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Swyneflet c.1195. Probably 'stretch of river where pigs are kept'. Old English swin + fleot.
'A Dictionary of English Place-Names', Oxford University Press

Welcome to Swinefleet! A passing boat with Goole in the distance The statue

There are many old brick houses with pantiled roofs in this old waterside village, where the Ouse is broad and deep as it flows to the Humber, carrying ships to the sea. There are dykes with high banks, and from Swinefleet we look across the fields and woods in a big loop of the river to the tall spire of Goole's church and the cranes of its docks. Swinefleet's church is modern.
'The King's England', edited by Arthur Mee

The river bank and road The pub The Village School

The village may owe its name to pig farming with the 'swine' been watered in the 'fleet', but others associate the village with Scandinavian invaders. The chieftan 'Sweyne' is believed to have moored here before founding his famous bus company. The river at Swinefleet was notorious with many ships being lost on the curve of the river known as the 'Swinefleet Bend'. This was eliminated in 1884 with the Ouse (Lower) Improvement Bill which strengthened the banks and retaining walls to make life easier.

The Village Hall The Village Church The garage

The 'Metropolis of Marshland' used to suffer problems with thieves and vagabonds, so a vigilante group was formed at the Ship Inn pub who set out to catch all villains. However life is more peaceful today and the pub is just full of people making the most of illegal lock-ins.

Swinefleet has twice as many streets as the other Marshland villages, although traffic is now diverted along the road away from the river. It is also the only town in the area to have a statue, the War Memorial, which greets the passing traffic.

Visitor Comments

Posted by Fred Sanderson at 24/09/2006 07:21
Hi folks,
I have just discovered that my gggrandfather James Sanderson was born at Swinefleet in 1803 at a place called "Willowsoft" Waterlane. No such names exist in the village as far as I can find out, does anyone recognise them?
We as a family moved from Goole to Leeds in 1941 but many family members continues to live there life out in the Goole, Hook area.
Posted by anthony anslow at 23/05/2007 11:13
I live in Swinefleet and my back garden backs on to the village hall. We do not have a back exit in the garden and as we are part of a community we are not allowed to use the village hall drive for deliveries. Why?
Posted by Gary MASTERMAN at 24/04/2008 16:16
Does anyone remember my favourite uncle, Keith Masterman, who died only a few years ago? He was a great character, and his wife Dolly who was an amazing pastry cook and no stranger to labouring in the local fields.
Posted by Gary MASTERMAN at 24/04/2008 16:59
I walked to Asselby from Goole in about 1963 to visit a school friend, John Pettican. I've never been back there.
Posted by simon o'corra/curry at 01/05/2008 10:45
I lived in Swinefleet with my grandparents Wilf and Mary Batty in mid-1960's. I used to love going up in the river bank to watch the great ships coming into Goole. I now live in a part of rural France that looks just like North Lincolnshire, Funny that !!
Posted by Roy Gunson at 14/05/2008 07:37
Posted by Gary MASTERMAN at 08/06/2008 12:29
Nice story, Roy. I went to school with a Graham Gunson in the sixties. A nice quiet fellow. Any relation? From memory he lived in the first house on the left as you come into Swinefleet from Goole. He was the first bloke I ever met who owned a record player.
Posted by Roy Gunson at 18/06/2008 19:55
Hi Gary.
Graham Gunson is my youngest brother, he did live in the first house in Swinefleet, he now lives in Snaith.
Do you have any connections with Swinefleet?
Posted by Roy Gunson at 18/06/2008 20:23
Hi Gary.
I have just read yor letter posted at 24/04/2008 16:16 regarding your Uncle Keith and talking with my sister Val she remembers Keith and Dolly.
I also rmember Dolly from my days living in Swinefleet, in fact I was at school with Ken, Dolly's youngest brother.
Posted by Gary MASTERMAN at 20/06/2008 12:41
Hi Roy,
Graham was in fact in my class at school and he and Colin Chapel were best mates. You must have another brother too, a couple of years older than Graham, but I don't remember his name. I believe Dolly's maiden name was Noon. Her nephews, Keith and Russell Noon lived in Fourth avenue across the road from me until I was eight (about 1961). Their mum, maybe Dolly's sister, used to make George the ice cream man cups of tea every afternoon in the school holidays when he used to stop for a break and gossip with the neighbours in St Andrews Tce. Keith and Dolly had at least three kids that I remember, a girl and two boys. Isn't it terrible, they're my cousins but I only remember the names of one of them, the middle one, Stephen; who was a big Manchester United fan, and no doubt still is. Please give my regards to Graham, I last saw him one lunch-time in The Old George in 1987. Does he still have a record player?
Posted by Sue Dickinson at 23/10/2008 11:56
I have just started to trace my family tree, I know that my dad was born in swinefleet and from what I understand his family (possibly an uncle) had a butchers shop for many years. The family name was Needham, my dad being Edward (known as Ted), his dad was Harry, married to Winifred Triss (known as Triss), does anyone have any information that would help me fill in the blanks and move further down the line!!?
Posted by Wilf Brown at 23/10/2008 20:10
I remember the butchers shop it was on High Street next door and east of Gorbets shop, which was at the top of Common Piece which joined High street to Low street in the middle of the village. Harrys son, I can't remember his name was a couple of years younger than me. I think he had a Masters Mariners certificate. Regards Wilf.
Posted by Wilfred Brown at 23/10/2008 23:09
Sorry Sue I didnot make it clear the butcher I remeber was called Harry he would have been born about 1910.
Posted by Chris Andrews at 24/10/2008 23:52

I was just wondering if anyone remembered by grandfather Alfred Andrews. He was born in Swinefleet in 1895 and lived there or in Reedness all his life. He died in 1970. I know that he worked for Fred Hill as a wheelwright for many years.

