it.
Posted by Hamish at 04/12/2008 00:25
Good on yer' Anne, nothing like a plug for the old home port! And I bet the gravy is very tender too!!
Posted by Corby Bunting at 08/02/2009 21:24
Heres a rare one for your pub collection. In the 1871 census My GGGrandfather John Singleton Cook retired Mariner ran a pub in George St. Old Goole called "The Hope"
Posted by corby bunting at 09/02/2009 13:41
Many years ago .When I was old enough to know better 5 friends and I one Christmas Eve set off on a challenge. Which was to have a pint in every pub in Goole(24 of them at the time) The best pint in town was Bass best mild in the Lowther, which was a good liner for what was ahead. How far we managed we never knew. However someone took me home and left me inthe outside loo bloto. Lucky for me our neighbour in Malvern, visiting for a drink almost sat on me.Her screams woke me up and I believe possibly saved my life
Posted by deano at 10/02/2009 19:46
i think the best place for a party is the venue(ex brassa)been to a couple there recently ,dj was very good and the staff treated every body with courtesy and proffesionalism.the nightclub vision also gets my thumbs up again the dj was awesome ,easily the best in goole.
Posted by Hamish at 11/02/2009 01:04
Corby, I have a similar story,three of us were well into our cups in Melodies one "market day" and in our infinite bleary wisdom decided to change venues and visit Charlie in the "Railway" on mainstreet,well in those days there was a "bank' of public toilets on bridge street whose doors opened right onto the pavement, and one of the crowd ( whose name shall remain undisclosed)decided to stop for the call of nature, well the two of us carried on to "Charlies" had another couple(which we in no way required)and because our buddy had not shown up decided to retrace our steps and look for him, well on getting to the "loos" here he was sitting there fast asleep pants around his ankles and the door wide open with all the passing traffic(bikes)of Bridge street having a good laugh
Posted by Corby Bunting at 12/02/2009 12:17
Hamish At least there were Public Toilets around in those days.I dont't know if its my age but I can never seem to find one when visiting towns and cities nowadays. I notice you are a Leeds man.I remember in the 50's we all went to Neville Reads Tailors in Leeds to buy our Barathea Drape suits. Then after a few pints go to the Mecca Locarno where Jimmy Saville was a bouncer on the door. Happy days
Posted by Hamish Mackintosh at 13/02/2009 17:05
Corby, I remember Neville Reads very well, but also the 50 shilling tailor, and Jackson"The" tailor is where I had all my suits made. The Mecca was in its hayday in the fifties and Sixties but sadly just a memory now, a great place to find a girlfreind
Posted by KEN WILLIAMS EX EVERARDS ADAPITY at 02/03/2009 09:25
We often came into Goole for coal and our first pub was just outside the top coal berth. In the evening we went to a cafe, I believe was called the Copper Kettle, then with the girls we would go to the MELODIES. I got a local lad by the name of JOHNY MAPPLEBECK. That was back in 1954/5. If any one remembers me please send me your email and I would like to keep in touch. My best girl worked in a food shop along the main street
Posted by KEN WILLIAMS EX EVERARDS at 04/03/2009 08:51
I forgot to put my e mail in it is I HAVE LIVED in NEW ZEALAND For 43 years but i still think GOOLE WAS ONE OF THE BEST PORTS IN THE UK the girl that i was talking about her name was AUDREY FROME my membery.JOHNY MAPLEBECK was our galley boy on the adapity .the last time I spoke to JOHN was when I was in the UK IN 1986.PLEASE If any body can get in contack with Jonh please pass my Email on to him .
Posted by Hamish at 12/07/2009 02:18
By the lack of posts on this site it looks like the "Goolies" have all become "Tea Total' which I can't imagine could EVER happen?
Posted by The Hair Brained Scheme at 22/07/2009 13:44
Posted by Diana Potter (nee Deighton) at 24/07/2009 06:03
I remember going to the blackmiths arms in the late sixties early seventies and having a great time at the friday night discos.
My friend maureen (nee macmaster) married the publican's son. I left Goole in 1972 and emigrated to Australia. I've never been back. I also remember twins RODNEY & DEREK NORRIS whom I went to school with. Great times great memories.
Posted by Steve at 23/08/2009 10:38
Would people from Goole please STOP. It's really painful listening to you all. You all say it, every person I've met after living here for years.

