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The Cenotaph

The World Wars Remembered

Goole escaped lightly during the two World Wars. A Zeppelin attack in World War I dropped a diagonal line of bombs from Axholme Street to Aire Street. Sixteen people were killed in the attack and several wounded. There was only one bombing raid in the Second World War when a bomber lost on a raid to Hull, dropped his bombs on the junction of Boothferry Road and Weatherill Street and flew home.

There were also several incidents because of the large number of airfields in the region. In the worst incident, two aircraft collided over the town. One landed on the Peacock Hotel, the other crashed into Sandhall Park across the river.

The Cenotaph in Bartholomew Gardens The Sailors' Memorial at Lock Hill Communal grave for the Zepplin victims

There are two monuments commemorating the two World Wars. The first is the Cenotaph in Bartholomew Gardens. This is an 18-foot replica of the Cenotaph in London and is the scene of the Remembrance Service each November.

During the restoration of Lock Hill, an anchor was planted to commemorate the merchant seaman who lost their lives during the Second World War.

The Cenotaph Role Call

The following list shows the names of Goole men killed while serving in the armed forces and merchant service in the Great War. They are shown here as a blatant attempt to increase the number of hits to this site. There are almost 500 names.

Alcock CWCawthorn HEngland JWHowden PLawson LAPyke TSweeting GH
Allen WCawthorn WEngland RWHubbard PELaycock EQuinlan MFSykes A
Anderson HChampion HErikson JGHudson FLazenby CRamskill RSykes JW
Andrew SChapman ARFarrow HHudson TELeach AWRaney WRTaylor JR
Andrews JChapman WFielder GWHunt TOLearoyd JHRaper HWTaylor L
Appleyard EHChappell CAFielder GWHunt WLeighton CWRedford TDTaylor WH
Appleyard FChappell JCFisher JDHuntington TLill CHRevell CLTaun W
Appleyard HDChappell WFletcher GWHuntington RLilley ARevell TATether L
Appleyard JMChilvers JFord CIHurrell GWLinsley JRichardson CThackray H
Armstrong WClark EFord JAHuscroft WLloyd RHRichardson DThompson A
Arnold BRClark GHFranklin JEHyder WMarkham HRichardson JHThompson A
Atkinson HClark JDFranklin WEIngleby ECMarkham JWRidgway HThompson H
Audas TWClark TFFreear RIngleby JMarritt HRobinson AThompson JH
Audas WJClarke AEGanley WIngleby JWMarshall CRRobinson GThornton T
Austwick AClarke HGarland JIsle RWMarshall RARobinson JThorpe JF
Austwick TClarke HGavin TIsles JAMarston WRobinson JEThorpe W
Axup AClarke JHGay WSJackson AMasters RRobinson PThurston FT
Barker AEClarke THGibbons WJackson AMcDermott JRockett JTittensor GC
Barker RClarkson FGilding NJackson AFMcGivern EJRorrison TETravis E
Barker WClayton LGillyon AJackson CMMcGuire PNRowson GHTrickett H
Barnett TWClements EGillyon JWJackson EMeeds JRushton GETurton LC
Bateman HClements PGlew FJackson GEMell JWRust WUncles CW
Bateman TWCobb CGlithro GJackson HMellers JRutherford SHVause E
Bateman WGCocking EGoulden GJackson RMetcalfe WWSalter TVerity WB
Baxter CHColbridge LGoulden LJacques RMiddlebrooke GSanderson HWadsworth MM
Beaumont WECollier EDGraham HJames BMiddleton ASSaxton JWakes A
Bessant GACollins HDGrassby WJames HMilner CDSaynor HWalker E
Bennett RGCook JHGravell CWJames WMollinson CSScoffins CWalker H
Billington HCooke JHGreenfield HWJames WTMoore RHSellers CWalton AC
Blackburn CCornish EGreensides AJarvis GWMorril HSharp CSWard E
Bleasdale JCornish FGriffin SJJeeves PMorris FSharp JWard JW
Bowles EBCornish RWGuest EJepson GMorton HShaw HWaters CW
Braithwaite HCoulson EGuest GRJepson JMourby WShaw JRWaters E
Brant DCoult AHaigh NJessop HMundy FShaw PWatson F
Brant RCoultish WHHaines AJessop WMurphy FTShay JWatson J
Bridge FPCoward JTHall JJohnson ANeedham AKSherburn HAWatson P
Brignell EDGCowling EHall RJohnson CNeedham RMSheriff WWatson T
Brooks SCrampton AHalsall JHJohnson FNelson WShort CWatson W
Brooksbank FCreaser AEHarris HJohnson JDNorth GWSidebottom WJWelsh J
Brown JWCrolwey JHarrison GHJohnson RWOates SESilvester JWWest A
Browne ERCutter THarrison HJohnston CHOldridge FSimms HWest H
Browne ERDarrow CAHarrison JRJohnston CLOldridge JGSimpson SWheeler HG
Browne REDavis WWHarrison WJohnston HOwnsley TSkinn JMWhitaker A
Brunyee JDawson CHaslem RJones JParker HSmart CFWhite F
Brunyee SDawson WHavercroft RWJoyner APartington ASmart GBWhitehead A
Bryars HDean WHHayton HKay CPartington JSmart WWhitehead FE
Bunn LDenby THHebdon EKay MPearson CSmith AWhitehead WH
Burkill GADennison GHeenan EKelly BFPearson JTSmith EGWhiteley C
Burnitt ADodds HHemingway HKelly SJPepper JHSmith JBWhiting GH
Burrill HCDodson WHeterick FHKelly TPeterson ASmith RJWilson EA
Buttery JDonlan EHewitt TWKennell GFPettican CHSmith WWilkinson TH
Buttrick PDoubtfire EHeywood WKenniwell FPettican JWSnead GWWoodcock FK
Caisley CDougherty HHill AKing GEPettinger TWSowden WTWoodhall CW
Callaghan EDrake NHill AKirby FPhillipson JCSpence JTWoodhead FW
Campbell JDriffill FCHind FKitwood THPierson JWSpencer HWoods HE
Cannon TDucker WHHolbrough GKnow AGJPike TSteel RWorswick J
Carabine JDudding RHolt JKreamer EPlatt GWStephenson FWressell H
Carey WDuff JHopkinson ADKreamer WPlowes GHStephenson WWright AW
Carr GWHDuffill TWHorn AKynman HPollock WStorr HWright JW
Carroll FEarnshaw EHorsman WKynman TPotts RSullivan JWWright JW
Cass AEaston WHoughton CLane GPratt ESutcliffe LWright T
Caukill HEldin JHoughton ELangsmead WProcter HESutherby FWroot GE
Caunce HElliot RHoughton GLansdale ECPurvis FSweeting EWroot H
Cawson WEllis HHoward ALaverack HPurvis HSwingley W

