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Look alikes

The continuing series showing how people are reminded of Goole wherever they may be.

A Coal HoistA Tripod from War of the Worlds
William H Bartholomew - canal pioneerBlakey - 'On the Buses'

Goole AFC

Goole AFC 2006 - 07

Arsenal FC

Arsenal FC 2006 - 07

Goole Water Tower (The Salt Pot)Salt Palace Conference Center, Salt Lake City, USA. (Left hand building)
Goole Docks skyscapeMillennium Dome skyscape
Goole Water Tower (The Pepper Pot)Ventilation Shaft at Strangeways Prison, Manchester (Left hand building)
Kingsway Bridge, GooleSydney Harbour Bridge, Australia
Goole Parish ChurchThunderbird One

If you can think of any others then then contact us. (But please, not the obvious fact that the pepper pot looks like a willy)