Goole on the Web
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From:John Griffiths
Date:23 January 2004
Subject:I like Goole, by a Tyneside-resident Londoner

Dear goole-on-the-web

I think this is one of the best and funniest sites I have come across. I had often looked at maps showing Goole and wondered what this most-inland seaport was like, but you prompted me to actually get of my backside and visit.

I've now been twice and have also written a description of Goole's townscape for a soon-to-be-republished historic map of the town. I'm looking forward to my third visit.

Highspots: how Aire Street turns into a footpath meandering through the docks (how many ports can you get into the docks these days?); a nice pint (the Victoria on Hook Road, or that new Wetherspoons pub); some of the old dark red brick commercial buildings;the friendly people in the shops; the way that the cranes and silos stand out when you are approaching the town by train; the two excellent museums; the way that walking around the side streets you can suddenly get views of the church spire or the water towers framed down a back lane.

I wish I were a photographer - I should spend all my time in Goole.

John Griffiths
Nerwcastle upon Tyne