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Goole Entertainment Memories

This page was for an exhibition at Goole Museum in 2007. To contribute to the next exhibition, please use the Goole Charter link on the left-hand side.

Can you help contribute to an exhibition on entertainment in Goole? The exhibition covers areas such as Goole's theatres and productions, cinemas, fairs and also musical entertainment in Goole. We need your memories, via this website, or in person, via museum volunteers, to help decide what to include in the exhibition.

The old Carlton Cinema The old Theatre Royal in Adam Street The bandstand in West Park

Did you watch a film at the Cosy Carlton, the Tower or the Cinema Palace? Do you remember watching a turn at the Theatre Royal, the Palace of Varieties or the Coliseum? Did you attend gigs at the Alex, Steam Packet, upstairs at the Lowther, downstairs at the George? How about the Whitsuntide parades, circuses at South Park or Tuby's funfair? Or did you just hang out at the Carlisle Street coffee bar?

Visitor Comments

Posted by roy at 16/04/2012 19:09
paradice club 1969 fell inlove on apostage size dancefloor
Posted by sue fielder[ powles at 06/05/2012 19:42
all the great chit chat from above takes me way back
Posted by keith at 14/05/2012 19:51
The Monday night Christies dances at the Baths Hall , were the highlight of the week . Fantastic vocals from the likes of Mike Sagar, ....... Brown ,can anyone remember any more.
Posted by broadway at 19/05/2012 14:28
anybody ever go onto the Riverside coffee bar, the back room full of smoke, great juke box, and fantastic crowd of folks, oxo a taner a cup,
Posted by Bill at 20/05/2012 15:23
Broadway, yes I was there, here is the comment I posted sometime ago.....'In the early sixties I used to hang out in the back room of that Greek owned snack bar in Boothferry Road. It was at times decidely seedy, I remember food stuck to the ceiling and some minor sexual misdemeanours!'
Posted by sue fielder at 21/05/2012 21:18
coffee bar scruffy backroom banging jukebox 5plays a bob.
Posted by s pow at 21/05/2012 21:31
wooly bully sam the sham belting out fab times.
Posted by broadway at 03/07/2012 20:14
yep the riverside was a great, spot, thur, fri and all day sat, were great, lots of good folks, Miler, Tina, Sue, Cathy, Big Berto Bren, Dave, andf the girls from burton's
fantastic J'box, with great music....happy days
Posted by norma at 10/07/2012 18:59
is there any one out there remember the ymca 1965 1966.great days.
Posted by burlington su at 15/07/2012 20:27
ymca ;table tennis upstairs mini coffee bar groundfloor
Posted by Bill at 16/07/2012 01:14
YMCA in the 60's, bad memory. May the guy who punched me in the face rot in hell.
Posted by burl su at 20/07/2012 18:39
i agree bill CLICKY members if your face didnot fit oooer.
Posted by eddie audas at 28/07/2012 21:54
How about the yo-yo, sausages and the rest served in the ymca. anyone like to comment on queens ave with the bonfire almost over the gas pipe every year. or maybe toffee apples,brandy snap, roast tats on bonfire night.
Posted by anon at 10/09/2012 07:54
no news or entertaining harp backs ?ENJOYall folks coments;
Posted by anon at 12/09/2012 20:58
Ex Gooley .been around seen done now 64 no placelike home.
Posted by Graham at 03/11/2012 19:53
Anyone remember the Youth Club at the rear of Grammar School 1973 - 1975? Great times were had by all there or what?!!
Posted by emmo at 05/11/2012 11:50
yes i do it was the g and d goole and district youth club great times they were the good old days
Posted by janet at 09/05/2013 19:45
is there a pub or club in goole called the venue
Posted by Paul at 10/05/2013 18:14
Calls itself an entertainment venue (music).Located on North Street.
Posted by anna j dixon at 11/06/2013 17:45
Mobile Discotheque The First one I had was Alusion 5 roadshow and started in the Dock Taven South Street Goole and that was 1973 fighting usually started off around 10.30 and some German or danish sailor ended up thorough the front widow and it was a wire mesh type glass to . my father ended up putting new glass back in the front widow he did say why don't we put hinges on the widow to save the glass , I remember lots of tables and stools getting broken as well as lots beer glass and bottles .the police waited until it was all over with and then came in to make arrests I was a Hard place to do Discos Back Then
Posted by Sheena spence at 23/08/2013 22:37
I remember the g and d in the 1970s, it was the 'in' place for anyone who was aged 13 to 16 to go. I also remember queues of girls waiting outside the Carlton picture house to see Grease and many went two or three times. People will remember the swimming baths in Pasture Road - the blue turnstile to get in, up the stairs and putting your clothes in wire baskets.
Posted by roy powles at 01/09/2013 19:23
Memories tanner rush Sat Flash G Hop cas 3 stooges.bubbly gum screaming kids loved the buz TOWER CARLIALESTREET
Posted by Bill at 01/09/2013 22:14
Hi Sheena, yes remember those heavy metal hanging baskets for storing your clothes. In the men's changing rooms there was a machine which dispensed 'Brylcreem' - on which the most funny but obscene graffiti had been scratched - can't repeat it here but others of my generation may remember it!
Posted by Peter Kirkpatrick at 25/10/2013 23:56
Does anyone still remember the local beat group Dean Cresta and The Falcons from the early '60s?
