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Notable Events in the last 75 years

Can you help contribute to a forthcoming exhibition celebrating the 75th anniversary of the granting of Goole's Charter or Incorporation?

Goole Coat of Arms

Do you have any photographs, objects or memories relating to the 1933 charter celebrations, or to any of the anniversary celebrations of the past. This could include anything from a poster to an outfit worn to one of the celebratory dances that were held.

What do you think are the key events in the last 75 years of Goole's history?

If you live locally and would like to volunteer to help put together the temporary exhibition, then please contact Sarah Ellington, (Volunteer Co-ordinator) or pop into the museum. You can also email any old photos or other items of interest to and they will be forwarded on.

Visitor Comments

Posted by Stuart (Webmaster) at 02/04/2008 12:45
Posted by Stuart (Webmaster) at 13/07/2008 20:04
Posted by GEORGE ROBINSON at 15/08/2008 07:46
Seems like nothing has happened in 75 years, try your luck with a longer time span? (tongue in cheek).
Posted by BM Rhodes - UK Coordinator of The Viking Network. at 16/05/2009 16:28
I wonder whose idea it was to have 'Vikings' as supporters on the Goole coat of arms with horns and other peculiar objects on their helmets. There is no historical or archaeological evidence whatsoever that Vikings had horns or other adornments on their helmets (check with Jorvik Viking Museum in York). This is believed to be simply a bit of Victorian imaginative creativity that has, unfortunately, become embedded in popular consciousness.
Posted by BRIAN FREEMAN ORANGE at 07/12/2009 19:32
Would like to contact the gentleman who remembered being on the pug engine with my father Freeman orange. Would be pleased to contact.
Posted by Diann Orange at 08/12/2009 14:02
Would the writer of a recent posting a grandson of Ivy Rowley get in touch . My husband Brian Freeman Orange is the son of the Freeman Orange who worked on the railways and is more than likely the man you mentioned in your feature.
Posted by Frank Philpott at 01/02/2010 17:55
I have the chocolate tin presented to the children of Goole by Prince George in 1933. I will send you a picture of if you give me your Email. You can forward it on to the museum.
Posted by Helenna Johnson at 10/02/2011 11:50
I am currently doing a photography project for University basing my work on the architecture of Goole. I would appriciate any more date's of construction you may have which has not appeared on this site. Please email me at
Posted by Bill at 10/02/2011 16:49
Dear Helenna,Good luck with your project. The reference library at Goole should have much of the information you want. Bill
Posted by Bill at 14/02/2011 11:35
Helenna, the publications 'Goole, a pictorial history' by Susan Butler in three volumes will have all you need and more.
Posted by tony kettlewell at 19/03/2015 09:20
as a latecomer to this site thus long past the 75th anniversary year , I would wish to point out that the photo in the Goole Library museum of the Charter Mayor and Prince George wrongly names the Mayor...who in fact was my grandfather THOMAS EDWARD KETTLEWELL subsequently one of the first Freemen of the borough together with Alderman Bevan....can a correction be made to the display???
Posted by Freda Elizabeth Wheldrake at 31/08/2015 14:01
Just a note to Tony Kettlewell, my Grandfather, Richard Jolley was a great friend of both Alderman Kettlewell & Alderman Bevan. Your grandfather gave me a beautiful book each Christmas for many years, when I was a child and I remember all three men with great fondness.

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