I am also related to the Bell, Woolas, Gunson, Theaker, Risebury and Tuke names. Any information would be very much appreciated.
Posted by B. Campbell at 25/11/2008 19:54
To Sue Dickinson. The last family of Needham (butchers) in High Street, Swinefleet, was as I recall Mr. Les Needham who had a daughter by the name of Barbara. I can't be sure but I think the shop traded in the Needham name up to the late sixties possibly early seventies.
Posted by Alan Anderson at 14/02/2009 20:47
Reference Chris Andrews 'Posting',Oct.2008.Did you get any info Chris.My wifes Grandmother was a second wife to a 'Alf' Andrews,we don't have a lot of info but we know of his Grand Daughter if it's the same man.
Posted by Polo at 27/02/2009 15:53
Gary Masterman, there's a name I know. If you went to school with Graham Gunson you went to school with me too.
I reckon you were in Chester house at the modern school and sometimes played in goal instead of me ? Remember Jarvo, Graham Skinner, John Revell, Pud rice, yea and John Pettican, Turkey Burton, Jimmy Mann, John Harding to name but a few lads. I thought you emigrated to oz Gary? some of the girls I remember were Jeryl Ward, Joan Kirk, Katy McBride, Janet Whitely.
Knew your uncle Keith and aunt Dolly well.
Stay lucky mate.
Posted by Gary Masterman at 15/03/2009 16:36
I haven't tuned into this site for a while. Who is this "Polo" bloke who remembers me so well? Fancy remembering I was In Chester house. I must thank you for the memory rush you gave me by dropping all those names. Yes, they are but a few. I remember all of them and more. Now let me see, who did I replace in goal (though I find that hard to believe), probably lives or lived in Swinefleet, and knew my favourite uncle and his dear wife, Dolly? I have a theory but I won't mention the name here. Yes, I did emigrate to Oz, and I'm still there, or should that be here? Anyway, I was back in England in '73, '76, '87 and '91, and visited Swinefleet on each occasion. I'm long overdue another visit. Luck be with you, too, my mysterious friend.
Posted by Polo at 20/03/2009 09:49
Re Gary Masterman
Hi Gary, just read your mail on the schools link. you did recall me ok. I often say to my wife about this lucky guy called GM going to OZ when we were kids and wondered if you were still there. Really good that we have had chance to come together again.
It is good that you keep in touch with Sam Skinner. Remember getting kicked out of Miss Finch's french class with Sam went over to Mr Salmon and did commerce. Never got into french couldnt see the point really France was a long way off, but how was I proved to be wrong later down the line !!I ended up working for the French for 19 years which was brilliant, having French workmates taught me the language and all the swear words aswell !! I haven't lost my sense of humour because that's just me, no matter what you do or how much your paid to do it you still need to have a laugh. Times gone by quickly since leaving school, but it is good to recall some of the good days we had and the lads and lasses that we had them with. who needed computers and DVD's in them days, if you had a bike and a bit of cheek you could get by.
Saw the charcoal on tv ?, not nice, but you come from Goole mate and you will always survive. Best wishes to you and yours. Polo
Posted by corby bunting at 25/03/2009 15:12
To Sue Dickinson. I am also interested in the Dickinson family of Goole and could you tell me your father and grandfather's christian names. I may be able to help you in your search