We had Alan Vause on vocals, Rob Thornton on piano, John Lawton on guitar, and Kenny Wilde on drums (and me on bass guitar). After Alan left to join Thorne's Daybreakers, and Kenny took off for Scotland to join a pro band, Trev Smith and Ann Fysh came in on vocals, and Pete Morton on drums. I remember Pete had a mate, a piano pounder called Jammy Giles, who could really rattle the ivories. John Eyre who could wow 'em on ol' Jerry Lee numbers also rejoined on vocals and guitar.
The local shacks we used to shake included the Station Hotel, The Tavern ('Charlie's'), and The Sydney.
I can only imagine just how great Ann would have been on those Motown classics that came along a few short years later.
Happy Days!
Posted by Cliff Thorburn at 26/10/2013 22:10
Aahhhhhh, the YMCA in the sixties, great times. Good night once, I punched a chap in the face! I think he was called 'Bill'? Anyway, he thoroughly deserved it, as he was extremely ugly and smelled strongly of dog wee..................
Posted by keith at 26/10/2013 22:27
Think John Eyre and Rob Thornton joined the 'Black Jets ' with two other guys . Quite a good foursome
Posted by Peter Kikpatrick at 05/02/2014 15:18
Does anyone know what became of Frank Barnes who used to play drums in a local combo at the Station Hotel?
Frank's other passion in life was his beloved beagles - and he could talk forever about beagles...
He moved to the Rotherham area around the mid-sixties with his day job.
Posted by Norman roberts at 06/03/2014 22:32
The place to go in the early 60 was moorends who remembers a singer called VInce Everret and the black orhids Dave Berry Freddie and dreamers the Fortunes and many more Johnny Walker was the manager of the pub do not forget the winning post last bus home 10 pm good memories Regards Norman Roberts
Posted by Sheila (nee Hodgson) at 07/04/2014 21:42
Remember the 'big' dances at the Baths Hall in the winter when the pool was closed. They did not finish until 2am.
So late... However, was only allowed to go if I returned home on time from the Youth Clubs during the year.

Sometimes went bowling at the Top Rank in Doncaster. Even managed a strike sometimes and then followed it with a complete miss. shucks! Good times though.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 09/04/2014 08:24
I well remember the big bands in the mid 50's at the Baths Hall.something to look forward to. Without which it meant going to Hull, Leeds and Donny.I also remember girls going against the wish of their parents who went to the "Sweatbox" at Thorne
Posted by Corby Bunting at 10/04/2014 19:04
Further to my last posting.I meant no disrespect to the parents of the girls who frequented Uncle Arthurs dances at Thorne.Some of these parents also warned against The Copper Kettle
I know four girls who went to Thorne who later married the man they met there. I married the girl I met at the Baths. I wonder how many other found their intended at that venue Happy days
Posted by Keith at 11/04/2014 20:03
The Saturday dances at the Baths Hall were great along with the Big dances , Young Farmers Ball , Police Ball, Platt & Featherson's dance to name a few. But Monday nights dances promoted by Christie's of Selby were fantastic for the rockers, anyone remember them.
Posted by Peter Kirkpatrick at 12/04/2014 17:07
I remember the time that Johnny Kidd & The Pirates rocked the old Baths Hall with their big hit Shakin' All Over. Unfortunately, and unforgivably, there were only about 30 of us there that night. The group didn't use the stage, which I remember as seeming quite high above the dance floor (but maybe I was on my knees at the time), and set up in front of the stage to go through their numbers. Those of us there formed a circle around them as they belted out one hit after another. True professionals, and a really great night's entertainment! Shame about the poor attendance.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 13/04/2014 23:31
To Keith and Peter I believe my memories were before your time
1952-1955 I believe it all started when Les Ellin of the Wheelers and the Con Club contacted an impresario from York to supply the great Trad bands Ken Collyer whose lineup included Chris Barber,Monty Sunshine,Lonny Donegan. Followed by Alex Welch,Sid Phillips and Freddy Randal, Then the introduction of the modernists Johnny Dankworth, Ken Macintosh, Ronny Scott and The Kirchin brothers mambo band.The dancing stopped and everyone just cheered in admiration
my very last visit was the Tramps Ball on new years Eve 1955 after which I joined the RAF and left Goole
Posted by Keith Wilson at 14/04/2014 20:20
Baths Hall was the best dance venue ever. I remember Johnny Kid and the Pirates, and the big dance bands, Gnat Ganella ( not sure of the spelling) the Monday night dances how we got up for work on Tuesday morning is anyone's guess, and the most memorable for me, because I worked there was the yearly Burton's Dance, which I helped organise.
Posted by Peter Kirkpatrick at 17/04/2014 12:57
Hi Corby and Keith -

Sadly, I never got to see those great jazz bands at Goole - didn't even know they'd hit our town! - though I was probably just a bit too young then. I well remember a trip to York, though, to see Count Basie when I was about 14. It was at that place run by John Barry's dad (was it The Rialto?), though of course that would have been a few years before the JB7!
The Monday night hops at the Baths were great. I seem to remember that sometimes local 'talent' would get up on stage, and we would watch from the balcony. Two of them stood out for me. This would have been a couple of years before The Beatles blew the pop music world wide open. One of them, a fruity-looking guy in gig-lamps, would get up and sing Roy Orbit songs such as Only The Lonely and Blue Angel. I might be a bit more discerning now, but he sounded fab at the time. The other one would sing with his arms stretched out in front of him, shaking from head to foot. I don't think it was stage fright, but more an affectation, much like the Sheik Of Shake, Dickie Pride. Rock on.