Goole is not rough, not tough, not hard, not a drug haven - Goole is the same size as a gnat's testes. It's one of the smallest towns I've seen. That's why you always get done over when a couple of scousers come up and take over the drug trade with ease.

Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, London, Middlesborough, Nottingham e.t.c. - these are places to fear. Council estates in places like these are larger than Goole.

The fact that you all take pride in saying how rough Goole is sickening and Karma really exists in the way that this town has been f**ked over and lost it's businesses. Poor town that tries to be something it's not.

STOP chatting s**t, sort it out. Not hard, not rough. The fact that solid is widespread shows how childlike the town is - go to Nottingham, even the kids smoke green, you can't buy solid anywhere.

Yes it's a s**thole, but that's because of everything I've mentioned. If Goole had any potential then someone would've renovated the town. Also I've noticed that the average IQ in Goole is quite low, I haven't really found anyone to converse with, just dim, dumb conversation.

Grow up, get educated or get out.

I'm going soon after this highly unpleasurable stay has earned me my promotion.
Posted by Graham at 04/09/2009 14:15
Well I think Goole will be a more pleasant place without a moronic, foolish, insensitive idiot such as you pal. So the quicker you get promoted and sling yer hook , the better !!
Posted by Ian Grant at 07/10/2009 13:30
allway,s enjoyed full board days , no fun nowaday,s
Posted by Hamish at 18/10/2009 02:14
Full board days,in my day it was known as "market day"has it been stopped??
Posted by Sean Lilley at 22/10/2009 11:08
Born and bred, the town is part of me..the only downfall was Wesley Square taking the Fare's spot!!! You cant compare the new car park spot to the former glory that was the waste ground just after Alexander school was razed....i mean bungee jumping from where Argos is now. You just dont get that anymore!!
Posted by Hamish at 24/12/2009 19:08
Just as a matter of interest ,which is the favorite ale house for Goolies at lunch time Christmas Day?I remember years ago a very pleasant session in Charlies "Railway"on main street, long gone now tho
Posted by Ian grant at 26/01/2010 12:03
The Buchanan on wetheral st. has and still is the favourite place to be on xmas day, for me and my family. best pint of tetleys in and around Goole.
Posted by Gazza at 29/01/2010 14:35
I really think this list and descriptions need updating, half the places are long gone and the ones that are left are definatly in the wrong order Macintosh is crap, Old George is boring and full of kids, North Eastern is pretty much always empty, The Royal is the best place in goole to finish a night in unless your forign then go to vision, Vikings is way over-priced (Food and drink), I havent been in Woodlands since its been redone so cant comment yet, Victoria hotel is for a quite drink, The peacock hasn't been any good since Vic left it but not sure now its re-opened again, Middlehouse has never been a great place in my book but its not really that bad, Blacksmiths was good for food but not anymore, Ferryboat has always been a load of crap, Hartleys was good at first but now only if you speak polish latvian russian etc etc, Jailhouse is ok for a while except for rawcus which is aload of BS, Oasis is quite good if your into a bunch of idiots thinking there hard on a fair-ground punch bag (childish), Lounge is abit small but not bad for a quite drink, Conserative club is crap boring and not a favorite of mine, Cresent Club is a good place cheap drinks and a good pint, Nur aint a favourite of mine but is a good pint, vic on carter street is crap bring and need to serve pints with a flake or spoon, Bottomhouse is an ok place for a few beers and sometimes a kareoke, vermuyden is a good pint and a friendly place to go for a few early in the night, and last for the same reason is weatherspoons cos its absolute crap if you like over crowded places serving crap watered down drink with no music this is the place for you, hope this helps people make up thier mind about the pubs in goole and is a good guide to night out.
Posted by Rob S. at 07/02/2010 14:38
If you like good food be a little wary of the Blacksmith's Arms in Hook. On the surface it seems great but they ruin a Sunday lunch with gravy made from all the meat juices. When we visited they must have slaughtered a whole flock of lambs as the gravy tasted disgusting and there was no apology or positive gesture from the staff. If you are a real foodie and/or hate lamb, avoid this pub which in any case has all the atmosphere of doctor's waiting room.
Posted by Pauline Bolton (Reeves) at 07/03/2010 20:43
Reading these posts bring back loads of memories. I left Goole in 1974, but remember going to the mac 5 nights a week in the early 70s. We used to spend a fortune in the jukebox playing maggie may over and over. Also going to the Blacksmiths on a Sunday night. I worked in the Buchanan in 1973. I can also remember going to the vikings on a Saturday night, they had some good bands on in them days, glitterband, detroit emeralds + loads more. My memories of Goole are good one's.
Posted by Paul Rusling at 30/03/2010 19:26
I was a DJ back in the 70s, doing big Mecca ballrooms, and small clubs as well as radio (Caroline, for you landlubbers and boaties). One gig i did every few months was the Viking, then pretty new. I was always impressed that the locals knew their music and were into the latest soul and Motown, though the girls needed the glam-pop stuff to get up and dance, while the guys would stand by the bar until about 11;30, and then make a mad rush to have a last dance with (and cop off with) one of the girls. I always found Goole a friendly place, only saw one fight at the Viking. And I used to walk to the station with two boxes of records and get the last train back to Hull about 1 am.
Must go and have another look. A fairer list of the poubs would be helpful though.
Posted by Kathryn at 15/05/2010 23:26
Message for Diana Potter (Deighton)
My Grandfather Jack Deighton born in 1888 lived in Newport Street in Goole, his younger half brother was called Jimmy. I think we might be related.
Posted by anne tomkins at 04/06/2010 07:06
i lived in the bottom house for a few years leaving in 1987 and then lived wroots ave, married jim tomkins, you drinkers will know him im sure after jim died in1999 i left goole but still miss it and enjoy coming back occasionlly was in bottom house 3 yrs ago and had great night look forward to my next visit hope someone remembers us
Posted by Nick Bream at 08/07/2010 01:53
Who could ever forget, indeed, who will always remember, dear Walter Graham Pilch (Wally) from the seventies and beyond. What a lovely guy and such a character. Sadly, not with us now.
Posted by Eli at 09/07/2010 02:23
I seem to remember, in the second half of the seventies...the Station Hotel was one of the places to wind up your efforts on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. The beer on offer was not to eveyone's liking and we all took to drinking bottles of strong "Special Brew" lager. Every window sill was three deep in empty bottles and all the tables were also full. Within days the brewery got the message and that particular brand of lager became available on draught.

