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The following people were influential in the development of Goole as a port or were the town's claims to fame from the past.

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Posted by john storey at 03/12/2007 10:21
Anyone have info about the fate of mv ' Marsworth ' (ex: Brier Rose) sailed out of Goole for Bennett SS into Boulogne early 60's Capt John Macleod. She was on charter for GSN or Grand Union Shipping one of whom then controlled Bennett SS. I recall GSN vessels all named after Birds such as Ortolan, Mallard - all of which sailed from Goole at some time into Boulogne(Bennett weekly service or Dunkirk(AHL Service every fortnight - same vessel)
Posted by pedro at 03/12/2007 21:47
Marsworth built as Briar Rose 1952 Renamed Kimen 1962
Broken up Aliaga 28thOctober 1999
Posted by Willo at 04/12/2007 22:20
Just saw where you mentioned the Eastwood family as barge owners. They are part of my family and came from Barmby. they had been associated with barges on the Ouse since the early 19th century. My grandfather was Joseph william and named a barge JWE after himself, which my uncle Alan owned until the work died in the early 70s. Another uncle Tommy owned the Brilliant Star an original Billy Boy, she's now moored in Wakefield and pretty much in bad shape. She was built in the late 1890s. My cousin on his web site has a family tree for our side of the Eastwoods and details of the Masterman which sank on Whitton ness when another Eastwood was master of her. If any one is interested try www.dormand Another uncle Joe worked for GD Holmes and later on all the brothers were pilots from Goole up river to Selby. Two of Joe's sons who still live in Goole also worked on the river and later became pilots as well.
Posted by jimboy at 06/12/2007 23:44
I notice a lot of info requests on this site are answered but but also notice very little feedback on requested info a thank you goes a long way uno
Posted by David Lea-Jackson at 15/12/2007 15:54
Stuart,Pedro,George and Enid,
Seasons Greetings to you all and every one else who looks in on G O W.I've made brilliant contacts over the past year and trust that 2008 will be as rewarding.
David L-J.
Posted by pedro at 17/12/2007 08:06
David all the best to you and yours. And a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL
Posted by David Lea-Jackson at 17/12/2007 16:50
"One for the pot"
A Christmas spent with my grandparents during the war years is best remembered by a visit with my mother to the "British Restaurant which was situated in a hall at the back of the old baths in Pasture Road.What ever it was it was foul, not fowl but at least it passed as a christmas dinner for myself and a lot of other youngsters who were present.
Times were ard guv but we enjoyed ourselves.
Posted by pedro at 18/12/2007 12:39
David I dont recall any british restuarant in that area. However I can think of two possibilities you were either in the hall of of the British Legion (used for kids parties and dependants of those serving) Or actually in the baths hall annex used for private functions.:)
Posted by corby bunting at 18/12/2007 18:41
Dave, We now have three options for your dining hall as I can remember. Somewhere on the other side of Pasture Road, maybe the drill hall or nearby. Where we had to take different coloured plastic discs for whatever course we were having. Black for main course and Red for Sweet. I liked the suet puddings, whereever it was. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have helped me with my research over the last few weeks and Compliments of the Season to all.
Posted by David Lea-Jackson at 23/12/2007 13:45
Gentlemen,It was the baths hall,entered via a green door in the side street.
David L-J.
Posted by Alan Anderson at 23/12/2007 21:41
Reference Corby Bunting'smention of the Rescue tug Tenacity,(20.11.07)and Billy Ash.Mike Marsh did an article in the Goole Times(Nov 7th.2002) regarding the Huntinton family and published a picture of the crew of Tenacity.My wifes father was a crew member,Herbert Christie Marshall.I have a copy of the Goole Times photograph
Posted by corby bunting at 23/12/2007 22:41
Hello Alan.The article you mentioned about Tenacity. Mike Marsh included it in his Goole at War. vol 2. With the photo.It makes good reading and I think the ship was well named.I knew the Huntington family. My two sisters and brother were very pally being of the same age group. My brother Jim joined the Royal Navy at an early age. Serving on the Royal Oak, Revenge, Orion and Montclare
Posted by Alan Anderson at 24/12/2007 00:06
The reason I came on this site tonight was to see if there was any mention of S.S.Sparta.Lost in the Dover Straights in March 1941.My sister in law,Lydia Knott,(Of Phoenix St.)is asking for details of the sinking of this ship as her father Herbert Knott was lost with it.I understand the wreck is located 18 miles off Eastbourne.Any photo's or information would be welcome.Lydia and her family were told at the time that the ship had been blown up !But divers say she is fairly 'Intact' on the sea bed!
Posted by phil at 28/12/2007 11:55
RE-Sparta try the ships page George and others have helped immensely
Posted by pedro at 28/12/2007 16:01
S.S Sparta Bennetts Steamship Co 708 tons.Whilst on passage with a cargo of coal From Blyth to Southampton on Monday 10th march 1941 struck a mine in the straits of Dover 10 miles off Dungeness with the loss of 9 crew.
Sorry dont have a pic as yet but still looking.
Posted by pedro at 09/01/2008 01:02
Sparta she was built as the Gresham-renamed petone- bought by bennets and named sparta.I found a small photo of her as the petone if you leave an email address I can forward it on along with crew list of men lost on her
Posted by Alan Anderson at 14/01/2008 22:15
Stuart,there is a reply from Pedro re. my request for a photo' of Sparta.You have my E-mail add. how do I let Pedro know it?If Pedro is who I think it is you may give my 'Add.' to him .
Posted by pedro at 17/01/2008 22:44
Alan has now recieved relevent info
Posted by Stuart (Webmaster) at 17/01/2008 23:21
Can I ask any surfers with memories of shops or shopping in Goole to add comments to the Your Memories page (on the left-hand side)? This will start to get the momentum going for a future exhibition at Goole Museum
Posted by David Harrison at 08/03/2008 15:03
My Cousin who lives in Goole,is an ancestor of Tom Edwin Kay,who had the corn mill at Howden in the 19th century,his son,also called Tom Edwin,married in 1868 a lady born in India.I wonder if there any decendants in ths area love to hear from yo Thanks