And, oh to be young again!
Posted by Keith at 20/04/2014 08:37
Anyone remember the roller skating at the Market Hall, it didn't last that long. also the wrestling at the Tower ?
Posted by Corby Bunting at 20/04/2014 22:54
Hi Keith I believe we must be a similar age.I returned to Goole in 1957 to marry Audrey Pearce.She was a Burton's girl for five years Her closest friends were Mary Taun,Mary Clements,June Clark and Gladys Rose.she cannot recall the Monday night or Burtons dances When these girls bopped to the wild music the whole floor bouncedThe only men I knew at burtons were Brian and Walter Cook and Gordon Perret all Stanley Streeters
ou mention the events at the Market Hall My first Hero performed there when Wrestling took place. Jack Pye who I always assumed was Goole born because he could be seen with his brothers walking down Estcourt Street on a regular basis. I felt quite deflated when I learned the truth. Another hero the local strongman who used to demonstrate his unique talent around Goole Sylvanus Baxter.a crowd gathered one day opposite the Lowther on the Railway sidings where a Goods wagon Bogy (Axle and wheels ) were on the track.He Hooked his arms under the axle and Deadlifted the whole bogy clear of the line. A great cheer went up I don't know what the weight would have been for all this cast Iron. but I remember it as if it was yesterday
Posted by Bill at 21/04/2014 12:08
Keith, my mother told me that there was roller skating (and dances) in the market hall during the war years. I'm too young to remember if they continued beyond that. Think it had all finished by the late '50's?
Posted by Peter Kirkpatrick at 21/04/2014 17:11
Anyone recall a mid-1950s singer from Old Goole who sang Hoot Rains-era Slim Whitman songs? His name was possibly Brian Masterman (but I may just have made that up). I was 11 or 12 at the time, and knew note-for-note some of Slim's songs such as Rose Marie and Indian Love Call from the old 78s my mum and dad had. Brian - I think that may have been his first name, anyway - was a local favourite who would have been well-known in the Marshland, and did terrific versions of those old songs. He even looked a bit like Slim, with a pencil-thin moustache!
Posted by Anon 70 Plus old codger at 28/04/2014 16:40
As a lad I remember my oldest sister at the age of 18 saying to mum, please ask dad if I can go to the baths hall dance Saturday Nite,and if some other girl had the same dress on as her,she would come home and change it,I also remember my sisters going to the music shop on Boothferry Road to get the latest music sheet with words so they could learn the words of the new songs.

Regards Anon 70 plus old codger
Posted by F.E.Wheldrake at 16/06/2014 12:20
My grandfather, Richard Jolley instituted the roller skating in The Market Hall in approximately1951-2 when he was Mayor Of Goole, because he felt that more was needed to be done for young people. At the same time he also negotiated the light industrial estate, including Burton's tailoring and Lep. as he could see that ship building was going into decline
Posted by F.E.Wheldrake at 16/06/2014 12:46
My grandfather, Richard Jolley instituted the roller skating in The Market Hall in approximately 1951-2 when he was Mayor Of Goole, because he felt that more was needed to be done for young people. The operators came from somewhere near Doncaster. My parents, Kathleen & Charles Watmough reopened and ran The Parish Church youth club, in The church hall, Church Street, complete with snooker tables and refreshments.
The senior sixth boys at Goole Grammar School slipped out surreptitiously some lunch times to play bowls next door, having had shove halfpenny and bridge banned by Mr Latimer. We also cycled to York for the day in the summer holidays, taking with us a picnic of course. It's interesting to note that these entertainments cost very little, apart from the occasional trip to one of the three cinemas on Saturday afternoon or evening.
A walk round the docks or along the river bank to Hook after Sunday School was popular too and again cost free. The good old days do sound very appealing!
Posted by E. Wheldrake at 16/06/2014 13:02
I forgot to mention The baths on Pasture Road, where we all leaned to swim by we were seven or eight year old and went there regularly right through the Grammar school years too. We even went with school, as part of P.E. and those of us with season passes spent many hours there, leaving our bikes propped up outside. The baths were open only in the warmer months before boards were placed across the pool area to become a ballroom, for winter dances.My mothers' generation ice skated in the winter on the local ponds.
Posted by Keith at 19/06/2014 22:16
The CLB or Church Lads Brigade also used the Parish Church Hall. The GFS or Girls Friendly Soc used the other Church Hall. Anyone remember these?
Posted by Lynda Beamson ( nee Flower) at 20/06/2014 16:15
O yes how well i remember the Monday night dances at the bath hall, highlight of the week, it was do we go pictures on a saturday or the Monday night dance, as my friend Sheila Whitehead and I could not afford to go to both, the Monday night dance always won, ( My mother in law worked at the baths hall for years, Doris Beamson sure everyone who swam will remember her lovely lady, sadly along with the Baths hall no longer with us ) cannot remember the name of any of the bands, but always had a wonderful evening and danced all night, also used to go to Thorne on a weekend to the Pub there, always packed and had very good groups, up all night dancing yet again, the bus back to Goole was 10 o clock so was always trying to grad a lift home so we could stay till the end, does anyone know of Sheila Whitehead, last time i heard she had moved to Brough but that was a long time ago, Now living in Somerset, but have relatives in Goole, and will be visiting for a family wedding in August
Posted by anon old codger 70 plus at 24/06/2014 10:01
who remembers Sunshine corner,it was held at the Co-op hall it was placed between the post office at the corner of Carter street and the bomb out Church,it was also used for wedding reception our sister had her reception ther in the late 50s.
