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Posted by Steve Jackson at 19/03/2001 08:35
The virtual tour of a game is fantastic. I need never leave my house to remind myself of what I am missing - but if you're here you've got to live the dream ;)

The monster burger is still fantastic and yes, despite the upward mobility Goole have still managed to hit four this season on a couple of occasions - there is still plenty of excitement left in the season, the championship may still be 'on' if Brigg are deducted 3 points and ordered to replay against us.

The delights of the VPG are creature comforts compared to some of the delightful grounds in the NCEL, watch out for features on these toilets erm,... stadia in the not too distant future.
Posted by balkholme billy at 06/12/2005 03:19
Posted by Robert Ward at 05/05/2006 16:48
Phew! Goole AFC not relegated. The Unibond and the Goole Times sites both say this. So it's Unibond Divison 1 again in 2006/07. My 11 year old-son (an Arsenal follower) might stop taking the ---- for a while. Had it not been for the formation of a new Midlands league next year involving current Unibond clubs, Goole would be back in the NECL. Hope next season is better. We'll be in the same league as the great Bradford Park Avenue who (sadly) will be coming down from the Premier division.
Posted by goole lad at 10/05/2006 15:00
well i reckon this virtual tour was made in around 1998 or 1999 and even though we have climbed the nonleague pyramid about 4 leagues since then things never change still the same things with people nipping to jacksons although now it is a sainsburys and then off for a quick pint, the only thing that has changed is the ground which has been renevated through the years and a stand has been erected at the dunhill road side and plastic seating has been installed along with a nice new bar, still the same old toilet sized club shop though :)
Posted by Phil Worton at 16/06/2006 05:19
Fond memories of sneaking in to watching Goole Town midweek games by climbing over the wall off the back lane of Dunhill Road with Peter Drury. Also a a big thrill to play on 'the Wembley sized' pitch in the Short cup final for Boothferry Middle vs. Marshlands. Playing extra time and having to share the cup 'cos Town had a match. Left for Canada in '82 so I never got the chance to watch my older brother play for Goole (but he still mentions the glory years playing with Tony Currie and getting nutmegged while playing a friendly against Man U).

Is the old Judo club gone from the back of the main stand? Lots of cold Saturday mornings spent there but it was better than the previous club that I remember being upstairs behind a hotel. The Station Hotel if I remember correctly.

Great trip down memory lane with the virtual tour.
Posted by dan at 15/09/2006 12:19
the jacksons is now a sainsburys

its called sainsburys at jacksons
Posted by pete broadley at 02/10/2006 08:10
i use to play with worty for cresent cats hank howard reckons he was a better player and bearsey was better player
Posted by GAFC at 03/10/2006 12:07
New generation of gooligans are appearing...
watch this space
Posted by Goole Fan at 12/12/2006 12:21
This guide is well out of date.

The ground has been developed since the reporter went to his only ever Goole game, looking at it it was the FA VASE game against Bermerton Heath, when Goole was still in the Central Midlands League (att 582).

The pies and peas and all the food is now done via the catering section of the ground and not a van, the toilets are disgusting and always have been.

It is just a pity the running track is still there as it is not used anymore and just hampers the atmosphere of the ground.

The tannoy system has been upgraded and now sounds very good, you can hear the team announced near West Park !!.