Its the Dickinson connection I am seeking so it's your husband's Dad and Grandad's christian names I'm after. Thanks Corby
Posted by Tom at 30/03/2009 07:43
Having moved to Swinefleet in the Old Policehouse I was wondering if anyone knows the owner of the vacant plot of land adjacent to us, I had always presumed it would be landscaped as garden for the seemingly vacant house which has yet to yield any neighbours. It was fenced off a while ago but has been left untouhched since.
Posted by Andy Masterman at 28/07/2009 17:44
Re Gary Masterman (15/03/09) Its the first time i've been on this site so not seen the letters posted before now. Are you the dishevelled hippy that knocked on my mam and dads door in late 70's/early 80's ? Janet is the oldest, then Steve, then me. Our kid is still a Man U fan (Pains me to even write it !) but we don't hold it against him ! My auntie Shirly Noon was my mams sister-in-law, she maried mams brother Colin. My dad never realy got over my mams death altough he did get a new lease of life when he had his second triple heart bypass but in the end it contributed towards his death. Lost touch with the family since then. Still see Aunt Eva and Uncle Alan now and again but not seen my favourite uncle Des since mams funeral. How is every one at your end ? Hope all is well with you and yours and look forward to hearing from you soon, Andy.
Posted by Andy Masterman at 28/07/2009 17:51
Re 'Polo' If you knew 'Dolly and Kieth' so well, how come i've never heard of you ? Do you have a real name ? Cheers, Andy.
Posted by Gary Masterman at 04/08/2009 21:31
Gooday Andy Masterman! Great to be talking to flesh and blood at the other side of the world, and I hope you and yours are keeping well, too. Yes, that was me at your place in 1976, though I'm not so dishevilled any more. I remember discussing Australian politics with your dad on that occassion and being surprised about how much he knew about Gough Whitlam (who is still alive and in his 90's, would you believe). Your dad was my favourite uncle from when I was very young. I'll always remember him for his generosity and dry sense of humour. In fact, when bullies from Old Goole learned I was Keith Masterman's nephew they quickley decided I was their buddy. We didn't visit you all that often when we were kids but when we did your mum and dad always gave us a warm welcome. It was usually a Sunday, and always your mum had her many cakes and pies cooling on the kitchen table; I could smell them as soon as we got out of the car. Come to think of it, maybe that's why my dad always chose a sunday to visit. Salt of the earth, your mum and dad, but I'm sure you don't need me to tell you. Eva and Alan are good value, too. I remember Des, of course, but can't put a face to him. I'm sure you'll restore contact with your family soon. If you see Steve, don't tell him that I'm a Liverpool suporter.
Cheers, Gary.
Posted by Andy Masterman at 05/08/2009 12:48
Fantastic to hear from you, won't mention Liverpool to Steve. He hasn't got over me being a Leeds Utd supporter yet ! Been thinking about taking a trip out your way at some point, would be nice to see everyone again. It would also put some faces to names for my partner Lesley. Unfortunately she never had the chance to meet my mam and dad but enjoys hearing the many stories from me and people whe knew them. Glad your all ok over there, please send my best wishes to to everyone.
Posted by Gary Masterman at 05/08/2009 19:51
Hi again Andy Masterman - I'm on night shift at the moment and it's affecting my manners. Poor excuse, I know, but you can contact me on:
Posted by gillian morritt at 30/08/2009 17:45
hi message to chris andrews
my great grandma was a theaker before she married mr r j hitchcock she was born in 1892 her father was called thomas theaker born 1851 her mother was called mary elizabeth theaker born1854 they lived in the high street eastoft would love to swap notes my email is
Posted by c petch at 03/09/2009 22:07
my mother and her brother were evauated to the vicarage i am trying to fine the name of to days vicar so that look back and see if there is anything in the church records of them years ago in the 1940s the vicar was called mcpherson x
Posted by Joan at 18/09/2009 20:30
I used to live in Swinefleet in the sixties. I went to the primary school for one (very miserable,brutal year - anyone remember a Miss West), married from the church there. I went to Chapel in Whitgift at the same time as Frank Ella and his twin and sister Kathleen. Anyone know who lives in 74 High Street house? Used to be a wheelwrights and then stored bags in the large barn. Then taken over by a joiner.
Posted by Polo at 04/12/2009 08:33
Hi Andy Masterman, so you too have discovered a good web site. It was nice to find your Gary contributing from oz it was a pleasant surprise to me as I went to the modern school with him but lost touch when he emigrated. I was always envious of him doing a trick like that!! It is fascinating to see just who turns up on the web from all corners of the globe. Yea, I knew your mam and dad, Dolly and Keith very well, really really nice people, down to earth and they always said it as it was. Your Steven was slightly younger than me and Janet just a bit older than me. Alan and Susan lived at the other end of the K, Road. I haven't seen Susan since my mums funeral so please give her my regards when you next speak. Polo, it was a nickname given to me for whatever reason by Sagi Woolass at the garage and I still use it on the odd occasion. I lived two doors away from your mam and dad that's how I knew them so well ? I now live in deepest Lincolnshire and have done for 30 odd years. Stay lucky. PB.
Posted by Sam at 26/02/2010 11:24
Wracking my brains here to put a name to a pub in Swinefleet that has now gone.
It was on the High Street on the left going towards Reedness. If I remember correctly it was painted green and white and just passed it you could access the river bank. I believe there was a haulage company opposite it. Anyone know of it please.