The building was constructed out of wood we also had once a year party's you had to have so many stamps in you book so you could attend the party.
The song we used to sing was.Sunshine corner O it jolly fine it's for children under 99 all are welcome gifts are given free Goole Sunshine corner is the place for me,I think this was about 1950 does any one els remember Sunshine corner.
what about Bill Hailey and the comets at the cosy Carlton the Q was round the corner in to Jackson Street when the film was shown ther was dancing in the isles,I wonder what Billy King thought of it.
Two flee's came out of the Carlton could not decide wether to walk or catch a dog.

Anon old codger 70 plus
Posted by Peter Kirkpatrick at 25/06/2014 16:11
Hi Lynda,

Did Sheila live in Gordon Street, about no. 60-odd on the RHS from Boothferry Road (er, or was that Sheila White)? Anyway, I well remember the times heading via Rawcliffe and the Johnny Moor Long to Uncle Arthur's and The Winning Post at Moorends and Thorne. The beat groups seen there included Screaming Lord Sutch and The Savages, Freddie and The Dreamers, Dave Berry and The Cruisers, Me & Them, and maybe (it could just have been at the Baths, though) Mike Sagar and The Cresters with the great Ricky Harding on guitar. Abs fab, he was, on a number called Deep Feeling.
We lived back then in a time known now as history.
Posted by F.E.Wheldrake at 27/06/2014 12:35
The 2 Miss Gray sisters- Enid and Freda ran the GFS, along with their adopted sister, Doris. They took the girls on an annual trip to stay at The GFS hostel in Filey.
Mr Noel Chesman ran The Church Lads' Brigade. He was in The Parish Church Choir too, along with my stepfather Charles Watmough, after graduating from being choir boys.
Posted by Lynda Beamson ( nee Flower) at 27/06/2014 15:51
Hi, Peter,
The Sheila Whitehead I know lived in Kingsway, tall girl, short hair always worn very short shirts ( and i mean short ) so may not be the same Sheila, We used to go to Uncle Arthurs every Friday Saturday and Sunday evenings, great group and always had a good time, never wanted to leave the catch that 10 o clock bus,

I think i remember your name from school, I am 66, did you go to Secondary Modern school,I was there in about 1963/ 1964 ish, was only there in my last year, as moved to Goole when i was 15, so only did a year as left as soon as i could cheers
Posted by Bill at 27/06/2014 23:28
Hi Keith,yup I certainly remember the CLB. I think it was short lived but very active. I remember polishing those brass buttons on the uniform.We learnt marching drill in the church hall and played football in the adjoining yard. Participated in memorial day parades.One year we went on a summer camp to Bognor Regis. Names I remember are Mike Chapman(?) and Mike Tune. My sister was in the GFS also very active. Did they have summer camps in Filey. I know the choir did. Bill
Posted by Peter Kirkpatrick at 29/06/2014 16:08
Hi Lynda,
Well, whitty-whoo - your Sheila seemed like my kind of gal! Since short short skirts were the fashion, I guess that she was in style. The Sheila I knew was also very popular, and far too much in demand to fancy the likes of me! Ah, well.
I went to that place across the road, so it may have been my errant brother that you recall. He's been living in Thailand for some years now.
Uncle Arthur's and the Winning Post really were the places to be at back then, and always seemed to be packed whenever I got to go there. These were the days of our lives - as a certain Freddy Merc later went on to sing about.
Posted by Bill at 29/06/2014 23:58
Keith,the CLB person I remembered would have been Mike Chesman. The 2 miss Grays mentioned in connection with the GFS also at one time ran a sweet shop at the top of Marshfield Road. Names I remember from the choir about that time include Ricky Wilcox and Malcom Potts. And of course Miss Jessop the choir 'master' and organist.
Posted by Keith at 30/06/2014 07:40
The C L B in my day was run by the church caretaker Mr Rossiter and Mr Tom Wilburn. I also remember the Gray sisters who taught at the Sunday school, and Canon Rawlins anyone remember him at choir practice ?
Posted by Anon Old Codger 70 Plus at 03/07/2014 16:18
I remember one or two of us paid to go in to the Carlton after a while we go to the toilet,open the back doors and let in two or three more of the lads in,we never got court so I guess they never twigged what we used to do,God forgive if billy court us we would have been band for life and missed all the tanner rushes,
Posted by Freda E. Wheldrake at 03/07/2014 18:06
Just to correct the details on The Miss Grays. Miss Enid Gray had a haberdashery shop in Marshfield Road, but Miss Freda Gray was in the office at the Police Station all her working life.
Canon Rawlins was a great friend of my grandfather, Richard Jolley. He lived with his sister Miss Hilda Rawlins at the beautiful vicarage on Hook road. There the parish Church fete was held on their lawn every year.
Posted by Freda E. Wheldrake at 03/07/2014 18:29
Just to correct the details on The Miss Grays. Miss Enid Gray had a haberdashery shop in Marshfield Road, but Miss Freda Gray was in the office at the Police Station all her working life.
Canon Rawlins was a great friend of my grandfather, Richard Jolley. He lived with his sister Miss Hilda Rawlins at the beautiful vicarage on Hook road. There the parish Church fete was held on their lawn every year.
