Goole on the Web
Incorporating Wetwang-on-the-Web


Smile, you're on Candid Camera!

Goole entered the world of Big Brother a few years ago with the arrival of CCTV in the town. Many buildings have been defaced with the cameras including one on top of the Clock Tower in the centre of town. It's quite spooky walking down Boothferry Road and hearing the Robocop whirring of the CCTV following you as you walk past.

Every breath you take... ...every move you make... ...they'll be watching you!

Although the cameras have reduced crime in the town centre, they were infamous when first installed for only catching people urinating down Boothferry Road on a Saturday Night. There are plans to introduce similar cameras into surrounding villages however these are stumbling due to a lack of cash and trying to convert the cameras to work in places with no electricity.


Through Goole-on-the-Web's Russian mafia contacts, we have been able to hack into the control room. This is a recent picture of Goole taken by one of the cameras. Who knows, maybe you can spot somebody you know?