Posted by Wilf at 26/02/2010 23:17
Pub? I think was called the Neptune? The haulage company opposite was L&A Read. The piece of land giving access to the river was known as the Hobb. In the 1940s there were two large orchards down Reedness Road just outside the end of the village streching from the road to the river bank. The near one was owned by the Moy family who lived in Church Lane and the far one by the publican at the Neptune. Regards to all.
Posted by Ken G Grant at 15/03/2010 21:05
I have been reading this with interest. I was born in Swinefleet on April 7th 1946, my mothers name was Nancy and father was known as Jock.
Soon we moved to Cooper Street in Old Goole and then some years later we moved to Carter Street in Goole.
I am interested is finding any photos of the River Ouse in 1947 when it was frozen solid. I vaguely recall my mother telling me this.
When it comes to finding things on the web I am way at the bottom of the class lol. Thank you Ken
Posted by Ken G Grant at 24/03/2010 09:07
Many thanks Stuart, I have only just got back to this but I will enjoy the links thanks.
Posted by Sue Arne(nee Bristow) at 09/09/2010 23:40
Hello to anyone who may have known of my Great grandparents Arthur and Ada Bristow. I think they may have lived in Goole Hall many years ago (early 20thCent) I have been told Arthur lost his farm to horse betting and the family moved to a smaller farm near Westwoodside. His grandson, my dad Winston emigrated to Australia in 1956 and I am now living in British Columbia and starting to plan a trip back to the Old Country next year. Any info would be interesting to me.
Thanks, Sue.
Posted by Sue Arn(nee Bristow) at 11/09/2010 04:37
I have to apologise for some erroneous information I sent in an an earlier message. The people who lived in Goole Hall were my Great grandmother's (Ada Mary Oldrige) either brother or uncle.
My dad seems to think the name could have been Samuel Oldridge, he remembers them visiting in the 1940's in a car which they drove to Westwoodside. Dad also believes that the Hall is now a nursing home and that the people now have a restaurant in Goole, he thinks it's called the Capricorn?
I wish he had a better memory for these things!!
Anyhow I thank anyone in advance if they have any information regarding the Oldriges or Bristows, whom I believe also lived in Eastoft. Thanks once again from British Columbia. The Brits really used to get around didn't they??
Posted by Sam at 13/09/2010 15:21
Re Sue Arn
Hi there, The name of Oldridge still lives on at Goole Hall.
You are correct about the Hall house being a nursing home though which it has been for many a year now. The site is split into two seperate businesses the farm and the nursing home. Both businesses are not related. The one I know most about is the farm enterprise which is owned by John Oldridge. John does not actually live at the farm but on Main St. at Reedness.
The Oldridge family are well known in the area and if you track them down they will no doubt be able to fill you in with lots of family history. All the Oldridges are very nice people.
Posted by Sue Arne(nee Bristow) at 14/09/2010 04:12
Thanks very much for that Sam, interesting to hear about the old hall still being part of a working farm which is great.
I know farming is such an important part of my families' history but something sadly I have had little experience of apart from a hobby farm with sheep and goats when we were in Australia.
I will make a point of catching up with John next summer when I visit Goole with my dad.
Thanyou once again.
Posted by cinders at 21/09/2010 13:23
just found this site. anyone who can help me i would be very grateful. im looking for the family of mary masterman who wed john elcock in beverley minster in 1809.
Posted by chris cowling at 04/11/2010 21:27
I am writing on behalf of a friend of mine,her name is janet russell was (cottam) and she lived in swinefleet 1950 up to 1965,she would like to know if anyone is in touch with someone who was called margery gray and lived in high street opposite the fish and chip shop in swinefleet around the same time period then moved to scunthorpe. thanx
Posted by Vicki Bristow at 13/02/2011 23:10
I have a Bristow connection to Reedness/Whitgift. Interested in hearing from anyone else who might also.
Posted by Sam at 18/02/2011 11:51
Re Chris Cowling, wouldn't be Rhythem stick would it ? Just a thought !
Margery Grey remember her and she had a brother Phillip, Flint by any other name, good lad and a good laugh whilst we were mooching the streets of Swinefleet. Can't shed light on where they are now but definately moved to Scunny.
Posted by IAN HURLEY at 16/06/2011 11:35
flint and madge my aunt and uncle,both live in scunthorpe
Posted by ian hurley at 16/06/2011 11:38
i was born 63 high street my grandad lived there ,walt tune (sadly gone)spent all my summers in swin flit , mates with jonny drury
Posted by sam obrien at 17/06/2011 21:56
OMG... i lived in swinefleet until 1985. I went out with Andrew Masterman and best friends with Lorraine Cowling. Some of my best memoires were sitting outside the church on the wall. Or in the phonebox opposite the garage.
I lived on church lane...what a brill place.!!!!!! Think i need to re visit.
Posted by Sam at 20/06/2011 11:53
Re Sam O'Brien. Sitting on the church wall brings back loads of memories if it could only talk ! generations of kids have made it the place to congregate in Swiney. The old phone box has some tales to tell as well, plus it was very useful when it was raining. Sagie Woolass at the garage wouldn't let you linger in the shop long keeping out of the rain unless you were spending money of course so the phone box was the next best thing. But no matter what, the phone box never got vandalised, suppose it and the one on Gunsons corner were the only life lines out to civilisation. Don't know what the record is now a days but we managed to get thirteen kids in the box and shut the door. Remember me and my mate sat on the wall one Saturday afternoon when Pete Rowells the village copper stopped in his Ford Anglia and accused us of and I quote "obliterating a normally erected sign post " as he said passing motorists couldn't see the cheverons for the corner, and if we were there when he came back he would clip our ears. Brilliant days.
Posted by Sam at 20/06/2011 12:05
Re Ian Hurley, I knew someone would eventually come up with info on Flint, you can't keep a good man down. It is really good to know the guy is still alive and kicking. Not a lot to do in Swinefleet on a dark night but mooch around in gangs eventually ending up at the chippy near your uncle Walts. The chippys bright lights were a magnet to us lot. Remember me and my mate jumping out of a dark door hole on Low Street just as Flint was passing one night, I can see him now running into the road shouting obscenities at us and saying if he'd had a bad heart he could have died !! we were in hysterics but he would get his own back. He was a good lad to know so all the best to him when you see him.
Posted by Taz at 24/06/2011 21:54
Re Sam
Followed your blogs for quite a while now and the ones under your other nom de plume - presume he's retired now!! You haven't changed and certainly tell it like it was - I remember those days like they were yesterday - pity I can't remember what happened yesterday - must be an age thing!! Vaguely remember the rythm stick reference but need another clue.
Posted by Sam at 27/06/2011 08:30
Re Taz. Hi, old Polo is still going strong but takes alot of holidays !! Can't see any other way of tellin things really, why use two words when one will do. The rythem stick reference goes back to the CB days (am) when another Swinefleet lad used the handle, mine being Humble Pie, after the brilliant band of the same name, but I have eaten my fair share too over the years I might add, now those were good days and nights !! Can't get a handle on Taz though? but no doubt it will dawn sometime or other if you stick a few more clues in. Stay lucky fella.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 09/08/2011 12:20
To Ian Hurley i have no memory of Walter Tune but have many photos of Bill Tunes family of Swinefleet.Bill Tune apparently fell asleep in his chair with his pipe going and burnt himself to death..If you contact me(my email address are on these pages) Or enter your contact details and I will send you Pics
Posted by taz at 02/10/2011 23:04
Hi again Sam. Just watched the best bit of X Factor - the credits at the end - and noticed a Pete Rowell in there! Prompted me to write again. I was the mate obliterating the sign post with you and the same one who jumped out in front of Flint. You called me Taz for a while - a name you picked up from your days at 'Sun Engineering' (the old lads never got used to the new A.K. name and would ask 'Is your mate still at Sun Engineering?'). The old place was better in the days when there was a copper in the village instead of one riding through about once a month!
Posted by Sam at 04/10/2011 11:34
Re Taz, Well well it's nice to hear from you my old mate, alot of water has gone under the bridge since them days but still the memories seem to be as crystal clear as yesterday. Don't visit the old place much as it seems to be too far from the dreaded motorways today. Did see our old boss and his missus ( DHP ) a couple of years ago but age is creeping up on them aswell DH well into his 70's now. Last I heard of you you were over Snaith way I think. I ran into the lad from Sun eng. a while back who called me Taz, not changed a bit and still calls me by that name. Can you remember jumping out of the graveyard one night at Weedy Leighton on his bike coming back from Sagies ? hell did he get a spurt on. I told someone about the 'bomb' Frank Tabbiner had in his shed when I nearly bricked myself the day he dropped it, you and him couldn't stop laughing as I tried to climb over you to get out..crazy days. Had chance to have a mooch round Pasture and Common a few years back, unrecognisable, but the memories are still there, so much so I wrote a series of stories about those days and the folks who worked there, one of them is the story about you running after a rat with a stick over the frozen beet field and you accidentally fell on top of the rat !! how things have moved on since our youth. Well nice to talk to you again, stay lucky.
Posted by John L Needham II at 07/10/2011 01:46
Hi I was wondering if anyone remebers my familly from swinefleet. My familly name is Needham My dad was john Needham who was born in swinefleet around 1945. He had a sister Called Barbara Wimsey who passed away in the early 70's and lived in swinefleet as well. his father and grandfather owned the butcher shop in swinefleet also. His mother was Myriam Needham and I dont remeber my grandfather as he passed before I was born. I am trying to find out if he had a brother (my dad John needham). Barbara wimsey had 2 daughters with Jack wimsey called karen and yvonne who still live in the area or even in swinefleet i believe.

