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Taken from 150 Years of the Port of Goole, British Transport Docks Board, 1976...

With the welcome return of peace in 1945, Goole again had the task of building up its trade.

50-ton electric travelling crane in Railway Dock Under the post-war nationalisation legislation, Goole Docks passed to the control of the British Transport Commission on the 1st January, 1948. The new owners had much to do in the way of reorganisation, improvements and maintenance, the latter having been much neglected during the war years.

The canal interest was separated from the docks, and the former Aire and Calder Navigation and Railway Company interests in the docks were fused into one entity.

Lock gates and lock entrances were overhauled. A modern grab hopper dredger replaced the old bucket dredger. New quay cranes were added and in the middle 1950's a modern 50-ton electric travelling crane replaced an old 25-ton fixed hydraulic crane. A new modern jetty was built at Blacktoft and Victoria Pier was completely reconstructed. New transit sheds were built.

Trade gradually improved into the 1950's and in 1956 cargoes again exceeded the 3,000,000 tons mark. Coal and coke shipments still dominated the scene.

In the meantime there had been various high level administrative changes. The British Transport Commission eventually ceased to exist and in 1962, further legislation again changed the structure of the nationalised transport undertakings and from 1st January, 1963 the port of Goole came under the control of the new British Transport Docks Board.

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