Posted by Judy Foster (Smith) at 01/05/2008 22:15
Pedro. You are a mine of memories. Just found all this and I am only up to 2006. You have just set me off blubbing by mentioning my Granny and Grandad Smith from 14 Richard Cooper St. I am the youngest daughter of their son Ernie (George Ernest) who died in 1975, before Granny and Grandad. Still live in Goole myself. Look forward to more of your memories.
Posted by pedro at 25/06/2008 21:59
For judy glad your enjoying memories of bygone days.Your Grandad was sitting on the lockhill when I came out of RC street carrying my sea bag on my way to joining my first ship he asked me what ship I was going for and walked with me across the docks into Old Goole.I also knew your dad Ernie jnr very well as later in the early 60s I worked on the local power stations but thats another story.
Posted by David Lea-Jackson at 28/06/2008 19:11
Nice to know that you are back.Enjoy the rest of summer,don't get your white bits burned.
David L-J
Posted by pedro at 28/06/2008 20:28
Thanks David going back in Sept to cover the white bits
Posted by richy at 07/07/2008 13:57
I remember visiting some friends of my parents about 40 years ago, they lived in a farm at blacktofts and kept guinea pigs as a side business to the usual farm animals, the farmer was called Tom but I don't remember his surname. I have 2 questions does anyone know the address of this farm as my brother lives close to blacktoft and can't find it. the other question is, I remember my parents discussing something about some Germans landing at the Jetty during the war but I can't find anything about it on the web. can you shed any light on it?
Posted by pedro at 16/07/2008 12:02
Sorry can't help with farm. But any germans that landed at Blacktoft rest assured they were prisoners. Most working prisoners around the Goole area were Italians who were quite frankly glad to be out of it. I recollect Germans working at the MOD at Barlow Nr Selby
Posted by john howard at 28/08/2008 21:32
has anyone got any photographs of albert yarbo howard and may howard who lived in old goole back in 70s my dad worked at ship yard for a number years i have got no photos at all of either of them they used to go in british legion and old goole club on a weekend they all got lost when my sister died would love some memories please help i no they had lots of photos taken by friends many years ago would like some copies if possible at my expence thanks son john yarbo howard
Posted by PJ Barley at 13/09/2008 19:22
Reviewing the comments about Ferdinand Hartmann and Ferdinand Hartmann Smith, I can add the following: F-H Smith was my grandfather. I am not sure about the "Black Tulip", but I have shipping documents that show he was the owner of the "Elvington", a Steamer that shipped coal from Rotterdam to Queenborough in August 1926. His maternal uncle, Ferdinand Hartmann was indeed a Shipping agent in the 1880's and I have a number of shipping documents from that time showing trade between Goole and South America (Buenos Aires), Barbados and Demerara. This, along with information from my mother (nee Smith - now deceased) that one of F-H smith's brothers who "owned" a plantation in British Honduras, may explain the house name "Belize house", where the family grew up. Expanding the geneology, F-H Smith married Alice (L ?) and had 2 children - Barbara Saville Smith (my mother) and Anthony Clayton Smith (her brother) all now deceased. My mother, Barbara, married Albert Barley (also of Goole) in 1950 and had 3 children, me being the eldest.
Posted by shipley at 27/09/2008 23:42
can anyone tell me anything about the shipley family in goole my great grandad was arthur jefferson shipley has anyone heard of him
Posted by john rubie at 23/11/2008 19:38
i am looking for any info on my grandad Harry (Henry) Oldridge
born approx 1881, died approx 1976.I believe he was the youngest of 9 and also I believe his brother had something to do or owned Goole Hall
Posted by JOHN RUBIE at 23/12/2008 10:26
Does anybody have any info on my grand father and his family? His name was Harry (Henry) Oldridge. He was the youngest of 9, born in Eastoft, he had a brother Jim? Who had something to do with Goole Hall and a sister Ada, married name Bristow? Who lived at Westwoodside. My grandfather eventually came to live and work in Scunthorpe. He died in 1974/1975 aged about 93/94 years
Posted by David Lea-Jackson at 24/12/2008 15:27
Stuart,Pedro and George.Seasons greetings to you and all who visit this entertaining site.I don't know what to say ref the coming year except that health means more than wealth,at least that is how I see it and I'm sure I'm not on my own.
Take care of yourselves and in the meantime can somebody please pass me the paracetomols.
David L-J
Posted by pedro at 24/12/2008 20:39
Keep well David and keep taking the tablets.A very Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year to one and all.
Posted by A GOOLIE GIRL at 27/01/2009 21:03
Am looking for any info or memories on the Cawkwell family - George Cawkwell had a cycle shop on Ouse Street and I think they may also have had a taxi business??? Thanks.
Posted by Polo at 20/03/2009 08:59
Re John Rubie
Goole Hall was in posession of the Oldridge Family and got sold in the 80's and turned into a nursing home. Decendants of Mr Oldridge still farm the land around the hall. Just call in, brilliant people the Oldridge family and I'm sure they can give you the info you want. Good luck
Posted by marjorie at 20/12/2009 22:05
hi can any one help i am looking for any photos of the pow camp that was in centenary road i lived there as a child but have no photos of it
Posted by David Lea-Jackson at 21/12/2009 13:57
Pedro,George and Stuart,
Time to wish you and all who visit this site Seasons Greetings and a sincere hope that for all of us the coming year will in some way or other be an improvement on the out going one,we shall see.In the meantime I have put myself forward for consideration as a local MP in an effort to find a way to augment my State Pension,as you do.
Have a care out there,
David L-J.
Posted by Anne Buddle at 16/01/2010 15:50
I have recently inherited a watercolour painting by Reuben Chappell entitled "Tweed of Faversham" and it was only when the glass was broken in transit from my mother's house that I realised this was an original. I wonder if anyone knows anything about the ship the Tweed captained by Captain F Smith?