Visitor Comments

Posted by Lorna Settle at 24/06/2007 00:01
I was very pleased to see the name of my great-grandfather Harry Morton was on the list. Thank you very much indeed.
Posted by Steve Acaster at 28/01/2008 21:57
Could you post a roll-call of the Zeppelin victims?
I think I had some relations involved.
Posted by Peter Metcalfe at 28/04/2008 15:25
I am researching Donkeyman Robert Henry Gunther who served on the ss Greavesash in WW1 and died on 26th February 1918.
The CWGC gave his home address as 43, Phoenix Street, Goole.
I can't understand why his name is not on the Goole War memorial. Can anyone help please?
His wife Alice Eliza Gunther died in December 1961 and is buried in Hook Road Cemetery.
Posted by Pauline Stainton at 04/12/2008 20:40
Steve, Do you still want a list of the Zeppelin raid victims ? I have the Goole Times report of the raid & coroner's inquest.
Posted by Steve Acaster at 19/07/2009 22:34
Sorry for delay, I have not checked back for ages!
Yes I would still be interested , thanks.
My e-mail is
Posted by Pauline Stainton at 25/07/2009 13:09
I recently scanned the article for a distant relative on the south coast & it's still on my PC so i'll send you that. Rember its age, the poor original scanning & also that I was given it on 2 x A3 sheets. Anything you can't read - get back to me.
Posted by marcia kemp at 22/10/2010 09:41
I was looking for three brothers killed in WW1. Their names are Albert, George and Robert Walker who all were born and lived in Goole but I cannot find any record of them on the list. Anyone know of them please as three brothers were a lot to have lost and they may have had some coverage.
Posted by K. Dickens at 29/10/2010 22:38
Copied the Zeppelin victims down and listed below; could someone please check them; some of the ages are a bit blurred.

Sarah Acaster 65 years
Sarah Ann Acaster 34 years
Kezia Acaster 32 years
Violet Stainton 18 years
Hannah Goodall 74 years
Florence Harrison 4 years
Allice Harrison 6? years
Margaret Selina Pratt 8? months
Agnes Pratt 35 years
Annie Elizabeth Woodhall 2? years
Grace Woodall 31 years
Mary Carroll 32 years
James Carroll 26 years
Alice Carrol 4 years
Gladys Mary Carroll 3 years
Alice Smith 17 years
Posted by steve acaster at 10/11/2010 20:50
well done with the list,
not sure on the ages but your list makes things a lot clearer!
Posted by Pauline Stainton nee Reddall at 20/11/2010 15:10
Have checked the "Goole Times" again & there are only minor differences.
James Carroll 31
Mary his wife 30
Agnes Pratt's daughter Margaret was 9 months. I did aquire Hannah Goodall's death certificate ( my husband's great-grand-mother) details: death on the 9th August, inquest 12th, death registered 17th. Cause of death "Injuries caused same day by the explosion of a bomb dropped from an enemy airship". The coroner would probably write that on all the death certificates with just one alteration for the victims that died the following day.
Posted by John H. at 11/09/2011 18:10
Pauline, do you still have that report/article available?
The 2 Harrison girls were my Grandfathers sisters. I'm researching my family tree and those ages are correct with Florence 4 and Alice 6. Alice was actually christened Beatrice Alice but I assume went by the name Alice as her mother was also called Beatrice. My Grandad is no longer with us to ask him any details but any more information would be great.
If anyone can help my email is :)
Posted by Edward Nicholl at 27/06/2013 15:39
I run a website for the remembrance of men of the Yorkshire Regiment who fought in the First World War. Of the 65,000 who served, 9,000 lost their lives.
Of these 9,000 seven are on the Goole Memorial.
Would you be able to let me have a copy of the Goole Cenotaph, together with close ups of the panels on which the names are commemorated, for use on the Yorkshire Regiment Remembrance website? I would, of course, both acknowledge you as the source of the images as well as providing a link back to your website.

If there is any way I can help you as regards material on the Yorkshire Regiment Remembrance website, please let me know.

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