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Taken from 150 Years of the Port of Goole, British Transport Docks Board, 1976...

The port of Goole besides a past, and a present, has every indication of an assured future, ready as it is to adapt to the changing needs of the port transport industry.

Map of Goole Docks

The British Transport Docks Board, owner of the port since 1963, has pursued new and progressive policies, implemented by efficient management, aimed at promoting Goole, and indeed every port under its control as an efficient and viable entity.

Discharging wood pulp overside direct to inland water transport The movement of goods by water continues to be a most economical means of transport, particularly for bulk cargoes, and the port of Goole situated some 50 miles inland from the North Sea offers additional reductions in time and costs by virtue of this uniquely advantageous geographical position.

There are many obvious attractions and advantages to be gained by using the port. Strategically placed on the doorstep of the industrial Midlands, it is connected to natural inland waterways, directly served by an efficient canal system and main line rail services, and linked by road via the M62 to the new network of motorways bisecting the country to the north, south, east and west, and providing transport access to a vast industrial hinterland.

To augment these natural advantages, the port has a reputation for good labour relations and offers regular and reliable services to many ports overseas.

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