Anne Buddle
Posted by marjoie hardwick nee waite at 29/05/2010 15:57
hi from marjorie i was born in pontefract but came to live in goole on the pow camp in centenery road we then moved to kent road when i was about seven in 1952 from their i went to live in somerset when i was 17 where i have resided since i wonder if anyone remembers me i went to boothferry road school then onto goole modern school upon leaving i worked in woolworths for about 6 months it would be nice to hear from anyone
Posted by Angela Taylor at 01/06/2010 11:59
Reply for Marjorie Hardwick nee Waite. I believe I was friends with you I lived in Manuel Street and my maiden name was Atkinson. I also worked at Woolworths on the bulb counter on a Saturday. I am now living Nr Selby with my husband and two dogs we have been here 41 years. I dont get to Goole very often only to do a bit of family research or to visit a friend of mine. Do you remember a girl called Janice who lived around the corner from you in the end house. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since the 1960s. Do you get back to Goole at all?
Kind Regards
Posted by marjorie hardwick nee waite at 10/06/2010 21:29
hi angela it was really good to hear from you we did play together when we were at school i came to your birthday party once which your mum made lots of fun for us you also lent me your bicycle my mum is still living in kent road she is 93 my sister tricia lives in henry street her backway is right opposite your old home in manuel street i have been in somerset 47 years and i have been married 45 year we enjoy our life here with our little jack russell named charly i would love to hear from you again all the best marjorie here is my email address tremar,charly1@btinternet,com
Posted by Alan Cumberworth at 26/07/2010 12:06
Reading through the previos comments jogged my memory of schooldays in goole I livedin Jacksoville attended Boothferry Road school then GGS. The prisoner of war camp wasin centenery Road alongside the playing fields of GGS.
After leaving school Ispent ayear working for the LNER at Goole station as A junior clerk,then packed my sea bag and joined the SS Hebble on its runs to Amsterdam -Rotterdam- Antwerp & Gent GGs 1941 -1946
Posted by Julie Baisden at 02/08/2010 16:35
With reference to Goole and an article written a few years ago by Mike Marsh in the Goole Times about World War II and my mother Doris Smith. She was the first Goole woman to set foot in Normandy to support the invasion and he told of her letters home to Mendip Avenue. After meeting my father in the army she settled in London after the war.