The main stand stanctions and roof desperatly need a clean and paint job which would make the ground look even better, how about a stand built on the grass verge behind the goal on the Dunhill Road and Railway ends, the running track isn't used anymore so your not impeding anyone by doing this.
Posted by pat blues at 27/12/2006 22:29
well what happened to jimmy kelly joe stocks (better than cassius clay) paul jarvis i remember
Posted by Justin Lancaster at 25/11/2008 11:54
Personally i believe you should just knock the stadium down and give up you should probally spend your free time focusing on a bowls team with a couple of benches three at the most because theres not many fans at the pleasure grounds watching a set of men trying to be pro footballers. Mr Lancaster
Posted by Tom Lindley at 02/12/2008 11:43
Mr Lancaster You are a disgrace to the human nation. Goole Town AFC is my world i believe and i believe that the pleasure grounds is the world to everybody else. i heard a multi millionare was going to buy it with the greatest intrest at heart of getting to the prem. However Howden town is one of the most up and coming teams around they will contest at the highest level.
Posted by G.M.C. at 27/03/2009 17:11
It's good to see that teams like Goole can survive!
Onwards & Upwards!
I hope the 'Gooligans' make a comeback!!!
Posted by fitz at 04/11/2009 00:48
yeah, was one of the original gooligans that followed goole town all over,great times,in the 80s,we are nearly all in our 40s now.there does not seem to be any lads in town that are up for it nowadays(except the foreigners)we were loved by many and hated by a lot more but to us it was just a good laugh and piss afraid the town is fcked now,too many do gooders and pc brigade.bring back the old days
Posted by Dave Nightingale at 20/01/2010 10:16
My last visit to the VPG was when Paddy Buckley (a family friend) was manager of the "Town" back in the late 80's - the side included Gary Ingham,Mark "Buzz" Burrows,Ray McHale,and the great Paul Showler et al,and was the one that went on to beat Barrow in the NPL League Cup Final that year at Maine Road (remember the penalty shootout?).

Just one question Chippy Dicks still on Carter Street? :-)
Posted by Patrick Dickinson at 14/05/2010 13:19
I remember wacthing Goole Town in the days of Jimmy Kelly a brilliant non-league winger. I try and get over to watch once or twice a year. It's good to go back to your roots from time to time
Posted by Paul at 02/11/2010 21:03
Best right winger I saw in the early '50's was Mickey Walker a non-league Stanley Mathews or so I thought at the time. He even had a football with his name on it purchased from Gates the cobbler on Amy Street. His wife Dora ran the fish and chip shop in Weatherill Street
Posted by tony wilson at 08/03/2012 08:41
does anyone have any knowledge of Albert woodvine playing for goole in 1946. played on the right wing.
Posted by stu at 18/06/2012 10:20
Both the links to the right hand side of the page are no longer active.

Don't now forget Goole United AFC who also play at the VPG.
Posted by Andy Clayton at 18/12/2012 12:47
Does anyone have the history or any old documents of Goole Town AFC? My Gt Grandfather Ernest KENT was chairman from the 30's - 50's.