Posted by Karen Neville at 05/07/2014 22:48
I remember the Carlton Cinema well. Used to go on a Saturday afternoon in the 60's with my cousin and Billy King used to get the children to do a talent show on the stage before the curtains went back and the film started. Still used to go when I was a teenager in the 70's. Every tuesday evening- a big group of us. The same film showed for weeks so we just watched it again and again. Always called in the Carlton sweetshop for a greasy bag of salted peanuts and a quarter of peardrops first. Remember the "icecream girls" at the front at the interval with torches. Happy days!
Incidentally, talking of icecreams, does any one remember my grandad "White's Icecream" selling italian icecream outside the market from a barrow. He pushed it round the streets of Goole, ringing a bell. He had a shop down Ouse street originally and ended up with a sweet shop at the top of Henry street. A real character!
Posted by Jan Townend at 15/07/2014 23:17
Hi I remember Antonio White and his ice cream cart. It was wonderful ice cream. He also sold hot chestnut s in winter. Front of market place. His daughter went to elocution with mrs Rushworth as did I.
Posted by Tony Clyne at 16/07/2014 12:33
To Jan Townend, I have a photo of one of the Empson Ave parties all in fancy dress there is a girl in a black dress with moon and stars on can you remember is that you. T.C.
Posted by Karen Neville at 18/07/2014 22:31
Hi Jan Townend.
Yes his daughter Pat (my auntie) went to elocution lessons and so did I - Gwyneth Rushworth on Hook Road with lots of cats. She was a real character too. We went to festivals in Scunthorpe and Brigg and Mrs Rushworth always got there late! Lovely LADY.
My grandad, the icecream seller, was a keen photographer too. And put in a regular appearance in the Goole Times reader's page.
Posted by Tony Clyne at 20/07/2014 12:15
To Karen Neville, I was at GGS same time as Pat I also was in the Merchant Navy and sailed with Ron Snead who was married to Pats elder sister what relation are you to him.
Posted by Fiona Moate at 28/07/2014 10:58
I used to go to Mrs Rushworth too. Goodness the smell of cats in her house and she used to make you do deep breathing exercises as well.
i meet people from Goole and many of them went to Mrs Rushworth. She taught my Grandma and my Father, who was a Festival regular for her in the 1940s-50s. I never reached such dizzy heights and neither Mrs Rushworth or my Dad managed to correct the impediment I have to this day>
Posted by F.E.Wheldrake at 31/07/2014 19:55
I went to GGS with Antonio White's son, John in the 1950s, but my mother, Kathleen Jolley went to school with Antonio in the late 1920s. His mother was Maria and known as " Icecream Mary."
Posted by Karen Neville at 08/08/2014 12:41
Hi Tony Clyne,
Ron Snead is my uncle. He married my dad's sister Irene. They had 3 children and still live in Goole.
Hi F.E Wheldrake,
I don't know of Antonio White's son John. My grandad, who people remember selling icecream from the cart in front of the market, was known as Antonio although it was his father's name. His father (my great grandad) started the icecream business in Goole. I'm not certain but I think my grandad's mother was known as 'Icecream Mary', although that may have been her sister. I will check with my Auntie Pat, my dad's sister, who now lives near Otley. I will post again. (ps. Could do with one of grandad's icecreams right now. Glorious weather eh).
Posted by Sue Powles Fielder at 16/08/2014 15:17
I am sure K Jolley was my boss at Woodlands co op 66 67?
Posted by Bill at 17/08/2014 13:43
I see you are Antonio's grand daughter. I don't know if this is of any interest to you. But when I was sorting through some old photos recently I came across one taken in 1964 of a derelict house in Goole and among the debris in the garden is the dumped ice cream trolley which has the inscription 'Whites Genuine Ice Cream' on the front. Quite poignant. Bill
Posted by Bill at 18/08/2014 13:44
Karen, photo probably 1966/7 not '64
Posted by karen Neville at 21/08/2014 21:40
How very interesting. The shop my grandad sold icecream from was in Ouse Street and I can't remember when that street was demolished. (The Capricorn night club is built around that area now). I wonder if the cart is in the backyard of there? I will contact my auntie Pat to find out more. I wonder if it's possible for you to e.mail me the photograph? We have the old sign "WHITE'S" hanging in our garage but that's all.
Posted by Bill at 31/08/2014 21:41
Karen, afraid I don't have facility to scan photo. I can send you actual photo but it is just a small 35mm contact print. If I can dig out the negative that would be more useful to you. I'm away on holiday for next two weeks but will get back to you on my return. Bill
Posted by karen Neville at 05/09/2014 20:21
Hi Bill,
Just been to the History of Goole exhibition at The Junction in Goole. A few photos of my grandad and the icecream cart there. And quite a few of Ouse street. Really interesting. The exhibition ends tomorrow, Saturday 6th September.
Posted by Bill at 13/09/2014 17:48
Hi Karen, afraid I couldn't find the negative. I'm more than happy to send you the small contact print if it is of any interest to you. Bill (
Posted by Karen Neville at 16/09/2014 00:24
Hi Bill, Thank you for that. My e.mail address is
Posted by Anon Old Codger 70 plus at 18/09/2014 19:14
I think a lot of girls and ladies who worked at the Burtons Factory will be able to remember when Wilfred and Mabel Pickels payed a visit to the factory,this was broadcasted live on the Radio,Wilfred would run a quiz if you got the question right a pound would be the reward Wilfred would shout out give em the money Mabel,
I think this was in the 1950s.