I live in The USA now and any help would really be appreciated.
Posted by Taz at 09/10/2011 22:08
Re John Needham. I remember Les Needham the butcher who would be your grandfather but think he packed up in the 1960s. His shop seemed to be empty for a long time before it was knocked down - I remember the big window acting like a mirror when you drove around the corner. Jack Wimsey died a few years ago but his daughter Karen, married now, stlll lives in the village. I think Yvonne lives in Old Goole.
Re Corby Bunting. Walt Tune lived on High Street next to, or where The Ship car park is now. I think his brother Tommy lived with him. They lived near 'Bod Billy' whose rows of bird cages seemed to stretch all the way along the narrow back yard and into his house.
To Sam. Yes you could certainly write a book about the characters we new back then but it wouldn't stop there because surely you must have met far more since those days as I certainly have. The bomb and the rat are two that I have recounted many times since. Have Petty's got the part for your Yamaha yet - I remember going with you there nearly every Saturday to see it slowly disappearing under the dust. DHP is one of the best blokes I have ever known. My times spent with him have had a lasting influence on me - his wise words often come back to me. 'You young lads' he used to say to us when we weren't doing things the right way because we knew best. I remember him saying that you could write a letter on the top of the cab of the 165 when you got stuck one day with the spud wheels on! TV used to call me Sam too!
Posted by sam at 10/10/2011 13:31
Re Taz, Yea DHP's words come back to haunt me now and again too, some you didn't understand when you just a young lad but time makes them much clearer. An amusing one was his boots when he said he'd give you that up the 14th lace hole Ha Ha. Remember Swinefleets "heavy gang" Herby, Jacub and Les ! only recalled Herby's reply the other day when someone asked the quickest way down from a roof " shut your eyes and walk about " I recon TV called most folks Sam but again he taught me a lot and was a brill guy to work for.I did see him at Hall corner about 3 years back which was good and thankfully I saw Dave Ward before he passed away. Where has all the time gone Taz, done so much yet there's so much more left to do. I had to recall some of the Bimbo stories, they brought tears to my eyes laughing at his antics when writing them down. I also recall the 165 incident, it was DHP's fault he should have had the field drained !!wet holes all over it.!! Like you I have met some weird and wonderful folks over the years but the old Swinefleet days and the charachters around there still take some beating. KB. Wowie it's Bowie, Ash C. no need to save any money lad they won't leave me stinking on the top long. ha ha. Hope you and yours are doing ok no doubt speak again sometime.
Posted by Margaret Allerton at 11/10/2011 15:43
My late husband Joe, had a branch of his family who lived in the High Street, Swinefleet. I visited the house with him many times and remember his Aunt Liza /Eliza and Uncle Levitt, Billy, Sally,Annie, George, and Herbert. I am sure some descendents of this large family will still be around ,
Posted by Alan Anderson at 24/10/2011 23:11
My sister in law, Ann Lattimore(Nee. Marshall)who used to live in Swinefleet in the 'Sixties' remembers a woman who she thinks was Anna Johanson,maybe connected to one of the local farms. Does anybody out there have any knowledge of her or a similar name.Could be a link with Ann Andrews of Whitgift.
Posted by swinefleet in the blood at 11/11/2011 13:54
my family are all swinefleet raised my father is trevor noon my (late) grandfather Eric noon and my grandmother on my mums side is Joan Tabbiner
Posted by julie at 19/11/2011 15:32
my family is the woolass family and have lived in swinefleet all there lives i mum is doing a family tree is there anybody out there related or know of the woolass family.
Posted by Alan Anderson at 19/11/2011 16:58
Reference Julie and the Woolass Family.Hello Julie,I have a friend calle Mike Roberts who lives in Cheshire but is related to the Woolass family and has history going back to 1769 I think.I have asked him to contact you through this Web Site..Bye, Alan at Reedness.
Posted by robina at 21/11/2011 11:48
thanx alan of reedness, 0pe to hear from your friend soon. ive traced it back to 1881 so far, ope we can help each other.
Posted by julie from swinefleet at 29/11/2011 17:56
does anyone remember my uncle morris woolass he was killed outside the mum said he was a lovely boy and everyone loved him.
Posted by Mike Roberts at 04/12/2011 16:54
In response to Julie's Nov 19th enquiry and Alan Anderson's comment, it is true that I have on file quite a lot of history for the Woollass family. Contrarily my maternal grandfather insisted on this spelling! It is some time since I visited this website.
I won't take credit for establishing the file as much of the work was done by a distant relative who now lives near Edinburgh. I can be contacted via the Webmaster
Posted by Rob coleman at 16/12/2011 10:28
Posted by Maxine at 01/01/2012 17:01
My late father Joseph Wilson was born in The George pub in 1928.
My Great Aunt Ada was married to a Woolass.
Posted by Sue at 10/02/2012 22:09
Anyone else remember the pub which was discussed above - we believe it was The Neptune? Was it at 49 High Street?
Posted by Taz at 15/02/2012 23:02
Sue - The Neptune was further along than number 49 - probably about 101 High Street next to the bungalow on the left opposite Reed's haulage yard entrance.
Posted by Taz at 15/02/2012 23:05
Can anyone remember the Rising Sun pub? I can't but apparently it was next to the King's Head.
Posted by Edward Richardson at 21/02/2012 22:02
Hello residents of Swinefleet, just found this site so thought i would add a few words . Im sure most of yoy will remember my parents Fred and Gert Richardson also my brother Walter ,born and bred in the village .Im now living in Torquay in South Devon with my partner Kev , i still visit rfom time to time, i find there are new faces each time i do come up , not so many of the old ones left i would guess .
Posted by Roy Gunson at 26/02/2012 20:22
The Rising Sun was next to the Kings Head on High Street. Swinefleet. a photo can be seen on my flickr photostream at
Posted by mark " eggo" bristow at 26/03/2012 11:28
my grandfather was called George bristow and i believe that he had many father is eric bristow of old goole and he had many brothers.they were called Roy and Ernie.i believe my family orginate from swinefleet.does anybody have any info on my family background!!!
Posted by IAN HURLEY at 12/04/2012 12:57
Walt Tune lived at 63 high street next to the ship car park as it was(now part of the car park)straight across from mrs ogalvies shop
walt brothers lived next door to him tommy and alf tune (alf was a bit like compo)
his daughter florrie lived with him
Posted by Chris Andrews at 23/04/2012 22:31
Hi Alan and Julie,

