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Posted by George Morfett at 05/09/2012 10:28
Interesting reading about Goole..particularly Richard Cooper Street and the docks. Although I lived in London, I visited my Gran and Grandad, who lived at 14 Richard Cooper St, when I was about 8 to 16 years old..that is about 1954 on, My Uncle..can't remember his name now, piloted a fresh water barge delivering water to the ships in the docks. He took me with him on several occasions, when I would board the ships while he was filling the tanks with fresh water. I also had another Uncle who was diver, (the old rubber suit with brass helmet and lead boot type,) apparently repairing the dock gates. My Gran and Grandad (Jessie and Ernest Smith) were that longest married couple in Goole. 76 years I believe. The they had gas light mantles in the house and a radio that ran off a car battery..modern technology then. Visited the street some years ago..only a few people were living there, the remaining houses being boarded up and falling to bits. I still have cousins there, but where I don't know. If this happens to revive a contact with any of them, my Mum was born in Goole...Anne Morfett, who had several Sisters and Brothers who lived and died there, with offsprings who will be my Cousins.
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