Regards Anon Old Codger 70 plus
Posted by Denise at 22/11/2014 23:01
Hello Linda (Beamson), you were asking about Sheila Whitehead. I heard from her not long ago and sometimes see her shopping in Goole. She is well and we often have a chat about the good laughs we had at Winning Post, Moorends with the Garthorpe lads (one of whom I married). Hope you are well and when I send Sheila's Christmas card I'll tell her you were asking about her, she still lives in Brough.
Posted by karen Neville at 27/11/2014 00:42
I know St Paul's Players still exists today and I am so pleased the name lives on . How many people remember the old St. Paul's Players? I was a member from 1976 to around 1994. We produced two plays a year at the Secondary Modern School (that was). Usually April and October/ November and usually comedy. I was Karen White and acted with Betty Benton (became Raywood),the late Bri Cook, Rob Whitehead, Joan Overington, Nichola Theaker and the late Phill Sharp, to name a few. We progressed to pantomimes at the Grammar School but the best days were at the Modern School. Betty and Phill were the main directors and we did the scenery and costumes ourselves. Scenery was often loaned form 'Lee Roma's' down Dunhill Road. Happy Days. Hope we were as entertaining as we thought we were. "There's no business like show business". I've still got loads of photo's and newspaper cuttings.
Posted by Lynda Beamson ( nee Flower) at 28/11/2014 16:19
Hi Denise, thank you for your message ref Shiela Whitehead, that would be great to let her know was asking after her, I dont know her married name, if she does not remember me as Lynda Beamson try Lynda Flower who lived down Fountain Street, we had some great night out at Uncle Arthurs and the winning Post, bring back many a memory, thank you again
Posted by Paul at 09/12/2014 11:25
Re Bill and Keith. I too remember the CLB in the Parish Church Hall. I also went on that summer camp to Bognor Regis. The tented camp was on Nyetimber Lane just outside the town. It took an age to get there as I recall on a red and cream bus !! hows that for a memory ? Remember also going swimming in the sea just at the side of the Pier and one of the head honcho's always kept his flat cap on even when swimming. The CLB in Goole was run by a guy who worked on the railway, can't remember his name. The only two lads I can recall were a big blonde haired guy called Paul(maybe Hart )who carried the big drum and a lad called "Shiner" Good days
Posted by Polo at 09/12/2014 11:36
Re Denise: Just a long shot you mention that you married a Garthorpe lad it wouldn't be a guy called Clem by any chance ? worked for Reeds Haulage in Garthorpe !! As I say just a long shot.
Posted by Neil Dunwell at 12/12/2014 20:59
My Dad Tommy Dunwell just introduced me to this wonderful sight
I left Goole in 1963 at the age of 8. I have so many wonderful memories of growing up in Broadway and playing in the shared lane with Edinburgh Street. Ullerthorne's chippy and Rollinsons sweet shop. The Hudsons, the Marshalls and the Gormlies!
The docks and the Riverbank was my playground, the Dykes at Kingsway, catching newts and sticklebacks. Alexander street school and the Baths.
Just so many memories of a special place and I am so proud to be a Goolie!
Posted by Corby Bunting at 17/12/2014 12:01
Hi Neil. As you may know your Dad is my cousin.We shared the same Gran.It was good to read your posting it brought back many memories for me I often wondered if your Dad would add is great knowledge of Goole ships and also the men who sailed in them. On the Ships page. I conversed with your dad some time ago now. It is a shame that we never met up. I hope he and your mam are well Please give them my regards
Posted by Freda Elizabeth Wheldrake at 17/12/2014 13:01
Re the CLB at Goole Parish Church: Mr Noel Chesman ran it and was helped by my stepfather Charles Watmough. Both of these men had been choir boys at the Parish Church and then choir men.
Posted by Keith at 20/12/2014 20:29
I remember Noel Chessman as a choir boy and as a older C L B lad, but not in charge, must have been after my time. I stated earlier Tom Wilburn and the church caretaker Mr Rossiter were the leaders .
Posted by Denise at 07/01/2015 20:30
Hi Polo, sorry only just seen your message. Think you are talking about Graham Clements worked at Reeds Haulage (I didn't marry him ha ha ) The haulage yard is just up the road from us although its now for sale, my late father in law also drove for them.
Posted by Denise at 07/01/2015 20:35
Peter Kirkpatrick. Sheila did live in Gordon St. and then moved to Broadway and then Eastgate flats, she was the late Effie Whiteheads ssister. She now lives in Brough.
Posted by Paul at 16/01/2015 16:24
Come on administration, approve the above listings to keep threads going !!
Posted by Polo at 18/01/2015 10:40
Hi Denise
Thanks for the reply. We are talking about the same guy right enough who as you may know went out with a girl called Denise ! and as I say it was a long shot. Bye.
Posted by Peter Kirkpatrick at 19/01/2015 12:52
Hi Denise - if we are talking about the same Sheila, I first met her at the Station Hotel, where she was dancing in front of the stage on one of the music nights. She was with a friend who I seem to remember was called Marion. Sheila was certainly very attractive - and popular.
I can also remember when they put in the new ultra violet lights in the music room there, which bathed the room in purple, and made any white clothing glow, and er, was sometimes a bit revealing.
Posted by Karen Neville at 23/02/2015 15:36
Wonder if anyone out there remembers the Northern Soul nights at the Vikings back in the early to mid 70's. Talc on the dance floor and "all dayers" ?. . Also the discos on Friday and Sunday nights at the Blacksmiths Arms at Hook. The DJ's were Paul Haslam and Tony Fletcher but I seem to remember before them it was Tony Edmunds and Martin Flannigan??