Re the Andrews and Woolas families. I researched them both a lot - I have the Woolas line traced back to circa 1750. Alf Andrews was married to Ann as his second wife. Alan i think this was you wife's grandmother. Would love to hear from you both.

Posted by Tony Fletcher at 09/05/2012 07:20
I have seen postings from Gary Masterman on this site and I would really like to get in touch with him, the only problem is that the email address he has given in his posting is no longer valid.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation.
Posted by Polo at 09/05/2012 15:23
Re Tony Fletcher.
There can only be one TF from that era " Flicker". Well if it is you it has been a long time since the modern school days. Just a thought have a look under the schools listing about May 2011 Peter Masterman is on there and he may have Garys address. None the less Gary will surface before too long anyway if you have no luck contacting him direct. Know he is now well into OZ but he is still a Goolie at heart. Stay lucky.
Posted by Gary MASTERMAN at 09/05/2012 18:06
re Tony Fletcher & Polo - Gooday guys..! You're dead right there, Polo, still a Goolie at heart! And I'm guessing I popped up on this site even sooner than you thought. I only get time to check it when I'm on nightshift, which is what I'm on right now. Sorry I missed your call today, Tony, but I got the message that you rang. I've got your details and I'll contact you soon. Would be good to contact you too, Polo. The old days, eh! Where would you even begin to talk about them? In the pub over a pint or three, I'm thinking. And I'm thinking I'm long overdue for that.
Great to hear from you both. Oh, and "stay lucky".
Posted by Andy Tune at 02/07/2012 20:06
hi corby bunting
just seen your message about Bill Tune
would like if possible as much info you can
give me it would help with my reshearch.

Posted by David McKone at 23/07/2012 10:23
Does anyone know anything or have any pictures of Neptune House(previously the Neptune Inn) High Street
Posted by stephen eccles at 06/08/2012 00:37
i was raised in Goole but left for Australia in 1965 have fond memories of goole, i am on facebook if any one remembers, i saw Garry Masterman in australia in the seventies and saw Barbara clyne and Graham Walker when i last visited goole in 1979, would like to hear from others i knew.
Posted by Corby Bunting at 24/08/2012 22:31
To AndyTune. sorry I missed you .I have not been through the villages for some time.Yes, I have a number of Bill's old photographs which I think may be of interest To you Contact me at
Posted by Anno at 29/08/2012 15:49
Moved back to swinefleet with my daughters , a few years ago . And i must say that the village is beautiful , but the people in it are so nosey and single minded , i cant go to the local any more , as there seems to be always trouble directed @ my family , will move out as soon as pos . I wouldnt advised anyone to move there , worst people in the country
Posted by Bill at 29/08/2012 20:17
Anno, I've no axe to grind either way but I'm intrigued at such a strong accusation. What are they 'single minded' about and what is the alleged trouble about your family? I'm just curious so don't feel you have to reply.
Posted by John L Needham II at 27/11/2012 01:47
To Sue Dickinson, sue please contact me if you can at the email address given we are related some how the butcher shop was my great great granpas Les Needham. I am now in the USA but would love to find out more about my fathers side of the family wich was kinda small. Also if anyone remembers if Les Needham had 2 sons? My dad was John Needham sr he was a Capt in the merhcant navy. Well any help from anyone would be great specially about him having a brother that possibly drowned.
Posted by myrtle at 22/01/2013 16:16
trying to trace the freeman family susan freeman married george thompson farmer goole fields
Posted by Janet Stead (nee Tyler) at 22/01/2013 20:11
Message for Myrtle

Hi, Susan Freeman was my auntie, who farmed at Goole Fields.
Her daughter also called Myrtle, my cousin married Hubert Fletcher
who had a daughter, called Maureen. My mother was Eva Alice Freeman, her sister, who was in service with her.