Never one to shirk a challenge, the North Eastern over the road enticed us to stay a bit longer by dishing up a draught cider which we nicknamed "Loopy juice".

Long gone are those youthful days. Blimey, what a time it was. If you were there, you know. The jukebox blasting away in the corner of a jam-packed pub, dominoes clicking, the air blue with cigar smoke and blokes nipping out to the bookies..

What have the Romans ever done for us?
Posted by james at 15/07/2010 19:55
The trouble with goole is people try and make it a better place and everyone just ruins it. The Goods office is a cracking venue where i held my christening and yet no one seems to appreciate it we need more places like this!!!
Posted by theoffshorefoot at 16/07/2010 20:14
I lived in goole for 3 yrs whilst Drax B was being built and i found the town and pubs great, i also worked as a doorman at room at the top (toppers), i remember working with a guy called Paddy Varley a big amiable guy. I also enjoyed drinking at Ivys bar down at the docks, a great wee bar with no frills but loads of charisma. I remember the day i left Goole i had been drinking in Ivys and the furniture van picked me up outside her bar, i rolled my motor bike up into the van, said my farewells and set off for scotland, 10 mins later i realised i had left my new crash helmet in the bar , so we turned round to get it only to find IVY had filled it with soil planted a flowering plant in it and hung it up over the bar...... oh happy days.
Posted by Beasley Street at 25/07/2010 02:35
Early 70's. Just off Bridge Street. Anyone remember how good the Wheatsheaf was when George and Doreen had it?

