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Posted by alan simpson at 23/07/2007 09:12
I am trying to trace my family tree i believe my grandmother and great grandmother were in service at Cowick Hall my great grandmother as house keeper round about 1889-1901. Her name was Harriett Taylor and her daughters name Louisa Taylor. I would like to here from anyone who has information about any archives,pictures etc.
Posted by Linda Archer at 04/09/2007 12:54
My Ancestor John Mosley married an Elizabeth Trigott in 1612 in York.
One of their daughters a Jane Mosley married Sir Christopher Dawnay Knight & Baron of Cowick.
Posted by Claire Armitage at 23/10/2007 19:12
There was an Alice Taylor listed as a servant at Cowick Hall on the 1901 census
I think my great great grandfather and grandmother worked on Cowick Hall Farm at the same time
Posted by paul walton at 07/12/2007 21:48
My grand mother was in service at cowick hall,her maiden name was threidgold and married a william walton
Posted by dorothy thompson at 03/06/2008 18:06
We think my Husband's 2xG Grandfather John Thompson worked on the Estate as an ag lab in the 1800's also 3xG Grandfather Charles Thompson worked there. John Thompson lived in a cottage belonging to the Estate we think it was on Park Ave.

If anyone has any info concerning the workers on the Estate we would be pleased to hear.
Posted by John Shaw at 28/05/2009 18:23
My great uncle Benjamin Shaw born 1806 died 1908 and another great uncle Henry Shaw born 1833 died 1871 bought and lived in Cowick Hall.
If you have any information about them, and in particular the 3 stain glass windows, we would appreciate making contact.
Posted by Pat Hanby at 28/07/2009 13:53
Several of my ancestors also worked at Cowick Hall. My great-grandfather James Hanby remained in the service of the Dowager Lady Downe, Louisa Maria, after her husband, the Viscount, died in 1832. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but by 1851, he was with her in a household in Gloucestershire, Bowden Court, Upton St Leonards, home of of Charles Brooke Hunt and his wife Louisa. In 1841, Louisa Maria and the Hunts were in Impington in Cambridghe and James Hanby was in London. The rest of James' family - father and 6 siblings, and some others from the village who had also worked at Cowick Hall, emigrated to northern New York State and lived at Sodus. If anyone has further information I'd be interersted to know.
Posted by Lynda Waddington (Shaw) at 07/08/2009 19:19
I have some information for John Shaw regarding his Great Uncle Henry Shaw. Henry Shaw was my great great grandfather.
Posted by Pauline Scott at 21/10/2009 17:01
I also have information regarding Henry and Benjamin Shaw. I am at present researching an article about the Shaws, and their cousins, the Seeds and the fruit merchants of Goole/Hessle/Hull. The Seeds/Shaws are distant relations of mine. Ann Seed (nee Naylor) wife of John Seed, was my 2xGt Grandmother's cousin. John Seed was Henry and Benjamin's cousin, and worked for Benjamin as his "Traveller".

I have looked into the ownership/sale of Cowick Hall in the archives and have traced the Shaw and Seed families through the censuses, parish records etc.

I would very much appreciate any details about the family, and about Henry and Benjamin's business dealings, cargos etc. I do know that for a while they owned a ship called Romeo, for the fruit trade. I have heard that Henry Shaw owned a cotton Mill, and haven't been able to establish where, although it states on the baptismal record of his son Thomas, at Whitechapel, Cleckheaton, that he was a "Mill owner".

Any information would be greatley appreciated, and of course I would be very happy to share information I have.

Please leave a message on my family tree page;

Best regards,
Pauline Scott.
Posted by Jean Lewis at 12/03/2010 22:18
My greatgrandfather was Henry Shaw and Benjamin great uncle. I can provide quite a lot of info about them,including a book on Cowick Hall and wills.
Posted by Deborah Cowick Ledford at 13/03/2010 21:26
I am interested in tracing the origin of my maiden name-Cowick. Does anyone know about the founding fathers of Cowick, England? Any information would be most appreciated. I have some information regarding location, etc. but nothing about who initially settled there-which Cowick??
Posted by John Shaw at 25/03/2010 17:48
Lynda Waddington

Your message 7/8/09 regarding Shaw family - very interesting. Regret late reply but how can we contact you?