Posted by myrtle at 23/01/2013 18:46
HI Janet so thrilled to hear from you l am margaret freemans daughter named after my auntie myrtle.l have been doing a family tree and would love you to e-mail me at
Posted by myrtle at 23/01/2013 20:44
Hi Janet l wondered if you knew where my uncle george thompson family live now l believe he had 5 boys and one girl
Posted by Jane Freeman at 28/01/2013 20:47
Message for Myrtle & Janet

I am Jane Freeman, daughter of Roger - Janet's cousin (hi Janet!), the only son of George Freeman, who was Eva's brother. Don't know a lot about the Freemans - just a few bits, but would be glad to help if you think I can.

Janet, hope you are all well? We are all fine here - just enjoying my last few weeks of maternity leave after having Esther Margaret, who is now 6 months old. George is a devoted big brother. Love Jane
Posted by myrtle at 30/01/2013 15:52
Hello Jane, Janet told me you were following in your fathers footsteps and that you are working at Leeds hospital.My Grandma Susan and your grandfather were brother and sister.l wonder if you knew much about my great grandad Freeman other than we think he was a vet and farrier?
Posted by Janet Stead (nee Tyler) at 30/01/2013 17:53
Hi Jane
Good to see you are all well. Enjoy the rest of your leave.
I am fine, thanks I "keep taking the tablets" as they say.
love to your mum and Amy.
Posted by Jane at 14/02/2013 13:52
Hi Myrtle,
I don't know any more than you really. I had heard rumours about him being a vet, but when I did some dredging a few years back, I think he was listed as a farrier. On going much further back (early 19th century) I found a vet. Unfortunately most of the research was lost in a computer meltdown, but could be retraced. It was just done using census records.
You will know that Great Uncle Bill is commemorated on the war memorial in Swinefleet, having died in the last few days of WW1. His medal passed to my Dad, and thence to me. It is still in its original envelope adressed to Great Grandma - the address is Clough Head, 7 Swinefleet, if that is of any help. I also have a photograph of the family outside their home, which I can scan and send you, if you haven't already got it.
Best wishes
Posted by myrtle at 22/02/2013 14:15
Hello Jane l am very grateful for anything you think might be of interest you can e-mail me at Janet has been a great help and helped me to get back in touch with my cousins that l lost touch with.
Posted by Margaret Dickinson at 17/03/2013 21:34
My dad's family came from Swinefleet and I lived there until the age of seven when my family moved to Scunthorpe. My maiden name was Thompson and we lived at number 1 Old Hob, on the High Street opposite Cowlings farm, the house no longer exists its an opening leading to the riverbank now. I can remember my best friend was called Nadine but can't remember her surname, she had a niece called Corrine who I think was a couple of years older than her. Nadine lived nearly opposite the butchers shop on the High Street,I would love to know what happened to her. I did hear she lived in Hull but don't know if that's true. I used to attend Sunday School on Low Street and still have my attendance books from there.I can still remember the teacher or cook from school making the Christmas pudding and everyone in class having a stir and making a wish. I can also remember being taught to knit - unsuccesfully in my case, I had more holes in my dishcloth than I had dishcloth !! Happy memories.
Posted by Margaret Dickinson at 19/03/2013 20:16
I missed out on my previous post that my parents Mary and Herbert Thompson with me in tow left Swinefleet in 1956 to move to Scunthorpe.
Posted by B. Campbell at 26/03/2013 16:52
To Margaret Dickinson Just to confirm re your friends Nadine and Corrine. Nadine surname was cooper and did live opposite Needham butchers shop. Her cousin Corrine surname garthwaite, both families did move to Hull. Nadine and Corrine are still living in the Hull area.
Posted by Margaret Dickinson at 26/03/2013 20:55
Thank you so much B Campbell for your information about Nadine and Corrine, as soon as I read Nadine's surname I recognised it straightaway. I hope they are both well and happy in Hull, it must be about fifty five years since I saw Nadine and even longer since I saw Corrine. Many thanks for your information, its lovely we have a site like this to ask questions and share memories etc.
Posted by B. Campbell at 27/03/2013 16:27
Hello again Margaret, for your further interest. Go to the website.....Swinefleet Memories by Roy Gunson. It is a very comprehensive look back at the village, probably as you remember it. If you have any difficulty finding it, leave a further message. Kind regards.
Posted by Margaret Dickinson at 27/03/2013 22:37
Many thanks B Campbell for the info of Roy Gunson's web site. Some great photos on there, one I was particularly interested was titled ' murder cottage ' Church Lane. My mum's friend Elsie Cowling lived there for many years up to her death in the 1970's just wondered if you or anyone else knew the story about it. Any info will be much appreciated.
Posted by Stuart - Webmaster at 28/03/2013 08:01
Hi Margaret - Click on the Ecclesiastical Guide link at the top right for some feedback comments about 'Murder Cottage'
Posted by Margaret Dickinson at 28/03/2013 13:18
Hi Stuart many thanks for your info, I have looked it up and found all what I was looking for from other people's correspondence about ' Murder Cottage '. It was really interesting to find out, and that supports the facts my mum told me that her friend Elsie Cowling bought the house cheap because no one wanted to live there. Great result to my query.
Posted by julie of swinefleet at 01/05/2013 20:33
re-Anno i have lived in swinefleet all my life and love it.i do understand what you mean about some people here but were not all the same. there is some lovely people living here.we flooded last year and the amount of people that offered help was amazing
Posted by John L Needham II at 09/12/2013 22:15
In response to Les Needham he was my great grandfather and owned the butcher shop in Swinefleet. He had a Son John Needham who indeed got his mariners certifacte and was a captain for 20 years he passed away back in 1984. I am actually trying to find out myself if Les Needham had 2 sons or not. I am living in the United States and his side of the family was very small.
Posted by Margaret Dickinson at 20/12/2013 19:38
John, in reply to your query about your great grandfather who was a butcher in Swinefleet, I have asked a friend of mine who lived there for many many years and still visits very regularly about him, and she said he only had 1 son but also had a daughter called Barbara who died fairly young but had 2 daughters herself. My grandparents and dad were from Swinefleet and I lived there until I was 7 years old, but that is 55 years ago now (where have the years gone!!), but I can remember seeing your great granddad taking a pig down the street and round the back of his shop, I was only 5 years old at the time and in my innocence thought he was taking the pig for a walk but it was going to be killed in the back of the premises as they did in those days. Hope this bit of information is of help to you.
Posted by Ruth at 03/09/2014 10:11