Andy took over and kept it going too!

Dockers coming in after their shift and drinking the barrels dry, as was the style, at the time...

Smaje's betting shop next door. Lost and won small amounts many a Saturday afternoon (discreet lock-ins).

I remember the 73 cup final. Leeds v Sunderland. Flippin' eck, it had to be a lock-in, it kicked off at three...

A verbal wager was thrown across the bar between Stan and Chummy. Chummy gladly accepted the ball of a screwed-up fiver which Stan chucked at him when Sunderland scored.

You couldn't make it up....

Posted by Geoff Cowling at 04/08/2010 23:29
Paul Rustling. I remember you as Paul Alexandra on Caroline. I used to work in Hull at Telebank Hessle Road. I think you new Steve Anderson from Goole also.
Posted by Patsy Gill (Barry) at 24/08/2010 19:56
Just seen the refurbished Lowther Hotel on the TV. It looks very impressive. Many of the old features have been restored. My father went every night throughout the 1950s and well into the 1960s. A Mrs Hall and her daughter Nan ran the Lowther. My Dad was a keen billiard player and I believe played for the Lowther team. Going to visit it soon.
Posted by Keith & Vin at 24/08/2010 22:37
In the 12 months since we took over Woodlands, we've made some improvements although still a long way to go. The kitchen is new and serves the best food in town (and probably the cheapest too!).
We're one of the busiest pubs in town and yet you can have good night out with a guarantee that there won't be any trouble. During world cup, we may have had a few tears but not a cross word was heard amongst our clientele.
This site certainly needs updating. Whilst locals know the area well, strangers from out of town could take the comments literally and who would want to visit Goole after reading the negativity on this site?
Posted by technobrit at 19/10/2010 16:29
My brother remembers visiting Goole in the late 1950's (our Mam being a Goole lass) and seeing a pub where the parents would go in, it had a cannon on a ledge over the door.

I have seen oblique references herein to a cannon (by Pedro and Hamish) and am wondering if anybody can throw any light on the said Establishment.

Many thanks,
Posted by technobrit at 19/10/2010 19:44
Dear Webmaster,

Many thanks for such a prompt response!
Not to mention the excellent link, which has answered my question !

You have a really great website !

Best regards from France,
Posted by Hamish at 20/10/2010 23:10
Ahoy Technobrit, the "Cannon"Pedro and I refer to from time to time is an old shipmate of ours ,who seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth,hard to keep track of these Goolies at times, regards H
Posted by technobrit at 22/10/2010 13:57
Cheers, Pedro !

Thanks for the explanation
(hope I did not drag you into any "missing gun" stories !)
Best regards, tb
Posted by mike at 26/10/2010 14:44
hello people :)

i have been looking at moving to goole but we are a bit worried about how safe it is with its supposed drug problems etc