Pauline Scott

Your message 21/10/09 - most interested your message tracing Shaw family through Parish records - unable get through on address given. Particular intereset in the church stain glass windows. Can you give us another contact?
Posted by John Shaw at 26/05/2010 16:03
Jean Lewis
I am interested in your entry of 12/3/2010 and surly we must be related as we seem to share the same grandfather.
Have you information of the church with the 3 stain glass windows donated by him?
Iwould like to make conact with you.
Posted by Deborah Cowick at 20/09/2010 04:28
My husband's family name has now been traced from the UK to USA. Would anyone know how the Cowick villages got their name? I know there are Cowick streets in Exeter. Is there any connection? Thank you for any info that can be provided
Posted by Cowick School at 27/06/2011 11:22
Hi, we are learning about Cowick Hall and the manour house. I have (by the way I am 10) explored down near the moat, at the moment it is very overgrown. There is a little den there which has been very well made.
Posted by Alfie Deighton at 29/06/2011 21:00
could somebody tell me a bit more information regarding the cowick and hall and croda please?

Posted by Alfie Deighton at 29/06/2011 21:03
cowick school pupil what is your name because i used to go to cowick school- do you know maidie deighton- my sister!?
Posted by b allinson at 01/07/2011 15:40
i was a pupil at cowick school in the war years our play ground was the hall grounds when it was left empty just after the prison camp closed ,to A Deighton are you a decendant of Tim Dieghton of mill lane
Posted by Steve Cowick at 11/12/2011 18:12
Hi my name is Steve Cowick and i live in america. My last name is a puzzle to me. When i was a kid in school we did a family tree and unlike others in my class i could not trace my family origins very far. I have come to understand it originates from the name of land and villages in the UK. If anyone has any information of who, how, or when it was taken as a surname i would greatly appreciate it.
Posted by Dennis Cowick at 27/12/2011 18:41
About all I have found out is that, like the above posting states, there are streets, a post office and a school named Cowick in Exeter England. But no living Cowicks there.
Posted by val at 07/01/2012 00:02
Re John Shaw:
Hello. I have read your comments about looking for information on Benjamin shaw seed.
We are trying also to find more information on him as he bought everthorpe hall (behind where the prison is now)from thomas Whittaker. we think he also bought quite a lot of surrounding land as well and three game keeping lodges, one of which my partbers family now owns.
There seems to be little information on the history or how long Benjamin had the hall in everthorpe for. Also what is strange is we have an old map which calls an area of trees near the land we have "Shaw plantation" which may or may not be to do with your family, but seems a funny coincidence.
Posted by Amanda at 19/01/2012 21:11
Hiya, I would just like to know if it is haunted or if anyone else has ever seen a ghost there as I have.
Posted by Alfie Deighton at 18/06/2012 19:24
B Allison, yes he is my uncle! how did you know him? please respond soon?
Posted by Amy kent at 13/10/2012 11:24
My grandmother (June Robinson nee Elias) lived in Cowick Hall with her mother,father, twin brother, elder sister and elder brother with their Nanny from about 1920 to around 1950 or maybe slightly later. She had servants and house staff and she remembered them dearly. We have a large etching of the house drawn at around 1940. If anybody has any information about people who might have worked there at the time my granny lived there or if you were friends/neighbours please get in touch as my granny's life was fascinating and I am trying to piece it all together. Amy
Posted by Sally Taglietti at 18/10/2012 19:17
My grandmother Alice Mary Ranby ( spelled Ramby in census)was a maid there in 1911 census i was told by older family members that when she married my grandfather John Robert Petch they both worked there early 1900.s, she was head housekeeper and him butler and/or chauffeur i am still trying to find conformation of this.