I would just like to let you know that she passed away peacefully on the 9th July aged 89 years old. She was a wonderful mother who is sadly missed and we were all so proud of her.

Julie Baisden
Posted by suzanne fletcher at 08/01/2011 19:14
My great grandfather was Capt E Willmott of ss Sparta. I have all orig pics of sparta pre Ww1 as my grandmother Dellamotte Willmott grew up on sparta
Posted by Alan Anderson at 02/04/2011 12:40
Reference,Suzanne Fletcher and S.S. Sparta. Stuart could you give Suzanne my E-mail add. I would like to contact her as one of my relatives Father was crew on Sparta and would like to know more. Thanks, Alan.
Posted by emmo at 01/09/2011 11:53
dose anyone have any history in conection with goole hall and dose the name lockwood mean anything to anyone who may have stayed there.
Posted by Anne Buddle at 30/10/2011 00:10
I have inherited a watercolour by Reuben Chappell of the Tweed at Faversham, signed. I have seen various Chappell paintings online, but nothing about the Tweed. I would appreciate any comments and help about this painting.

It is of no sentimental value to me, and I am willing to sell it, but I need guidance.
Posted by Douglas BELL at 30/10/2011 15:54
Re your painting of The Tweed - you don't mention the size,condition or whether it is framed or not. I would be interested to purchase it .Sounds interesting and has a historical interest for me.
Posted by Douglas BELL at 30/10/2011 15:58
Hi Anne, I don't have any idea what the picture is worth by the way. Please quote me and I'll decide.....Many Thanks ........Douglas BELL....
Posted by Douglas BELL at 10/11/2011 20:20
Hi Anne, Have you decided what you are going to do with the painting yet! You have not indicated what the condition etc, of the painting is - so I am unable to make you an offer. Please could you arrange to do so. Many thanks.....Douglas BELL. (10/11/2011)
Posted by Arthur Kendall at 10/10/2012 15:46
Looks like we're not movin' and 'shakin' much .... :-)
Posted by David Lea-Jackson at 19/10/2012 14:43
You're right there my friend.Where is Pedro for example ?
Posted by Old Codger 70 plus. at 02/05/2014 11:21
Been new to this site I have just been reading about the M V Sparta,I had a photo of her she was laid along side another ship at Number One Shed South Street, in 1933,no work could be found for them,I think the other ship was the Binbrook,porters wood yard and the Alam works chimney are in the back ground, ,I gave the photo to ether Goole Town Museum or Waterways Museum for safe keeping.
Regards Old Codger 70 plus.
Posted by Gary Worton at 31/08/2014 23:12
Hi guys;
I don't often use this page but I didn't think the 'Ships' page was appropriate for my topic in this instance.
I just wondered what the general consensus was on the upcoming referendum on Scotland seceding from the United Kingdom, due to take place next month.
Personally I would hope it does not happen: Why would anyone
want to dismantle a perfectly stable alliance of a group of island nations, just to satisfy a few egotistical Scot/Nats?
Not least of all 'Sir' Sean Connery and his ilk.
However, if that's what the majority of Scots want, then I would say good luck and goodbye.
I don't think this is the case, however and I would hope that common sense will prevail.
Over to you guys. (What say Hamish)?
Posted by Brian Bacon at 06/06/2017 01:51
I agree with your comments.
Posted by Brian Bacon at 19/07/2020 03:29
Iwas wondering i f agirl i new by the name of Edith was still arounb.If s oit would be nice to get in touch again Brian
Posted by Peter Hill at 20/07/2020 11:29
Ref the correspondence of nine years ago concerning the Chappell painting of ' Tweed of Faversham.' The painting came up for auction at Nicholsons of Haslemere on 17 July this year with an estimate of £400-£600. At auction it was sold for £350.
Posted by William Harris at 02/10/2021 12:46
Hi Everyone,

I've recently got into my ancestry and have been researching my family. For context I am now 31.

My Grandmother is Ruth Ludkin (originally from Goole). Her parents were Elsie Jackson and Robert Ludkin. I believe Elsie's parents were David Jackson (the merchant sailor/harbourmaster d.1948) and Annis/Rebecca Leech (d.1947).

I noticed that David Lee-Jackson was under the impression that all the Ludkins were gone and was wondering what relation I might be to him. My Grandmother Ruth is in her 80s now but is very much alive and kicking!

Please do email me if you've got any information. Thanks


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