anyone able to give me a better idea of what goole is really like ?
Posted by pete at 09/12/2010 05:59
GOOLE is no worst than any other town or city i grew up in goole and yes it has changed many times over the years but not all for the bad drug problems are universal fighting again universal i now live in london and all these problems are surrounding me here and i don't live in the sticks of london i'm in the heart of it in westminster,believe me i come back to goole many times a year and go drinking in town most nights and in all the years i can honestly say i have never had any worries yes you get the odd couple having a heated chat but it soon ends in peace most people are friendly and would welcome you just don't expect paradise because that you won't find..
Posted by joanne at 04/02/2011 09:39
Does anyone remember Goole being on the front of News of the World in about 1998, about a boy of 8 being on drugs in Goole.
Posted by Hamish at 04/03/2011 04:19
Greetings Dave! Sorry I can't help in the evaluation of the new modern day Goole as my first sight of the place was in 1949 and way back then the "Goolies" had not been "long out of the trees." They had aquired the habit of wearing wellies tho , and also mastered the ability to ride a bike, in fact Goole in those days was just a mass of cyclist, and a pedestrian took ones life in ones hands just to try and cross the road. As far as drugs went back then, the only drug rally was on "full board day"the day the pubs never closed, where it was a prerequisite to be able to remain upright untill around four pm, and it happened once a week Thursday if memory serves me right, and you can imagine the danger of a "Half" drunk sailor trying to cross Bridge Street at around five pm(rush hour back then)to get back to his ship, not that the sailor was in any danger (Drunken mans St Christopher looked after him)but to the bikalists, a pile up of around thirty four, broken chains ,bent wheels, skinned shins etc, you get the picture. But I digress the only drugs back then in Goole ,were a Good pint of ale, and the pretty girls. And the only way us sailors "got our own back" on the hoards of bikes was dependent on the tide times, nothing I enjoyed more than was to be aboard ship making its way out of West Dock(?)across Bridge Street at five pm when the bridge would be swung open ,and put a stop to the masses all rushing home to get their "Tea" .But that is all back in History nothing to do with modern day Goole
Posted by roger sodem at 07/06/2011 18:16
Since my involvement with people of Goole, I found Goole as a nice and easy going. The surrounding areas offer better prospects for family and accessibility
Posted by Laura at 23/06/2011 16:39
I like the general premise of this site, but i'm irritated by the outdated information on the pub and entertainment guide.
clearly the site has not been updated in many years and i feel this is unfair to the establishments you mention.

None of the pubs are the same anymore, many have improved beyond imagining, for example, The Lowther is now a beautiful building housing a superb restaurant, hotel rooms and cocktail bar. The Royal hotel has finally shed it's 'kids club' label and become a friendly, welcoming pub with a thriving karaoke night and a loyal selection of regular customers.
Hartleys is now Vision and the Arcadia club (Brasser) is now a nightclub, aptly named After Midnight. The Oasis (formerly Dockers) and After midnight are where the rough, underage and generally unseemly congregate, much to the owners dismay.
The North Eastern Hotel under went a substantial renovation 18 months ago and now has bed and breakfast rooms, a restaurant and a busy bar.
All the rest of the pubs are doing everything they can to change the way people view drinking in Goole, everyone is striving to make it a welcoming place to have a night out.

Your restuarant guide seems a little thin and while i understand that this site is one persons point of view on all things Goole, would it not be beneficial to list a range of new and refurbished restaurants on here?

Goole is slowly re-inventing itself, slowly of course because nobody does anything at speed around here, bless them.

Though it may not seem it from my lengthy comment i do understand the humour of the site and i have enjoyed reading through the different areas.
But please please please update your information and maybe include some positive comments, because this site pops up in the top of the list when you Google Goole. I really wouldnt want potential visitors taking one look at your site and deciding that Goole is the last place on earth they would want to visit.
Give us of Goole's entertainment industry (what there is of it) a hand and praise us, we're doing the best we can, and you clearly know what we're up against!
Posted by george duff at 30/06/2011 14:20
use to sail there often in early 80s with fishers kingsnorth fisher seemed ok same time were building wm low supermarket never had any problems town just same any other probally few crackheads but sign of the times all over the country even my town in south west scotland
Posted by Adam whitaker at 30/07/2011 10:49
The trouble with Goole is that people don't realise what they have until it's gone. New businesses open in the town trying to bring Goole up to date and no one even try's them they are too stuck in there ways which is a shame because Goole will never change it will always be 5 years behind.
Posted by Šķila at 20/09/2011 14:21
I really enjoy coming to visit my wifes family and friends in Goole. Lots of drinking to be had at good prices. It doesn't matter where you are from, i find everyone is hospitable and there is a good atmosphere in all the drinking establishments of Goole.

Posted by Nic at 25/01/2012 09:14
Does anyone normal have an accurate up to date list of where to go for a decent drink without getting into a fight or to be surrounded by kids/foriegners? I have been here 18 months and have yet to venture anywhere but the vikings because I don't know where to go for a decent drink with him indoors? not been from Goole the impression you do get is rough, whether thats a true representation or not I don't know and cant comment but it would help if this was up to date so that people who have moved here and do work and therefore paying into the economy and spending money in the local businesses know where to go - surely this is beneficial to all of us who live here.