Thanks in advance.
Posted by Tom Hardman at 07/01/2013 17:01
The best days were without doubt the 60's Jim Kelly John Powell, Jeff Barmby, Paul Feesey(Manager) Joe Stocks(plus his whippets), Thompson,went to Hartlepool Tony Galvin went to Spurs last seen teaching at College near Hertford, Brooksy(Broke his leg just turning round) Allen Shaw(smallest man in the football league) and in the Northern Premier League as well.
Goalkeeper one of three brothers in football. name forgot but one of his brothers lost his son in a freak car accident when a stone went through the windscreen and hit his son. 11th man cannot remember
Posted by Pete Smith at 19/08/2013 01:08
looking at these comments made me think about when I was with Goole harriers as Tom will remember .. but I am amazed that no one has mentioned that all the great stars of football have played there, I remember England all stars playing Manchester united during the 70s can anyone else remember that. I got all the autographs ... Bobby Charlton.. Jackie Charlton.. Alan Clarke ... Billy Bremner.. Just to name a few.
Posted by Tom Hardman at 19/08/2013 16:33
Hello Peter yes I can remember but I was unfortunate enough not to get in. I am now chairman of Oldham Hulmeians FC (See our web site Oldhamhulmeianfc)and we are about to hold a sportsmans dinner in August guest speaker will be Dean Windass ex Hull City who was playing for Hull when Nick Barmby was the manager. I will remind him who's father was playing for Goole before dean was born!!. Are you still running I am abeit a lot slower. Never here from anyone from Goole from those years. Bumped into Gavin Ash some years ago whilst on a cruise holiday he was the ships engineering captain. Never been back to Goole since my mother died in 97. So I have no idea if its the same or not. Now live in Oldham. Left RAFA in 1986 graduated and spent the rest teaching. Married 6 years ago. My wife is Russian and we spend our time between cities. She is the daughter of a Russian Army Officer and has lived in many places including our current second home in St Petersburgh. and with relations in Resigna(Latvia) where her parents are buried. Are you in Australia. My next door neighbours moved there 3 years ago.
Posted by David Moyes at 29/09/2013 18:04
Surprised someone living so far away is now chairman at Goole FC. I too remember Powell and co at VPG not forgetting the magical Jimmy Kelly
Posted by Glen Dixon at 19/10/2013 16:31
Work for your latest recruits family ,good luck Tyler you deserve it come on goole
Posted by patrick dickinson at 07/11/2013 12:28
good day out last week against Chasetown. I think the Goalies name was either Dave Knowles or John Whiteley.. that was a top team for non league Yorkshire football
Posted by Stew at 01/10/2014 21:18
Jimmy kelly is still as fit as ever...hes my mates dad...I saw jimmy last week
Posted by Tricia at 25/11/2014 23:09
i wonder if anyone reading this can help me identify a medal I found in my late father's possessions. I have taken a random guess that it is football related as I do remember going to watch Goole Town with him in the 60's but could be completely wrong. The "silver" medal is a cartouche shape and in the middle is a circle and within that is a shield depicting 3 birds (ducks?) and under that a galleon type vessel and under that the word ADVANCE. On the reverse side it says G.&T.FA. MINOR CUP WINNERS 1947-48. I have guessed (probably wrongly) that this might be Goole and Thorne FA? Dad never played football so how he came by it I do not know. There are also some stamp marks at the bottom which i cannot read and at the very bottom F&S. If anyone has any idea what it might be I would be very grateful to hear. Thank you.
Posted by Tom Wilson at 17/12/2014 19:20
I went to Goole Town in 1971 to help my friend Alan Turner out for a few weeks to help out with some of the younger players, I enjoyed the lack of hassle that is always present in the Football League. I enjoyed it so much I stayed around 8 seasons playing with many different characters and getting further up the league with each season.Alan was a good manager with a good attitude towards his players proven by the many good results achieved. I was lucky to be granted a Testimonial and managed to get together a selection of well known international players to play against Man Utd, the night was a great success. I can't thank Alan Turner and Goole Town enough for the good times I had there.
Posted by Paul Hughes at 07/01/2020 22:08
I rememberTom Wilson's testimonial , fantastic night, my grandad was Tommy Campsell who made Goole Town FC his life, he put alot of time and effort with running the club. On Toms testimonial night i was fortunate to be in a penalty prize comp , think i was 11 at the time.
I was always traveling away on the supporters / players bus as my dad Jimmy was the driver, they were great days and all the players were propper gents.for me these days were gooles best, never met any of the players since, could do with knowing when another reunion is due.
Posted by johnnymeynell at 05/01/2021 12:56
Hello. Can anyone tell me about Jimmy Kelly's time with Goole, and how long he was there for? I heard he recently died (October). He was a Queensbury lad who started with Halifax Town.
Posted by Tom Owen at 11/01/2021 09:25
He was signed from Halifax Town when Jack Bennion became Manager in 64/65. He was a brilliant inside forward or wingman, mainly No 8. I left Goole in the 70s and he was still playing. Must have played well over 200/300 games for Goole. Fantastic ball control, at the time he joined we some top class forwards, particularly Jeff Barmby and Johnny Powell. But I reckon Jim was the best. Very sad news
Posted by Tom Owen at 11/01/2021 10:58
If you have’Facebook’, check out the ‘All About Goole’ Page. There has just been an old Goole Town AFC Team Photograph put on
and Jim is on it ( Back Row Far Right). I am beginning to think he might have played even more times for Goole, as I guess this one was the Mid 70s.

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