Posted by norma at 17/03/2015 12:40
looking for allan baxter.lived in Gordon st in the sixies,
Posted by Topolino at 22/08/2015 12:22
Does anyone remember the entertainment nights at The Sydney in Aire Street? Small, but perfectly formed. The place is long gone, of course, but I remember a few Friday night there, throwing a few shapes in the early sixties at the rock 'n' roll bands that played there. Let's Twist Again and all that. Far out, man!
Posted by reetyk at 13/09/2015 18:55
Just been discussing the Paradise club with my sister in law who doesn't remember it at all. I am sure I saw Ike and Tina Turner there and Gino Washington! Can anyone confirm? Looked back on this web site -mixed comments. I also remember them asking for alcohol as there was non at the club. Is my memory playing tricks? Left Goole when I was 18 but am still in touch with family.
Posted by suzee at 09/11/2015 17:11
Paradise club Carlisle st root n jenny Jackson?
Posted by Corby Bunting at 27/11/2015 15:20
Perhaps I am going back too far. In the early 50's on a friday my friends and I would make a bee line to Shepherds music shop to purchase the latest hits. Two of the records I had purchased were quickly taken off the shelves and banned Both on Brunswick .Farewell to Storyville by Neva Raphaelo and The Boppenpoof Song by Louis Armstrong.The latter to become involved with both.
The first being about the clean up of the red light area of New Orleans. Although now available by the same artist but named Young Girl Blues. Farewell to Storyville on youtube features Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday in a clip from a film.
The second record is also available and on you tube But now called The Whippenpoof song. Louis's version is a skit on the times when Modern Jazz came into being. To the music of a fraternity /barbers shop song,At the time rivalry existed between Trads & Mods. You may ask . What this has to do with Goole?
When this kind of music came to the Baths Dance hall.sometimes the dancing would stop. Just to stand and listen to the great sound
Posted by Elaine Elson at 15/12/2015 14:08
I used to go to the Paradise Club with friends from Goole Grammar school and we definitely saw Geno Washington & the Ram Jam Band there in the late 60's. I think Ike & Tina Turner did appear there but sadly I didn't get to see them.
Posted by Liz Gelder at 01/03/2016 16:07
Reply to Linda Beamson, Seen your post about Goole Baths and your mention of your mother in law Doris, but think people may remember her sisters Alma (Fielder) and Joan (Cox)as being there for many years, they were my mum's cousins, as well.
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 06/03/2016 12:25
When I was nobbut a lad, growing up in Goole, the town was commonly referred to as Sleepy Hollow. There must be some items about this on the site, though I can't seem to find them.
In a recent episode in Michael Portillo's Great American Railways TV series Michael was on New York's Hudson River in the small town of Tarry Town, once home to the American author Washington Irving. Set in 1790, though published in 1820, Irving's short story The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, a place renowned for its ghosts and haunting atmosphere, tells the tale of the superstitious schoolmaster Ichabod Crane and a Headless Horseman.
Washington Irving wrote the story whilst living in England, in Birmingham, but - did he visit Goole first?
Posted by Noel Chessman Jr at 05/04/2016 03:30
My Father was Noel Chessman... I'd be very interested in any stories concerning him any visitors may have!
Posted by Freda E. Wheldrake at 11/04/2016 15:11
Noel Chessman was known to me as " Uncle Noel". He was a staunch member of the Parish Church and a good friend of my grandfather, Richard Jolley & my parents, Kathleen & Charles Watmough. He had known them all from boyhood.He was in the choir with my step father & his 2 sons came to Sunday School, run firstly by my grandfather, with mum & dad as teachers, along with at least a dozen other wives, mothers & what were then known as " maiden aunts." ( a large number of these because of the casualties in both World wars.)
His hobby was woodworking and he made 2 of our clothes horses.
Posted by Tee Jay at 03/05/2016 16:14
Hi all.. A cooment to Peter Kirkpatrick - you mentioned The Falcons and I think my dad, Alan Vaux, is the lead singer of whom you speak - you'll be pleased to know that Alan is still rocking all over the world, or in France to be more exact. Do feel free to get in touch if you have any storys regarding my dad..:)
Posted by Peter Kirkpatrick at 03/06/2016 22:41
Hi Tee Jay - it's good to hear that Alan is still rockin' away - somewhere in France! I hope he's keeping well. We lost touch after he left for The Daybreakers, but I still remember him very well from our days in The Falcons. Somehow, it's well over 50 years since those times - well, who knows where the time goes? Alan was a very charismatic front man, and had a lot to do with our local popularity. We often had trouble getting our gear to the various venues in the area, as we were all very young and too poverty-stricken to have our own transport. We were not quite like, say, Status Quo, with tons of stuff to lug about, but we did have a bit too much for the bus into town. Somehow, we got by. I remember a local guy, Big Les, who had a big car with a massive boot, who sometimes ferried us about. A big help! Ah, happy days!
Posted by Slim at 29/09/2016 22:51
Does anyone remember a group called The Tycoons? They played regularly at the baths on Monday nights, had a fantastic drummer and wore slick suits of different colors.