You get small minded imboseals where ever you live each town has them and also a number of forigners but that doesn't mean you have to live up to the reputation of been a rubbish town - some positivity and new vibes are whats needed on this site and also maybe put the newest comments at the top because by the time you get to the bottom of this list you've lost the will to live and all your fears have been confirmed which I'm guessing is not a true reflection of how Goole is today. I go into "town" occasionally to do some shopping and it is quite intimidating the number of foriegners hanging around which is why we think twice before heading out at night... this isn't the way people should live....

so any help on where is nice to go for drinks and food or information on how taxi's work around here would be appreciated..

spread the love, feel the positivity and have happy vibes!!
Posted by dawnyo at 05/02/2012 23:25
hi can any body tell me if the photo above of the pub that has since been demolished is melodys if not can any one tell me where i could find one my great uncle was landlord from 1908 till 1928 then it was known as scrutons thank you if any one can help
Posted by DAVID OWENS at 06/02/2012 18:45
has eny body eny imfo on three of my old mates from goole.

i only know there nicknames DOGGY. FISHY. AND WORM.
Posted by Shaz at 12/02/2012 07:31
do comments ever get approved on this substandard site????
Posted by Danny Johnson at 05/03/2012 16:40
When was the room at the top open dates please.
Posted by sue fielder [powles] at 22/03/2012 22:10
hen nights VIKINGS 60s get those handbags in the middle
Posted by Stu at 22/06/2012 10:36
Nice racist post from Nic can you expect anything less from some people from this town.

How did her post get through the moderators?
Posted by Stef at 05/08/2012 18:25
I moved from Goole a few years ago and god I miss it, saying that moving back does not appeal to me as it really has become over run with forigners...
Most of the pubs in town nic are worth a visit, have you tried wetherspoons? My personal favorite place to spend my time is the Macintosh Arms, real ales, live bands and the friendliest regulars on the planet.. A night out is what you make it. Only place i wouldn't go now is hartleys as that is where the european revelars seem to like to go. As for taxis its usually best to book.. :)
Posted by Bill at 12/08/2012 13:32
O.K Stu,I'm gonna stick my neck out here. I don't know Nic, so I don't know if she is racist or not. Just for the record my politics have always been left wing/liberal and I now live happily in a multi racial big city. My point is that when a small town like Goole suddenly becomes home to a disproportionate number of foreign people, I'm guessing integration is not easy and even the most tolerant of people could feel overwhelmed, discomforted and intimidated. Doesn't necessarily make them racist.
Posted by Stu at 13/08/2012 10:58
Goole is the same as it always was, rough in parts it is not because of the Eastern Europeans that the bother has started. Aire Street used to be a no go area if you was over 21 because of male youths wanting to fight anybody.

We have at either side of us on Dunhill Road a house full of Eastern Europeans and on the other side a house full of English lads, each warm saturday night each put their music on full blast, guess which lot turn their music down at 11pm on the dot .... guessed wrong .... it is the Eastern Europeans the English lads keep theirs going at the same pre 11pm levels until the early hours, the police continue to be called but they continue to do it BLAMING the Eastern Europeans for having their music loud.

What I am trying to say is that the Goole locals are no better then the Europeans in Goole. If you don't like what Goole has become please pack your bags and move on.
Posted by Bill at 16/08/2012 20:01
That's OK. I wasn't suggesting that Goole locals were any better than the immigrants. Inconsideration of other people is one of the worst crimes in my book regardless of the origins of the perpetrators. I'm sorry you have such bad neighbours.
Posted by tony at 16/08/2012 20:24
There is a photo of The Peacock East Parade with bad damage. When and why please? Is it still there? Google shows boarded up