Posted by Corrine Hunt nee ELias at 22/01/2013 17:48
Jean Lewis is my fathers cousin and has a lot of information about the Shaw family. I have also been finding out about the Shaw family and may have additional information. Amy Kent is my cousins daughter but she has picked up some wrong information. Her grandmother, June Robinson was Henry Shaws great grand daughter but did not live in Cowick Hall.
Posted by Pauline Scott at 04/11/2013 00:17
I'm sorry, due to sudden health issues I quit researching around April 2010 and haven't seen any of these comments re the Shaw family. I have gained lots of information over the years (wills, records of vessels owned, obituaties etc) from various sources. Though not directly related to the Shaw family, I am related twice through marriage. I originate from Cleckheaton, and have information about Benjamin and Henry's father Joseph, but reside in Goole, so have local parish records etc relating to the later shaws. Please feel free to contact me on
Posted by Pauline Scott at 04/11/2013 00:44
Re the Everthorpe estate, I believe the council bought the estate from Mr Whittaker in 1912 and sold it on to Benjamin Shaw Seed in 1914. He lived there until his death in 1928, when the Hall passed onto his son John. Benjamin was buried in All Saints, North Cave. In 1947 John sold the estate to a Mr Baitson of Hull. Two years later it was sold to the Home Office, who made it into the prison. The lions which adorn the gates were purchased by Benjamin Shaw Seed from a grand house which was being demolished in Hull, and were later re-positioned to the front gates of the prison.
Posted by Pauline Scott at 04/11/2013 01:00
By the way, I am unsure as to weather Henry Shaw ever lived at Cowick hall, the house was certainly up for rent as early as April 1870. I believe he died at a local farm where he was living at the time. Benjamin took over the house and lived there after his brother's death in 1871. He DID remodel the house, but took out a wing which was a later addition to the property, reinstating the original exterior, which the architect intended when it was originally built.
Posted by Ian Thurley at 24/04/2014 13:23
I am interested in the Shaw/Seed connection as I am descended from Harriet Naylor (sister of John Seed's wife Ann and later John's second wife - they married in 1908). John Seed features in my family history as the benefactor who paid for Harriet's first husband's funeral in 1871 - Benjamin Revell was only 27 when he died and was working for/ with John in Hook at the time. He also paid for my Gt Grandfather (Harriet's son Arthur Revell) to attend Ashville College in Harrogate and was named as the executor of Harriet's father's will (James Naylor, a coachman in Brighouse). John's sons, confusingly named Henry Shaw Seed and Benjamin Shaw Seed also appear as alumni in a book I have about Ashville College - a school founded in the 1870's by the Methodist Church.
Posted by Eilona Skillcorn at 31/05/2014 08:58
I worked for Croda in the 1960's in the beautiful Cowick Hall. Later I lived in the village surrounding the hall. It is a lovely place. For the person asking about the surname Cowick and it's meaning, any place name ending in Wick, is usually of Viking origin. The town of Snaith, about half a mile away was a Saxon settlement.
Posted by chris at 14/07/2014 13:30
I would like to know if an ancestor of mine was in service at Cowick Hall approx 1803/4. Are there any records still available for me to view.
Posted by Vicki at 21/09/2014 23:40
A COWHICK, I am searching for history of the COWICK name. I have yet to come across anything regarding the COWICK name. Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated.
Posted by Vicki at 21/09/2014 23:51
Hi cousins Debra, Dennis and Steve!
Hopefully one day we'll find our place, contact me sometime
Posted by David Allen at 11/01/2016 22:48
Cowick Hall. I remember being taken there at a young age 1939/early 40s.The occupants were George and Esmie Hardy (farmer) and were friends of my parents. They later moved to farm at Bolton Percy.

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