I am thinking of moving to Swinefleet and am viewing a bungalow on the high street this weekend. Me and my Husband have 3 young children and I was wondering what there is for them to do there as they are used to being kept busy with swimming lessons and gymnastics etc. I can't find any information on the web so was hoping you guys would help?
Posted by Peter Taylor at 11/02/2015 16:34
There is Goole leisure centre for swimming & all the usual leisure centre activities.
Several gymnastic & dance groups in Goole.
Goole rugby club & tennis club.
Posted by Sam at 11/01/2016 11:26
Re Taz, Real sad day today mate, time to remember the "Ship" and Wowie it's Bowie. Both DB and KB legends in our life time. Seems like yesterday.
Stay lucky
Posted by Taz at 17/01/2016 16:58
Hi Sam, yeah really bad for the music world, I just bought his latest album, no downloads for me sad git that I am - I like to read the sleeve notes!. KBs mate Mick Ronson went a few years ago, Trevor Bolder went too - just leaves the Spider's drummer Mick Woody Woodmansey who is still drumming for a band who's name I can't remember! Good memories though. All the best to you.
Posted by Roy Gunson at 09/02/2016 08:01
Posted by Roy Gunson at 14/05/2008 07:37. I see this comment I posted has now been deleted, only the heading remains on the page. is there a reason for this? An explanation would be appreciated.
Posted by Stuart - Webmaster at 20/02/2016 09:22
Hi Roy,

Some of the old posts are not displaying correctly. This was due to an issue last year when the website moved hosting companies (different database collations - you know how it goes). The old posts have not been lost, they are just not displaying correctly. This will be fixed soon
Posted by Graham Alcock at 14/04/2016 21:25
People of Swinefleet, Reedness, Ousefleet and all the Marshland villages beware. New East Riding planning policies now mean we can have no more new housing. We will loose our schools in time because of this short minded policy.
Posted by A Revell at 09/05/2016 16:26
Are there any Revells still living in Swinefleet?
Posted by fiona graham at 18/05/2016 12:46
we moved to swinefleet in april 2014. i am most intested in finding out ANYTHING about the house we bought. number 6 high street swinefleet. we were told by a neighbour that it was once a threshing mill? it has a plaque on the front stating walkers buildings 1875. would really appreciate any guidance on where to start digging for information
Posted by Wilf Brown at 02/06/2016 09:27
Hi Fiona. I was brought up in a cottage on Goole Road and walked past your back gate on the way to school until about 1942. I can only recall seeing the Barn door open on one occasion. No.6 was occupied by George Cowling and family. George was an electrian. He had a battery charger and charged wet batteries which were used in radios. I seem to think he charged about six old pence for the service. I was friendly with Norman who lived at No.4 and they shared the back yard with No6. I can remember most of the names in the area. You can get my web address from the webmaster. Cheers.
Posted by Sue Dickinson at 25/09/2016 20:52
John Needham
I tried emailing the address you posted but had no response, is this still current?
Posted by John Needham at 24/10/2019 23:28
This is so many years after these posts about the Needham Butchers. But I am John Needhams son. So John L Needham 2. Les was my grandfather I never got to meet. And Miriam was his wife. He did have a daughter called barbara who died in 1975. My father John L Needham did indeed go into the merchant marines for many many years and was a captain. He passed in 1985 of cancer. My 2 cousins still live in Swinefleet I belive Yvonne and Karen Wimsey was their last name back then. I know my Great grandfather had the butcher shop too. its was demolished back in the 90's and 2 apartments were made from the place or flats i should call them. Also I am not sure if my father had a brother that passed or drowned in his teens if anyone has any info on that. Anyway I hope this helps a little.
Posted by Taz at 09/11/2019 17:21
John Needham
The butchers shop and house were demolished and now form part of the front garden to a recently (1980s?) built bungalow. Gorbutt's shop a little further on is where the flats were built plus a parking area.
Karen is married and still lives in the village and I believe Yvonne lives in Old Goole.

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