Many thanks
Posted by Tom Hardman at 25/08/2012 22:23
To Technobright The Cannon over the Hotel entrance was the Lowther Hotgel at the end of Bridge |Street I believe the cannon was stolen some years ago. The street had many pubs in it including the Macintosh arms my dads local.
Posted by James Calvert (Jim) at 12/09/2012 20:47
I used the Buchanan a lot as a teenager 1972 +, when sid was the landlord. It was a good starting off point, meeting my cousin & good mates, before going to discos mainly at scarborough, also york, doncaster etc. Always remember a good atmosphere with the jukebox blasting out & us having fun.
There was the odd fight, but that's life.
I moved to scarborough 1974, so my visits got less frequent;
especially from 1978.
Posted by Keith at 13/09/2012 10:13
Tom, the Lowther Hotel is on Aire Street not Bridge Street
Posted by Graham at 15/09/2012 23:28
What is happening in Goole? The Vikings is boarded up and the front of the Grammar School looks like the local speedway riders have been practising on it. Get things sorted please; the Vikings has been a local meeting place since the 1970s and GGS is worthy of better and the flower beds must be reinstated to their former glory. I am disappointed having just been back to visit and seen these terrible eyesores, as well as picking up a 25 quid parking fine for not buying a ticket near the market place, ah well you live and learn eh!!
Posted by GPM at 11/10/2012 22:24
I have lived in and worked in a lot of towns and cities in the Pub trade over a good number of years. Two of those pubs being in Goole, The Peacock and The Steam Packet back in about 1998 - 2001. So nobody can tell me any better than what I know, Goole has its fighters and you will find 99% of the time it is caused and fueled by drink, just like it is anywhere else. Goole is when you take the time and trouble to get to know it and its residents is full of great folk and characters.
I have seen and lived and been and still are great friends with quite a few of them (they know who they are). Goole let me tell you is no better or worse than most places in England and I have been, lived and worked in some right shit oles. Not been for a while (by the way I am a Wakefield lad) and have been invited back for a drink and its long over due. Thanks for the good time,s (great times) Hoggy & Helen, Stoth, Polly, OJ, Brush, Dave Franks, Trace, Diane, Dion, Polly & Katie, Webbo & Trisha, Bobbie, Bert, well I could go on and on.
Posted by Tom at 16/01/2013 13:45
The Vikings (or just the Viking, as it's now called) has been completely refitted now by pub chain "the hungry horse". I didn't even recognise it when I went in, the whole pub has been gutted, shame that they've removed of the large function room.

It's been busy every time I pop by, drinks are fairly cheap and plenty of space to sit. Very glad they got rid of the garden ornament and the burberry curtains!
Posted by Jim Calvert at 24/04/2013 18:44
Goole has always struggled for nightclubs. In the early 70's we had to travel to hull, doncaster,wakefield,york for discos though mainly to scarborough, as I had a relative there where we could spend most weekends. So it was fri/sat/sun nights at scarborough with choice of several discos. A great time.
Posted by Dave Greenfield at 14/07/2013 19:08
Not lived in Goole for 30yrs but The Railway Tavern comes to mind .Was it Thursday nights in the back room when the groups were on & at the end of the night Charlie used to walk in & stick 5 fingers up for em to cease playing in 5 mins time am I right?
Posted by anna j dixon at 26/07/2013 00:06
Hello Does Any one remember me doing Discos In The New Bridge they were great nights and alway full. and lots of fun . I have been DJ-ing around goole since 1973. when I started at the Dock Taven in The dark room as it was called back then late nights as usual and fights broke out and someone ended up though a widow then the cops turned up to sort this all out . I played LP's and hiding behind my decks . the first light I ever had were mini head lamps four of them sprayed red green blue and yellow and all liked up to a EX-Amy battery and charger 12volt out put . to make them flash I used car flasher units you could just hear them licking on and off over the music but it all worked and looked good
Posted by KEN WILLIAMS at 23/11/2013 22:00
Hi i am now liveing back in the U.K. and would like to get back in touch with JANE BUNT .JHON MAPELBECKS daouhter .i lost contack with her when our computor went bung .I belive her husband runs a tyre shop also jhons brother roy he lives in the LONDON area. would you pass this e.mail on please I now live in daventry northants. thanks KEN WILLIAMS
Posted by Andrew Rodger at 02/12/2013 23:02
Hello from France,

How people change, and me more than most......

