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The Iron Way casts its Shadow

Taken from 150 Years of the Port of Goole, British Transport Docks Board, 1976...

The halcyon days were not to continue indefinitely. The 'railway mania' had been spreading relentlessly and covetous eyes had for some time been cast on the new port of Goole. The Undertakers, mindful of the threat railways posed on their canal, apprehensively watched the iron way extend first to Selby and then to Hull. They refused to sell any land to the various railway proprietors but realised that they could not keep them away indefinitely.

In 1845 the Wakefield, Pontefract and Goole Railway proprietors finally obtained an Act empowering them to construct a railway to the River Ouse at Goole. Purely for self-protection the Undertaken of the Aire and Calder Navigation had opposed the Act, but having obtained protective clauses, they agreed to co-operate.

The line was opened in 1848 by which time the railway company, by amalgamation, had become the famous Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company. The Undertakers constructed a passenger station at the junction of Aire Street and St. John's Street, Goole and leased this to the L&Y together with other ancillary installations.

While the railway was under construction the Aire and Calder Navigation had also been busy constructing a new dock. This was Railway Dock which was opened a few weeks after the new railway. It was connected to Ship lock by a channel now called 'a gutway'.

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