Posted by alan vaux at 27/12/2016 20:01
Hi to those who remember me. I used to be lead singer with the Falcons later joining The Daybreakers. I had a few names (some not so nice from non female followers whose girl friends liked our music etc) such as Alan Cresta, Dean Cresta and at one stage Vince Deacon. It was only later in life that the initials for those names were quite significant. Now in France, still rocking and doing a non stop tribute show of legends such as Elvis, Neil Diamond, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, Cliff and loads more great Acts from the past. Loads of costume changes also makes this a really memorable show. Anyway lovely to read some of the articles about Goole, Uncle Arthur's, Winning Post, Goole Market Hall, The Baths, Sydney Hotel etc etc;, If I ever get the Show over to Goole then I will have it well advertised so that some of you guys who remember me can come along and buy me a beer or two. Cheers Alan
Posted by Denise at 25/01/2017 21:15
Hi Alan, are you the same Alan that sometimes sat with us on the bus to Moorends back in the day. We had some good times in The Winning Post.
Posted by john.a eyre. at 20/02/2017 13:56
re dean cresta and the falcons,the lineupwas,john eyre,lead guitar.john lawton,rhyth guitar.rob thornton,piano.doc holliday.saxaphone,alan roberts,drums snd alan vause,vocals who took over from ray ward alias johnny hawk.
Posted by Alan Vaux at 05/09/2017 13:54
Sure Denise that was me. I John pleased to see you are still alive and kicking. I remember you sang some Jerry Lee numbers. ie Living up a Storm especially good. Cheers to all.
Posted by Keith at 08/11/2020 20:27
Anyone remember Roller skating at the Market Hall.And the boxing?
Posted by Bill at 09/11/2020 12:08
Keith, my mum used to mention the roller skating at the Market Hall, she would have been referring I think to the war years. Be interesting to know when it stopped. But it lends support to the view that the Hall has great potential for a community/leisure use if only the ideas and money are forthcoming. I think there may have been dances there during the same period but not sure of that.
Posted by Keith at 09/11/2020 20:30
Hi Bill, I remember roller skating in 1950s at the Market Hall . Also remember dancing there about 1958ish was the last time. Boxing also took place with local boxer Joe Carrol who always topped the bill, late 40s / 50s . So yes why not again. Or would today's technology rule the roost .
Posted by Peter Kirkpatrick at 28/03/2021 10:16
As a boy watching those old Gene Autry films at the ‘tanner rush’ at the Cosy Carlton all those years ago, I never imagined that one day I would get to meet him.
It happened in Nashville in 1969 when I was there with a British party attending the annual DJ convention. We attracted a fair amount of novelty interest, and I was one of those interviewed by a local TV station. As far as I know, I ended up on the cutting room floor.
We were invited to an evening reception attended by various music personalities and business people, and that’s where I met Gene Autry. He came over to our small group, and seemed most interested in the British country music scene. I was in my mid-twenties at the time, and remember thinking (as you would): ‘Blimey, this guy is worth over 60 million dollars!’ (That’s getting on for half a billion dollars in today’s money.) I’d read that somewhere.
Gene was born in Texas in 1907, and during the period 1934 to 1953 he made 93 films. I must have seen many of them at the Cosy.
After retirement in 1964, Gene invested in real estate, radio and TV. He died aged 91 in 1998.
Posted by Harry Swift at 16/11/2021 18:23
Peter Kirkpatrick posted 25/10/14 and mentioned the Thorne Group, The Daybreakers. I'm from Thorne Moorends (although long-gone) and knew the group. I was with them at Goole Baths once and, after having a few pints before , found a blonde wig back stage. I stuck it on and did a ridiculous impersonation the *--***-- Jimmy Saville to introduce them. Was anyone there that night.
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 26/11/2021 16:12
In 2017 John Eyre referred to the original Falcons line-up, which featured Ray Ward, apparently aka Johnny Hawk, on vocals. Does anyone recall seeing Ray in action back then? I'd be really interested in hearing about his repertoire of rock 'n' roll humdingers.
I was just a bit too young to get into Goole's hotspots back in Ray's era, so never got to hear him myself. He was probably Goole's very first rock 'n' roll hero!
Posted by Keith at 29/11/2021 10:27
I remember Ray singing at the Station Hotel . He had a good voice and looked the part , and so did John Eyre
Posted by Peter Kirkpatrick at 29/11/2021 20:59
Hi Keith - good to hear that you saw Ray Ward in action. Like the Gooliegan, I remember Ray by name only. Never saw him in action, though I once saw him in a pub with some of his mates. Did he have dark hair and a Tony Curtis quiff?
Come on you old (c)rockers - let’s hear it for Goole’s first rock ‘n’ roll hero!
Posted by Keith at 05/12/2021 11:52
Yeh, we all did 😇
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 14/12/2021 18:40
Yes Keith, you’re right, of course. You made me laugh. Back then, if you were ‘cool’ - sadly, I wasn’t - of course you had slicked hair, a quiff, and a DA!
Posted by Goolie-Gone at 13/01/2022 10:17
I've been receiving the Goole Times digital edition for a few years now, though it usually takes only about 5 minutes to look through it. There's never much of interest within its pages, or should I really say, that I can connect with.
Somehow, when I were a lad, it seemed much more interesting. Maybe because it featured people I knew or had heard of and were still around. I also remember the little snippets to fill in spaces: 'Charley Farley fined £2 for cycling down the subway', and 'Fanny Adams fined £2 for trespassing on Goole docks.' Though I think maybe they had a more arcane term than 'trespassing'.
Anyway, I'll keep subscribing, and hope for something of interest now and then.

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