Andy Rodgers, the 'child' from 2005, is now Andrew Rodger. From naive young soul to a confident 30 something, my only worries now are the aging process and the current state of prime time television.

Growing up in Goole was interesting and invaluable. I won't forget the difficulties, trials, tribulations, and confrontations of my youth in a hurry, but it was a learning process for me.

I'm looking forward to spending Christmas in Goole 2013, though I will miss the quality (and cheap) French wine. Pint of lager it is then!

Au revoir,
Posted by Keith at 04/03/2014 13:27
Was the ' Ferry Boat Inn ' first called the 'Riverside' can anyone remember?
Posted by Tony Clyne at 08/03/2014 11:25
KEITH, Ferryboat was formerly Riverside but Riverside Cafe believe it only became Ferryboat when it changed hands and was tuned into a pub
Posted by Ted Marston at 10/05/2014 16:36
I was a Bobby on the beat in Goole 1959 to 1961, Great place to work the beat.
Posted by Tony Clyne at 14/05/2014 12:09
Do I hear the strains of Johnny Mathis or could it have been Emile Ford. Can you work that out? lol T.C.
Posted by Anon Old Codger 70 Plus at 25/09/2014 11:03
Ted Marston re late 50s and early 60s policing at Goole Cop/shop
My brotherinlaw was on the beat at Goole,I wonder
If you can remember him his name is Bob Brooks,
He moved on to Doncaster aria and then on to
Castleford and retired there as Detective sargent
And still lives at Casleford.
Anon Old Codger 70 Plus.
Posted by Bill at 01/10/2014 15:55
The earlier mention of night clubs in Scarborough reminded me of one of the additives that used to heighten our pleasure. In 1968 when California was discovering LSD we discovered a cheaper and legal psychodelic substance. It was a cough mixture called Dymaril (?) - half a bottle of which produces the most agreeable hallucinogenic effects. It became so popular amongst us youngsters working there for the summer that I believe the local chemists completely sold out. Obviously haven't touched a drop since.
Posted by Freda Elizabeth Wheldrake at 22/11/2014 11:48
My cousin, Jean Rudge and I had a superb lunch at The Lowther Hotel in October. I could recommend it to anyone wanting top quality at a very reasonable price.
We were also shown the very old murals which have been found upstairs and are a distinctive bit of local history.

Freda Elizabeth Wheldrake
Posted by Freda Elizabeth Wheldrake at 22/11/2014 12:02
My Cousin's family, The Rudges treated me to dinner at The Percy Arms- Haddock- the very best- and large Yorkshire serves!

It is the place for a special occasion and you can go dressy or casual and still feel at home.

The menu is extensive and you can see it on the net.
Posted by Peter Dunn at 02/12/2014 15:04
Hi hope it ok to do this on this site we had the station hotel in goole in the seventy , I am looking for a guy called Trevor Milner he was well known in the town but I have lost contact with him and would love to get back in touch with him if any one as any info I would be great full .
Posted by Keith at 29/12/2016 16:39
Yes I knew Trevor and his dad,but I have not seen or heard of him for years although I think he left Goole.
Posted by kirky at 30/12/2016 03:12
peter dunn trevor millner is in Facebook under his name
Posted by Bill at 11/10/2017 17:39
My dad was a regular in the Conservative Club (Carlisle Street) in the 60's and 70's, where he enjoyed good company and a game of dominoes. I seem to recall that the down stairs bar was off limits for women but they may have been allowed upstairs? I wondered if anyone knows how long this 'men only' rule persisted. Or maybe it still does.
Posted by Bill at 30/10/2019 23:59
Anyone remember the 'cocktail bar' which was on the top floor of the former Station Hotel in the mid sixties? Surprisingly there was a complete absence of cocktail drinkers - but the bar was always staffed. Because of it's discrete location it was the ideal venue for underage drinkers such as myself and my mates,( they served Double Diamond beer as well) as cocktails!). The Sydney Hotel bar was also quite accommodating to underage drinkers, we used to pop across from the Parish Youth Club for a pint- mind you the clientele was a bit dodgy.

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